Top 10 Best Powerful Diets in The World


Top 10 Best Healthy Powerful Diets

Top 10 Best Powerful Diets

Nowadays our diet is a problem. 95% chronic diseases occur due to inadequate dietary intake and lack of physical exercise. Here we are discussing some important food that help us to maintain health and prevent illness. You might be interested in Top 5 best Energy drinks in the World.

What Are The Best Healthy Diets You Can Eat?

10. 5:2 Diet

This diet bases on a principle that known as intermittent fasting. You eat five days a week and fast other two days in this diet. People claim that 5:2 diet improves lifespan and brain function. This diet protects against some diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. It uses for weight loss. When compared with other two type of weight loss techniques. The result is that 5:2 diet and calorie controlled diet got a similar level of weight loss. This disease develops less risk factor of type 2 diabetes. And also, lower the risk of obesity-related cancer such as breast cancer.
Advantages: fasting for two days a week is more beneficial than seven days. Two days a week of fasting can lead to greater reductions in body fat, insulin resistance and other chronic diseases.
You need to select healthy choices and be physical active. Skip the meal during fasting could make you feel dizzy, irritable and headaches. Other side effects are difficulty breathing, sleepiness, dehydration and bad breath.

9. Dukan Diet:

The other names are low carbohydrate diet. That is low carbohydrate and high protein diet. There are four phases in this diet, but no limit to how much you can eat during these four stages. But follow some rules. In phase one, you are taking strict lean protein diet. Low-fat protein-rich foods such as chicken, turkey, eggs, fish and fat-free dairy include in this. Carbohydrates are omitted, except for small amount of Oat bran. In phase one of Dukan diet bans vegetables and seriously restricts fat. In next three stages of Dukan diet plan introduce vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates. The aim of this diet is weight loss up to 2lb a week and promote long-term weight management.

Advantages: you can lose weight quickly. It’s easy to follow and don’t need to count weigh food and calories. No restriction on how much you can eat in first two weeks.
In the starting, you face some side effects like bad breath, dry mouth, tiredness, dizziness, insomnia and nausea due to cutting out carbohydrates. And skip of wholegrains, fruit and vegetables in the early stages cause problems such as constipation. Dukan’s diet is not nutritionally balanced; there is a danger this type of diet increase the risk of long-term health issues if you don’t follow the rules.

8. Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet also known as the caveman diet. In 2013, this was googled most searched for weight loss. This diet consists of meat and seafood and some other foods such as eggs, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices. Cereal grains including wheat, dairy, refined sugar, potatoes and salt and any other processed food are strictly off on the menu. There is no real Paleo diet. It sees as a low carbohydrates, high protein diet, with some changes in carbohydrate and meat intake. Some DAvocates say Paleo diet is a long-term healthy eating plan that help you lose weight and reduce the risk of some chronic disease like Diabetes, heart disease and cancer.
Meanwhile, people are happy that Paleo diet focuses on natural foods, fitness and sensible lifestyle changes.
Advantages of this diet encourage you to eat more fruit and vegetables and less processed food, that leads you to lose weight. This diet is simple and no calorie counting.
Disadvantages of the Paleo can be expensive that depends on your choice of meat cuts. It is not possible without eating meat, seafood and eggs. Vegetarians could not use this diet plan.

7. The Atkins Diet

This food turns your body into a fat burning machine. When you starve yourself of carbohydrates, your body will start burning fat for energy. New Atkins diet is more nutritional balanced. During first two weeks of diet leads to rapid weight loss because you are on protein rich food with no restriction of fat and a daily carb recommended just 20g. Next three phases weight loss is gradually and encourages the exercise. This diet encourages people to cut off most processed carb and alcohol. In phase one, you can lose weight 15lb in two weeks and reduce 2-3 lb during other two phases. That is more suitable for men.

6. South Beach Diet

It is also called low GI diet. They originally developed for heart patients in the US. In this diet encourages to eat three meal and two snacks a day and follow an exercise plan. In phase, one people lose 10 lb weight. In this food, you eat lean protein, meat, fish and poultry and unsaturated fats. Low GI carbs are reintroduced in last two phases. Major food groups are not restricted and recommended plenty of fruit, vegetables and low GI carbs. The side effects of this diet are you may feel weak due to severe dietary restrictions. Other side effects are such as bad breath, dry mouth, tiredness nausea and constipation.

5. The volumetric Diet

Salad bar lovers love this food. This diet contains on broth-based soups, large salads and another high volume, low-calorie foods. The volumetric diet claims that you will lose weight without starving. Clients love with their wide range of fiber-packed recipes that keeps you full for hours.

4. Weight Watchers Diet

Weight Watchers diet bases on Propoints system that gives value to foods and drink based on protein, carbs, fat and fiber restriction on eating fruits and you can eat most vegetables. This diet helps you to lose weight up to 2lb a week. The benefit of this diet no foods are banned. You can eat and drink what you want. It is less restrictive than other plans.
The disadvantage of this diet is that they are time-consuming.

3. The Dash Diet

Before many years ago the National Institute Of Health recommended American diet advice. But when search done on Dash diet they felt this is more preferable. It is an effective diet for weight loss. Dash diet is a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, low-fat and non-fat dairy. It also includes whole grains, fish and poultry meal. In this diet added exercise and more sensible food options. This diet especially recommended for people who are suffering from lower or high blood pressure and heart disease with the Sodium intake of 3300 mg/day.

2. Mediterranean Diet

In this diet fish, olive oil and vegetables added, whether you are trying to lose weight or not. Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of heart disease.

1. Lighter life Diet

This diet plans to combine a very low-calorie meal replacement diet with weekly counselling. People who have BMI 30 or more, they eat four packs a day. These kits consist of shakes, soups and bars but no conventional foods. The counselling helps you understand your relation to food. Their side effect included bad breath, dry mouth, tiredness, dizziness and constipation, etc.