Top 10 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes


basketball The most expensive basketball shoes in the world is Reebok Question, which has the price tag of $65000. Basketball is also a famous game in the world like all other games. It is played at country level professionally. Players need special shoes and clothes for this game which make their game perfect.The concept of special shoes for basketball given almost ten years ago, and now it is common. No player played without special shoes. Before reading this article check out Most expensive Soccer cleats.

There are many companies in the world which make basketball shoes for players. We discuss the branded and expensive basketball shoes. These shoes equipped with unique features and provide the player firm grip on the floor. These brands offer unique jogger which are worn by famous players. The shoes of these brands have toe gel which prevents the effects on feet due to jumps and exertion. These sneakers also provide support to players. These are top 10 most expensive basketball shoes in the world.

10. Nike Air Force One – $2500

10 Nike Air Force OneNike Air Force one was made for LeBron Jame in 2004 ESPY Awards by Nike and introduced into the market in 2005. These are used recently by celebrities and famous basketball players which make them famous in the world. These sneakers are not available in the store mostly because of its high price and sold at auction or through private dealers. The price of these sneakers is $2500. It looks like for gear, but these are perfect jogger for the players and professional people associated with this game.Only 12 pairs of Nike Air force one produced.

9. Air Jordan XI – $2700

9 Air Jordan XIAir Jordan XI  introduced in 1995 in the market for the purpose of NBA’s. These basketball shoes have special features like Cordura nylon, carbon fiber plate which make it lighter in weight and better torque. Famous player Joe Johnson wore These for the test of basketball. The price of this pair is $2700 which is less as compared to other basketball shoes of Jordan. But once a time these sneakers were unbeatable, and its price is $2800 per pair. The look of Air Jordan XI is very professional.Players like Air Jordan XI because they are very comfortable in wearing.

8. Adidas Golden KB8 – $3000

8 Adidas Golden KB8Adidas Golden KB8 is top shoes from Adidas for $3000 per pair. It KB8 was made in 1998 for Slam Dunk contest and Kobe Bryant wear these shoes in the game and made them famous. He was used them during NBA days for many years. Due to this, they have been used with the name KB and his jersey number 8.These sneakers were renamed in 2004 as The Crazy 8 when Bryant leave to Nike. This loafer was made in limited number only two pairs made for players. This luxurious basketball jogger sold in auction only. Color combination of Adidas Golden KB8 is attractive.

7. Air Jordan V – $10,000

7 Air Jordan VAir Jordan V is unique basketball jogger because of its special features like strap lock and rubber sole. These were famous in the world when worn by Jordan in the match, and special version has digit 23 on the back. These shoes were never sold on shop and price of one pair is $10000. These joggers were comfortable and easy in use. This was the first model with sported lace locks. But this pair of Air Jordan V is an expensive one for basketball players.

6. Nike Air Mag – $12,000

6 Nike Air MagNike Air Mag is the very famous basketball shoes in the world. The shoes become famous from movie “Back to Future” in which Michael J Fox wear these shoes.After that, Nike made 20 more pairs of these shoes for average customers. Michael is not the star of NBA, but he made them famous and made them the high prices basketball shoes. These sneakers have worth 12000.This pair of loafer is the coolest and attractive one ever seen in the world.

5. Air Jordan I – $25,000

5 Air Jordan IAir Jordan I  designed by “Tinker Hatfield” and it is rarest shoes in the world. They made with the combination of black and red color. One of the most stylish basketball shoes ever made in the world. All editions of Air Jordan signed by Michael Jordan signed which are permanent and water resistant. They sold at a price of $25000. But these shoes were suspended from NBA because according to their guidelines only a few white lines should be present on boots.

4. Nike Air Zoom Kobe – $30,000

4 Nike Air Zoom KobeNike Air Zoom Kobe was made to offer tribute to Kobe Bryant. Limited models were made of these shoes only 25 pairs. These sneakers were also signed by a player which make them famous in all over the world. The cost of these expensive shoes is $30,000. The best thing about these shoes is that 10% of every pair sale given to charity.

3. Air Jordan VI – $35,000

3 Air Jordan VI -Air Jordan VI is the best basketball shoes in the world by Jordan. It is the Air Jordans last model which use the Nike Air logo. It has amazing features which make them best for the players like its molded heel that protect the players Achilles’ tendon. These sneakers have toe gel and lace tightening as well. These luxurious shoes come in limited color combination. The price of Air Jordan VI is $35000. Jordan used this pair of joggers during the Bulls beat the Lakers for the championship.

2. Air Jordan III – $50,000

2 Air Jordan IIIAir Jordan III are the most comfortable and excellent quality leather jogger in the world. They displayed in the market in 1998 first time. These are flexible for the players and no match of its comfort.These were designed by Peter Moore and sold at auction. The one pair of boots has very high cost almost $50,000.

1. Reebok Question – $65,000

Expensive Basketball ShoesReebok Question is the most luxurious basketball shoes in the world. The designer of the shoes was Allen Iverson. This expensive pair of shoes has 246 diamonds on the laces and stylish design. The price of these joggers is almost $65000. These are considered the best shoes in the world by players.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Basketball Shoes in World

Sr. No Expensive Basketball Shoes Price
1 Reebok Question shoes $65000
2 Air Jordan III shoes $50000
3 Air Jordan VI shoes $35000
4 Nike Air Zoom Kobe shoes $30000
5 Air Jordan I shoes $25000
6 Nike Air Mag shoes $12000
7 Air Jordan V shoes $10000
8 Adidas Golden KB8 shoes $3000
9 Air Jordan XI shoes $2700
10 Nike Air Force One shoes $2500


We conclude from this article different players use many kinds of basketball shoes. But these are the most comfortable shoes used by famous players. These are expensive than other sports boots. These shoes make the player game perfect. They have distinguishing features which make them unique among many shoes. These shoes deserve high price tag.