Top 10 Most Powerful and Strongest Weapons of Indian Army


most-powerful-and-strong-weopens-indian-army The most powerful and strongest weapon of India army is Su -30 MKI. Every country needs the powerful army and weapons for their defense. Modern and powerful weapons are the backbone of any nation forces. We discuss in this article the India top 10 strongest and powerful weapons. India military is also a rapidly growing military in the world.

For weapons, they depend on the other countries. Because their local industry have not delivered according to their requirement. However, many weapons including in this list are foreign supplied, but India makes them modified and strongest than the original. Mostly they purchase the weapons from Israel and Russia. These weapons have many km ranges hit the targets and destroy the enemy fighter weapons. As India went to war with Pakistan on the Kashmir issue than India can use these strongest weapons but the world demanded peace. They should use these weapons only for the protection of the country from any foreign threats. Below is a list of top 10 strongest weapons of India Armed Forces.

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10. Pinaka MLRS

pinaka-mlrsPinaka entered service in 1998 as the replacement for the vintage BM-21 Grad MLRS. It has 40 km range service and consists of 12 rockets which mounted on 8*8truck and protected by NBC. The improved variant of this weapon has 65km range. Pinaka MLRS is highly networked rocket launchers and works in conjunction with Battlefield Surveillance radars, Weapon Locating Radars, IR and Optical sighting systems. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles which increased their effectiveness and efficacy.

They have worked in cold and high altitude regions during Kargil in 1999. DRDO in cooperation with IMI (Israel Military Industries) installed GPS guidance systems on these rockets for precision attacks. It is cheaper than American equivalent M270 but has better performance. Pinaka battery has total 288 rockets on launchers and replenishment vehicles. India produced above 15 batteries and 5000 rockets per year. A future variant of this weapon is in development which has 120 km range and competitor of Russian Smerch massive rockets.


A modified Prithvi missile as the enemy target lifting off from the integrated test range at Chandipur-on-sea for the advanced air defence missile test on December 06, 2007.Two missiles PAD (Prithvi Air Defence ) and AAD (Advanced Air Defence) with Green Pine radar from the BMD system. It is very useful against the short ballistic missile and used to protect major cities on short notice. PAD system is exo-atmospheric interceptor with the ceiling of over 80km and has ranged over 2000km and AAD is endo-atmospheric with a maximum of 30km has to range above 250km.

Initially, these both are guided by INS(Inertial Navigation System) and have active radar seeker for homing in on target. Swordfish radar id used to track and provide fire control on these missiles. India upgrades this weapon for range 1500km. ADD missile would utilize with SAM to shoot down the enemy aircraft and cruise missiles which including India in few operators of 250km range SAMs. It hit with an accuracy of 99.8% against enemy ballistic missiles.


namicaNAMICA is unknown weapon developed by India. This system is the 3rd generation Nag Anti-Tank missile mounted on BMP-2 chassis. It consists of 8 Nag missiles in armored box launchers and 8 for reloaded with Optical and IR sensor to detect enemy tanks. These missiles have full capability to target the vulnerable top part of the enemy tank. It is detected at 5km range and survives in day and night conditions. Nag missile has HETA (High Explosive Anti-Tank which allow it to penetrate armor in any region.

Only a few countries army possess this different weapon. It possesses the amphibious capability which allows crossing any water body in the battlefield. India has placed 13 Namicas and 443 Nag missiles and further ordered 200 Namicas and 7000 Nag missiles. It is the essential part of India army armored formations.It eliminates high priority enemy armored targets at long range.

7. P-8I Neptune

p-18-neptuneP-81 is necessary for India 7500km coastline and hundreds of islands. It has brilliant sensor suite which is not present in any other ASW aircraft. It can fly 2000km range from base and target four submarines and then return 2000km to base on its internal fuel. P-81 is unique because it has long range search radar and Magnetic Anomaly Detection (MAD) to hunt submarines. India replaced with several electronics systems to upgrade this weapon. It can tackle the whole range of surface and underwater threats.

It has internally kept 120 sonobuoys and 54 torpedoes 6-8Mk in its bomb bays along with 4 Harpoon missiles under wings. This weapon allows the Indian Navy to target the submarines in thousands km range from their coast. India has eight aircraft currently, and four more has been ordered.


Strongest Weapons of Indian ArmyRussia produced it the first time when its neighbor purchased the T-80 and Abrams tanks. It has weight 48 tons. India is an operator of more than 5000 T-55/72 tanks, and they choose the T-90 as its replacement. T-90 unique feature is to fire Invar anti-tank missile from its barrel. It has a crew of 3 which made by use of 125mm smoothbore gun and autoloader. It is controlled internally by the commander and operated manually by 12. 7mm machine gun mounted on the turret. Fuel consumption is reduced by T-90 as compared to gas turbines of T-80. Indian variant is similar to Russia T-90 A, but India fitted it with French, Israel and Swedish subsystem which make it better than Russia.

This missile provides three layered defense against the anti-tank enemy mutations when equipped with Saab LEDS -150 Active Protection System. The first layer is called APS, and Second is ERA and third is Ceramic armor. Recently India has 600 T-90S and to 2020 it reached up to 1500 tanks. It easily moves anywhere when airlifted with I1-76 and C-17 transports of the IAF.


ins-vikramadityaThese two are most powerful weapons to carry out missions. They operate together to project power. INS Vikramaditya is the largest ship ever operated by the Indian military. A most powerful asset in the Indian ocean is 45,000 ton refurbished carrier. It gives Indian Navy a powerful projection tool, and it carries 6 ASW/AEW helicopters with 24 MiG-29K. INS Vikramaditya has Russia electronic and sensor suite which prevent the carrier from being tracked by powerful airborne radar systems. When its launched, it carried the Barak-8 SAM for self-defense but recently unarmed.

Kolkata class destroyers are the first modern Indian weapon. First Indian warship which used Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar the MF-STAR which has four static panels on a single rotating panel. It considerably enhanced the capability of India Navy.

This multi-function radar allows the change of many small search track and fire control radars. The main armament of the destroyers is a battery of 16 vertically launched BranMos supersonic long range Anti-ship missiles. It can hunt the ship at 300km range. The first SAM was the Barak-8 large surface to air missile (LRSAM) which hit the target up to 90 km with accuracy. This ship has anti-submarine rocket launchers, 76mm gun, torpedo tubes and dual helicopter hangar. You can say it is highly capable and multi-role.


phalcon-awacsIndia Phalcon AWACS is the most advanced AWACS in the world although India was late in Airborne Early Warning and Control system (AWACS) they produced it by FAS. It has Israeli Elta EL/W -2090 radar which mounted on Russian I1-76 aircraft. Active Electronically Scanning Array is fixed inside the dome on top of I1-76. It tracks faster than the E-3 Sentry. The specialty of the radar is that it remains stationary even it electronically steered. It uses IFF system, ELINT for collecting data of enemy and uses ECM (Electronic countermeasures) for self-protection.

3 Falcon is the India significant force multipliers and detects the target about 500 km away. It can deploy in mountains and desert where other can not move. Phalcon can track the 100 targets simultaneously. It can be implemented with fighter jets and detect cruise missiles and repelling enemy air attacks. India is planning to start 2-3 further such systems.


ins-chakraIndia acquired the Akula II-class SSN Nerpa from Russia for ten years and gained the ability to provide long-range underwater escort for their destroyers and carriers. INS Chakra is made according to India needs and run with 36 Torpedoes and Klub Anti-ship missiles. These weapons can fire the torpedo tubes from 8*533mm. It is the Indian greatest nuclear submarine saga. Another Akula SSN is under construction which modified to carry vertical launch tubes for BrahMos missiles.


The 'Brahmos' super sonic cruise missile with a range of 290 kms., passes through the Rajpath during the 58th Republic Day Parade - 2007, in New Delhi on January 26, 2007.It is an important Indian weapon which made as a result of joint venture between India and Russia. They modify the Yakhont missile according to Indian needs. This useful weapon can launch from any platform. It has 3 tons weight and 9m long and considered the India defense forces backbone. Indian Navy used it on various majors warships. India produced 100 missiles per year.

It carried one weapon under the fuselage of the Su-30MKI and reduced weight to 2.5 tons. Next generation of this missile named as BrahMos NG, and it is smaller than current BrahMos but similar in performance and will come with improvements. It has 50% less weight and 30% length reduction than this. This missile uses large guidance systems and large electronics circuits. 25 years old technology used in the casting of the missile which makes it heavy. NG make an upgraded version with reducing weight and size, and speed will increase from Mach 3-Mach 3.5. Indian military shows a keen interest in NG variant.

1. Su-30MKI

su-30mkiThis one is the bread and butter of Indian Air force. This aircraft has above 4000km range and 12 hardpoints for 8000kg of weapons and PESA Bars radar4. It is useful weapon than any other 4th generation fighters in the region. It can do the job of 2 Jaguar and 2 MiG-29 combined. Recently India used this aircraft for ground attack, air defense, and reconnaissance. From 2016 it is integrated with Nirbhay and BrahMos cruise missile which enhanced its strike capabilities.

It also integrated with many electronic jumping pods and anti-radiation missiles and act as a Destruction of Enemy Air Defense (DEAD) which is an integral part of modern warfare to prevent enemy threats. This aircraft defined the Indian air force. It built according to India specifications with multi-role long range 4.5 + fighter. The base of Su-30MKI is modified than Israel, French, and Russia. I in the name of aircraft represent the India. India ordered 272 such aircraft which make the India largest Su-30 operator in the world.

Top 10 Most Powerful and Strongest Weapons of Indian Army

Sr. No Strongest Weapons of Indian Army Range
1 Su- 30 MKI 4000km
3 INS CHAKRA 3500km
6 T-90S BHEESHMA 550km
7 P-8I Neptune 2000km
10 Pinaka MLRS 65 km



We conclude from this article that these weapons are the backbone of the Indian Army. This weapon system tells you about the capabilities of Indian armed forces. They strength the Indian army, navy, and air force equally. Many other upgraded version of these weapons are under development. These powerful weapons of India have the capability to tackle any danger from the enemy.