Top Ten Strongest Armies in the World


Here you will get all the information about Top Ten Strongest Armies in the World. The cardinal prerequisite of any country lies in protection and safety. To consummate this requirement, military plays a compelling role. Diligently saying, it is due to the contribution of the army that people can sleep well in their houses with free minds. People know that soldiers are there to defend them from any attack. For nation’s survival, the existence of the army is mandatory. The powerful army is the sign of strong and brave nation. The soldiers work from dawn to dusk in order to provide a shield to the whole country. Not a single issue can be neglected as it is the matter of the entire nation. Hence, their appearance is important to safeguard people at any cost.

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It is the power of the country that matters a lot along with the command on weapons. This commanding adds spirit as well as confidence to the country. In reality, where almost every country has an army, there are certain among them which outclass the others. This distinction exists due to their force strength, position, equipment and abilities which uplift the army to the top ten lists.

List of Top 10 Strongest Armies in the World

1. China

china army According to population, it is the most major country worldwide. Not only this, it has the possession of extensive army worldwide also with 2,285,000 soldiers. Its military forces termed as “People’s Liberation Army”. In china, military services become mandatory for every men who reach the age of 18. It has the strongest army ever. To guard china’s security, it has over billion personnel that ensure probity towards the nation. The reason for keeping large and the high force is to fight for territorial issues.

2. United States of America

us-armyUSA posses 1,458,219 man power. These individuals have drawn within the paid volunteer’s collection. It is among the trained armies of the world with ever active nuclear armaments. Every year, their expenditure on this field comes out to be more than half a trillion. Moreover, an additional cost amounts to $ 88.5 billion for delivering its emergency actions in overseas.

3. India

Indian ArmyThe serving army of India is 1,325,000. This country imports the weapons to US, Russia, Israel and France. Russia helps India in developing military aircraft’s. Hence, they both have a good relationship. As reserves, 2.1 million personnel are in the queue. It has nuclear armaments since 1974.

4. North Korea

North-KoreaIt was Established in 1930, and North Korea’s army known as “People’s Army” or “Korean People’s Army”. Its main power consists of 1,106,000 soldiers. Hence, this nation feels proud of their special forces which are identified to be the world’s biggest forces. The army stands in front of US as well as South Korea. The drawback is that it is just a small country which cannot afford the military of such large size. The positive is that it has over 8 million individuals as reserve members that are the largest amount globally.

5. Russian Federation

Military exercise in GeorgiaOwing to the nuclear armaments, Russia considered on the second number of world’s largest country. Its military services funded in May 7, 1992. The amount of active military members under this country is 1,040,000. Moreover, they also have reserve members who are in the range of more than 2 million. Their spending on this institution is $ 72 billion approximately. In the present year i.e. 2014, they estimated their expenditure to increased as compared to the previous year. As it is a highly experienced army, so it has some norms and condition to get admitted to this field. It requires the residents to be in 18-27 years of age in order to attain army education.

6. South Korea

south korea armyThe South Korean army established in 1948. It is smaller than North Korean army. Its army termed as “Republic of Korea Armed Forces (ROK)”. Korea granted with assistance from United States of America for a long time. The country has made estimated that in December 2015, its armed forces will be powerful enough to defense all the issues by itself. It means that it will emerge as an independent army soon. It includes over 687,000 personnel to work with innovative ideas.

7. Turkey

turkeyThe Turkey army works under the head “President” of the country. Its military force is termed specifically as “Turkish Armed Forces”. It became an independent country in 1992. Later, after joining NATO, it created the extended plans for modernizing its forces with the arrival of new weapons and advanced technologies. One of the famous battles they fought was with Korea.

It has 664,060 soldiers to serve the nation. This amount shows that they are spending heavily in military powers to take it to the number one globally.

8. Pakistan

pakistan-armyIn 1947, with the achievement of freedom from the British reign, the Pakistan armed forces were developed. This institution realized as the best one in the country. This organization plays its chief role to keep the state together. Since the establishment of Pakistan, this intuition is trying to maintain the nationhood and bonding among people.

The closest military terms identified with China. In pursue of enhancing and improving the military system, it has its affiliation with research cooperation and developmental programs of China. Moreover, it is proved to be the largest weapons supplier to Pakistan. As Pakistan is encountering with the antagonist relations with its neighbor “India”, so its army has to be alert 24 hours 7 days a week to overcome any hazardous situation.

As Pakistan is ranked to be the second largest Muslim country of the world, its army includes more than 617,000 brave and courageous personnel. They serve the whole country by working vigilantly with two other most massive armies of the world i.e. United States and china. It maintains the security well on the borders and indulges in the development of new technologies related to weaponry.

9. Iran

iran armyA Muslim country, Iran, is covered with countless natural resources. It was founded in 1925. The history of its army background is remarkable. Currently, this field constitutes over 523,000 army personnel. In order to be proficient, its officers are trained in the academies of American and European Military. It is quite interesting that mostly its weapons approach the land from United States of America. USA remained the friend of Iran for a long time. However, in 1979, just after the Islamic Revolution, their connection became weak. Concerning to its neighbors, Iran has some troublesome relationship with them. Its army recognized among the most powerful and successful armies of Middle East.

10. Egypt

Strongest ArmiesThe army of Egyptian comprises of 468,500 military personnel who work in the way of providing protection to the country. They impart shelter to the folks from internal as well as external enemies. Its individuals are competent enough to guide the masses. They are well trained that they have also rendered their training services to various countries including African and Arab states. The military weapons brought from all over the world. On the same side of the picture, its weaponry has been passed from the course of innovation with French, American and British equipment’s.