Top 10 Strongest Animals Bites in the World


animal The saltwater crocodile has the strongest animal bite in the world. That is 7700 per square of the inch. Here I will tell you about Top 10 strongest animals bites in the world.

In different parts of the world, many species are found, almost 6.5 million species exist on earth, and they all have different strength and different bite force. Here in our article top, ten animals are described which have strongest bite force. Human bite strength is 162 PSI.  The power of the bite depends on the jaw structure and teeth. In this list, Hyena has strongest teeth even they can digest large bones. Also read about the Top 10 most strongest animals of the jungle in history.

10. Spotted/ Striped Hyena, 1100 PSI

10 Striped HyenaHyena has 1100 PSI bite force. In their diet different kinds of food included. They consume coarse food, and they can crushing and digesting large bones. Hyena found in Sub-Saharan Africa, but they originated from the jungles of Miocene Eurasia. Hyena looks like dogs, but they belong to suborder feliforms. Hyena can kill the dogs with a single bite.

9. Polar Bear, 1235 PSI

9 Polar BearPolar bear mostly eats seals, but they are carnivores. Polar Bear lie in the Arctic Ocean, seas surrounding and land masses. It is also large bear with healthy teeth, and the incisors are big, and canine is large. They can adapt many body temperatures like cold temperature, for moving across snow, ice, and open water. They mostly live on sea ice, and they preferred seals in their diet with 1235 PSI bite.

8. Grizzly Bear, 1250 PSI

8 Grizzly BearGrizzly Bear is North American subspecies which are omnivores. Grizzly Bear is an aggressive animal and has sharp teeth the incisors are big, but canine is biggest. They also eat a vegetarian diet; Grizzly mostly eat berries and nuts, but they do hunt. They can climb the tree and run up to 56km/h. Grizzly bear has one of strongest bite force 1250PSI, and they can also kill of Humans but rarely.

7. Bull Shark, 1250 PSI

7 Bull SharkBull Shark is also known as The Zambezi Shark which found in warm coastal areas, rivers, and lakes all over the world. It is well known for aggressive nature, and they have strongest bite force among fish family 1250 PSI. They cut their prey with their teeth like a knife. the diet of Bull Shark contains bony fish, other small fish, turtles, birds, dolphins, and mammals. Bull Shark also called Solitary Hunter due to their sharp attack.

6. Silver lack Gorilla, 1300 PSI

6 Silver lack GorillaThey have big teeth but not very sharp; they have powerful neck and jaw muscles. They have vegetarian nature and primary herbivores. Their jaws can chew and digest hard plants like bamboo with the bite force 1300 PSI. They mostly found in Sub- Saharan Africa. In recent year the number of Gorilla are rapidly shrinking, an estimate that only 700 mountain gorillas left in the wild. They have gentle nature so not pose a threat to humans.

5. Jaguar, 2000 PSI

5 JaguarJaguar is said to be a big cat which belongs to Panthera genus, and the scientific name is Panthera onca. Jaguar is considered the king of the jungle. Jaguar found in Southwestern USA, Central America, and South America. They kill prey with their head, so it is considered the single killer. Amerindian word Jaguar used for Jaguar which means “ he who kills with one leap.” their little cousins live in Africa and Asia, but Jaguar is the largest cat in The United States which have bite force 2000PSI.

4. Hippopotamus, 1821 PSI

4 HippopotamusHippopotamus are herbivore creatures which found in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is one of two species from the Hippopotamidae family.  They have large tendons and strongest jaw muscles. The bite force of Hippopotamus which measured at a whopping 1821 pounds per square inch. Their generation also comes from Greek water horse because they also belong to Artiodactyla in which camels, horses, and goats included.

3. American Alligator, 2125 PSI

3 American AlligatorIt is one of two living species from the Alligatoridae family. They mainly found in the Southern USA, The estimated population of the American alligator is 5 million in which 1.2 live in the state of Florida, Texas, North and South Carolina, Alabama. American Alligator teeth have very sharp teeth as well as powerful muscles. The diets are Fish turtles and small mammals, they hold their prey with their strongest teeth and tearing flesh with their strongest bite force 2125 PSI.

2. Nile Crocodile, 5000 PSI

2Nile Crocodiles is the second animal in the world which has the strongest bite. This crocodile found in Sub-Sahara Africa and after saltwater crocodile the second largest reptile in the world. They live in different types of aquatic environment like lakes, rivers, and marshlands. They could 16 feet long as well as the weight 225 to 750kg. They are the carnivore, the main diet of Nile Crocodile is fish, but they can eat almost everything with the strongest bite PSI 5000. They have smaller jaw muscles but most substantial bite force strength PSI 5000.

1. Saltwater Crocodile, 7700 PSI

Strongest Animals Bites Saltwater Crocodile has the strongest bite in all strongest animals bites in the world. This crocodile can eat anything from Buffalo to fish and also sharks. Saltwater crocodile found in India, South Asia, and Australia, Australian people referred to as Salties. These have powerful jaw closing strength the PSI which is ever measured 7700.

In living reptiles, this is the largest snakes and riparian predator in the world. The size of a male crocodile is 21.7 feet and can exceed up to 23 feet, and female has small size than a male crocodile,  Saltwater Crocodiles is 19.7 feet long.

List of Top 10 Strongest Animals Bites According To PSI

Sr. No Strongest Animals Bites PSI
1 Saltwater Crocodiles, 7700PSI
2 Nile Crocodile, 5000PSI
3 American Alligator 2125PSI
4 Hippopotamus 1821PSI
5 Jaguar 2000PSI
6 Silver lack Gorilla 1300PSI
7 Bull Shark  1250PSI
8 Grizzly Bear 1250PSI
9 Polar Bear 1235PSI
10 Spotted/ Stripped Hyena, 1100 PSI


we conclude from the article that animal bite is scary and painful. We think lion or dog have the strongest bite, but not at all, there are some other animals which have strongest bite force. So be careful when you go in the jungle, or like other places where these animals are found because in most of them kill the human and eat as a food.