Top Ten Strongest Earthquake In The World

ecuador colombia earthquake 1906

The life from decades and centuries faces the havocs created by natural processes and disastrous climatic, geological and atmospheric changes, these may be in the form of volcanic eruptions, floods, cyclones, tornados, tsunamis, and Earthquakes. The adversaries of the man-made troubles are often controllable or wholly troublesome sometimes. However, the severities and turbulent happenings caused by the natural disasters can be preempted to reduce the damage but the mutilation is always way far from human resource and much mightier than human might.

Earthquakes are one of the monstrous turbulences caused by the seismic activity deep in the crusts and cores of earth. Even the minor or low-intensity temblors are enough to evict the earthlings from their habitats. The deaths and sufferings of the humanity are the ultimate aftermaths of the disaster.

List of 10 Strongest Earthquake In The World Ever

Here is a list of ten strongest Earthquakes in the world that got recorded in the history.

10. Assam-Tibet (Magnitude 8.6)

The tenth worst disaster according to the facts and figures collected is the earthquake of Assam-Tibet, which badly destroy 70 villages on August 15, 1950 in the state of India. It was a magnitude of 8.6 that takes more than 1520 lives including women and children. The tremor caused Spartan flood and land sliding that results in huge damage of properties including crops, cattle and heavy loss of lives as set above.

Strongest Earthquake 09. Northern Sumatra ‘Indonesia’ (Magnitude 8.6)

In the history of strongest earthquakes, the quake of Northern Sumatra has placed on the 9th place as it also leaves horrible victims behind it. The magnitude of the earthquake recorded as 8.6 on the rector scale; it swallowed more than 1300 people, especially the Iceland of Nias was highly affected. On March 28th, 2005 the land of the Sumatra was hit by the quake continuously for 2 minutes.

quake_earthquake08. Rat Islands ‘Alaska’ (Magnitude 8.7)

Another ghastly disaster in the history of earth was the earthquake in the shape of tsunami in Alaska on February 4th, 1965 due to which Rat Island faced thin loss in the form of life as well as assets because of its Geo-location. The Island located in remote shape that’s why the damage was too low as comparable to the strength and magnitude of the tremor. The magnitude of the quake was 8.7 and, on the whole, the total harm due to this tsunami was of worth $10,000 that include the cracks in the runways of Shemya and Attu islands.

rat islands alaska earthquake 196507. Ecuador Colombia (Magnitude 8.8)

On 31st January 1906 a hard throbbing earthquake was occurred at Ecuador Colombia with magnitude of 8.8 on the rector scale. Due to this geographic change a tsunami also amassed the whole area and, as a result, the death toll rises up to 1,500 including the 500 deaths on the shore of Colombia. Because of the strength and casualties, It ranked number seven on the list of horrible earthquakes.

ecuador colombia earthquake 190606. Offshore Maule ‘Chile’ (Magnitude 8.8)

Offshore Chile earthquake was occurred on February 27th, 2010 with the magnitude of 8.8 that lasts for continually 3 minutes. The catastrophe result in the tsunami that caused heavy hurt to the economy, as well as many lives of 525 peoples and the 25 missing persons till now. Due to the statistics and fatalities, It is placed on 6th position on the list of strongest earthquakes in the world.

offshore maule chile earthquake 2010 death toll05. Kamchatka Earthquakes ‘Russia’ (Magnitude 9.0)

In 1952, the quake of Kamchatka was the 1st ever quake that recorded as 9.0 on the rector scale that hit its east coast. Due to this climatic change in the depths of the land of Kamchatka, tsunami occurred rapidly, and its height was about 43 foot. The earthquake shakes the entire area for about seventeen minutes; results a worthy loss about $1 million. The positive aspect of this calamity was that it didn’t harm any human life but due to other damages and disastrous, It ranked number five in the list of strongest earthquakes in the world.

kamchatka russia earthquake 1952 death toll04. Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami ‘Japan’ (Magnitude 9.03)

On 11th March 2011 the earthquake below the sea rocks of East Japan with the magnitude of 9.03 that in return create a huge tsunami in the shore area up to 70 kilometers. In the Japan’s history this was the worst earthquake due to which more than 15,800 people dead; almost 6,000 injured including the huge number of missing person up to 2,800. Due to continues shaking of the earth and the sky kissing waves of tsunami destroyed completely more than 125,000 worthy buildings including the residential homes. Due to the frightful destruction and magnitude the quake of Japan ranked on the fourth number on the list of strongest earthquakes in the world.

tohoku earthquake and tsunami damage cost03. Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami (Magnitude 9.1)

In the list of strongest earthquakes in the world, ‘the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami’ placed on number three as its magnitude was about 9.1. It hit the western bank of Sumatra on December 26, 2004 that is the area of Indonesia. It brings atrocious crash across fourteen countries including India, Indonesia, Thailand and Sri Lanka due to which more than 230,000 people killed. The awful aspect of the tsunami was that its waves were above thirty meters that swallowed huge buildings and trees easily.

indian ocean earthquake and tsunami damage02. Great Alaskan Earthquake (Magnitude 9.2)

Regarding the magnitude the Great Alaskan Earthquake placed on the second number as it was of magnitude of 9.2; it hit the ground on 27th March, 1964. The troll rate of death was luckily too low as compared to its strength and power such as 143 people killed collectively. On rector scale, this was the most dominant earthquake in the history of United States, and it continuously shake the entire area for about four minutes.

Earthquake of Great Alaskan01. Valdivia Earthquake ‘Southern Chile’ (Magnitude 9.5)

In the earth’s history, the strongest and the most horrible earthquake was of magnitude 9.5 that strongly hit the land of Southern Chile on May 22nd, 1960. As a result of the quake, a great tsunami was generated that directly hit the areas of southeast Australia, Philippines, and the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, Hawaii, southern Chile and New Zealand. Collectively there were about 1600 deaths recorded, more than 3000 injured and 2,000,000 became homeless. The damages of the individual countries calculated as; $500,000 worthy mutilation of the United States west coast, damage of $550 million in southern Chile and damage of $50 million in Japan. So according to the above statistics and the high magnitude Valdivia earthquake placed on 1st place on the list of strongest earthquakes in the world.

Valdivia Southern Chile Earthquake