10 Strongest Countries in Defense With Highest Military Budget


Strongest Countries in Defense The United States is the number one Strongest Country in Defense that spend $612 billion defense budget. There are many countries in the world which have their defense power, but every country is not strongest in defense. These countries are spending an enormous amount on armies. In this List, some of those countries included which fought in World War I And II. Global Firework examined these countries according to their defense budget, land system, air power, naval power, logistics, resources, geography, and finance. Army is essential for defense in any emergency situation. These countries developed new weapon so that they could fight off any war. Strongest Special Elite forces also play an important role in country defense.

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The following are 10 Strongest Countries in Defense With Highest Military Budget. I hope you will get information according to your interest about different powerful defensive countries.

10. Turkey – $18.2 Billion

turkeyTurkey is the strongest country in defense with an active number of troops almost 410,500 and reserves 185,630. Turkish has some clashes with Syria and Kurdish that’s why Turkish government spends a hefty amount for defense purposes. In 2014 the defense budget was increased almost 9.4 %, and in 2015 it increased 10 %. Turkish is also receiving a significant defensive support from the United States. Well, Turkey is performing their duties as NATO member in Afghanistan war.

9. South Korea – $36.4 Billion

south-koreaSouth Korea is one of a progressive country as well as the strongest country in defense. This country is improving their literacy rate day by day. This country is also increasing its defensive expenditure. It has 653,000 Active Military Personnel and 25,100,000 Labor force. 2900,000 troops are performing their duties as reserve soldiers. South Korea has 15,000 land weapons and 2346 tanks. South Korea’s Airforce has 871 total aircraft and Naval Strength 190.

8. Germany – $39.4 Billion

germanyGermany is a country which is known as the world’s latest technologies country. It is one of strongest economic forces in the world. Germany spends a significant budget for making a most powerful defensive country in the world. Germany fought in World War I and II with the latest and advanced weapons. There are 148,996 Active military personnel and 43,620,000 labor forces. German army has almost 663 jets with a support of 355 helicopters in which 34 are attacking helicopters.

7. Japan – 47 Billion

Members of Japan's Self-Defence Forces' infantry unit take part in the military's review during the annual troop review ceremony at Asaka Base in Asaka, near Tokyo October 27, 2013. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, in an interview published on Saturday, said Japan was ready to be more assertive towards China as Beijing threatened to strike back if provoked. REUTERS/Issei Kato (JAPAN - Tags: POLITICS MILITARY) - RTX14PULJapan was the first victim in the World War II. After the war, Japan struggles hard for the recovery of wounds. Now Japan is a developing country and one of the strongest country in defense. Japan is facing threats from many countries like North Korea, China, and some other aggressive neighbors. It has over 247,000 active personnel and 57,900 reserve cops. Japan also has 5th largest air force in the world with 1595 aircraft and 131 warships.

6. France – $50.9 Billion

franceFrance is a country which included in the World War II against Germany. At that Time, France was facing too much loss of economy and lives. But still, France is a one of the strongest country in defense which has Power index 0.6163 and Active Military personnel 362,485. France is also at the fourth number in nuclear power. France has purchased about 7000 armored fighting vehicles, 257 attacking aircraft and 46 combat helicopters for a better defensive power of the country.

5. India – $51 Billion

indiaIndia is also one of the strongest economies in defense which has 1,325,000 active military personnel and 487,600,000 labor Force. They spends a large part of their budget on their security concerns due to which it is the world’s biggest importer of infantry. India has clashed with other countries like China, Sri Lanka as well as Pakistan. Indian spends a lot of budget on their defensive forces and wants to make the most powerful country in defense. This country is also a good importer because, it has 16000 land vehicles in which 3500 tanks, as well as 1785 aircraft, included.

4. United Kingdom – $56.9 Billion

090629-N-5207L-232The United Kingdom stands at the 5th position as the most powerful country in defense. It is a member of European Union. The government of UK decided to reduce the size of the army by 20 % in next three years. It has total aircraft 1,412 and total naval strength 77. Despite small quantity, still, it is a powerful defensive country which has Active Military personnel 224,500 and Labor Force 31,720,000.

3. China – $131 Billion

(FILES) In a file picture taken on October 1, 2009 a China's military shows off their latest missiles during the National Day in Beijing. China's defence budget will rise 12.7 percent in 2011 to 601.1 billion yuan (91.7 billion USD), a government spokesman said on March 4, amid persistent concerns about Beijing's military build-up. AFP PHOTO / FREDERIC J. BROWN (Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)China is a third most powerful country in defense which has power index 0.3351. Active military personnel 2,285,000 and Labor Force 795,500,000. The defensive power of China concentrates more on increasing their troops as well as their ammunition. China is increasing its defensive budget due to clashes with other countries like India, Japan, and the Philippines. The Air Force has almost 1311 fighting aircraft and about 196 attacking helicopters. This country is the highest economic country that’s why hope China will become number one powerful defensive country in future.

2. Russia – $69.3 Billion

russiaRussia has been the Super Power after the United States of America. It expected that its defensive budget would be 44 % increase in next three year. The Russia was made the strongest country in defensive after taking hold Vladimir Putin in 2000. Russia has power index 0.2618, Active Military personnel 1200,000 and Labor Force 75,330,000. Russia is making largest tank force in the world. Russia is an anti-Europe, Anti-America, Anti-Israel, And anti-Middle East country except for Syria. It also has adamant Air Force. The Russian Air Force Has 1305 attacking Aircraft and almost 111 fighting helicopters.

1. United States Of America – $612 Billion

united-states-of-americaUnited States Of America is the Strongest country in defense which has power Index 0.2475. The defense budget is very high as compare to other nine countries. The United States consists of 1,477,896 Active Military Personnel and 152,600,000 Labor Force. The United States of America is the leader in the production of aircraft & America has Strongest Air force in the World. U.S has well trained and well-dressed air force of men and women. It has total aircraft 15,293 and Total Naval Strength 290. No doubt United States of America is the strongest defensive country in the world since World War II.

List of 10 Strongest Countries in Defense With Highest Military Budget

Sr. No Strongest Countries in Defense
Defensive Budget (Billion)
1 United States Of America $612
2 Russia $69.3
3 China $131
4 The United Kingdom $56.9
5 India $51
6 France $50.9
7 Japan $47
8 Germany $39.4
9 South Korea $36.4
10 Turkey $18.8


We conclude that the countries which spend a big budget on their defense are the strongest defensive countries. These countries have powerful weapons as well as military personnel. These countries can fight every kind of war.