Top 10 Most Expensive Guns & Pistols


Most Expensive Guns Weapons such as knives, pistols, guns and other types are not only used for fighting and attacking others to defend ourselves, but they are also used as decorative pieces for our homes and mansions. Many weapons cost thousands of dollars while others cost millions instead of thousands. Some of the arms that are very costly are offered at high prices because they are rare, ancient and sold as antiques or because they are made by using specific materials that are precious and differ from the other materials. Take a look at the following top 10 most expensive guns to know why they are very expensive.

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10. J Purdey & Sons – 20 bore Side lock Ejector’ Over-and-Under Shotgun ($200,000)

10 J Purdey & Sons – 20-bore Sidelock EjectorJames Purdey & Sons Limited whose headquartered is located in London made this gun which is  specialized in designing and manufacturing. They sell guns in different countries around the world. This gun is the handmade piece like other guns which are manufactured by this company, and it is perfect for such activities that require using a shotgun such as sporting and hunting.

9. Wyatt Earp’s Colt 45 caliber Revolver ($225,000)

9 Wyatt Earp’s Colt .45-caliber RevolverThis revolver belonged to Wyatt Earp, an icon of the American Old West. “keeping the peace” as a Town Marshal of Tombstone, Arizona in the 1880s, on another side Earp frequently gambled himself broke, hunted buffalo, refereed boxing. He also mined for gold and ran a brothel, saloon and barber shop; a curriculum vitae only rivaled by the size of his mustache. But simply being Earp’s revolver alone doesn’t enough to explain its staggering $225,000 sale at an Arizona auction. This particular firearm passed down by the Earp family, is also most likely the one Wyatt used in the most legendary gunfight in Wild West history, the O.K. Corral shootout — an event which became a legend, the exact details forever lost in time. Wyatt and Doc Holliday were the luckiest people who left the gunfight without a scratch, probably thanks to this gun.

8. The 44 caliber Smith & Wesson ($350,000)

8 The .44-caliber Smith & WessonIn Missouri, the most notorious raider in American history led his merry thieves on a bank, train, stagecoach and store-pillaging extravaganza. The James Gang terrorized Kansas and Missouri for nearly two decades after their formative guerrilla years in the Civil War, but at the turn of the 1880s, the gang found itself collapsed under a series of fumble theft’s and captures. The end of this Gang would be the bullet in Jesse James’ head, fired from the gun. Bob Ford, who secretly negotiated James’ murder for the reward to the Missouri governor. One morning of April 3, 1882, as James halt to align a picture on his wall when Ford shot James in the back of his head. The butchery weapon — a heavily used and weathered version of the model above was brought at a low-key Anaheim auction in 2003 for $350,000.

7. Perazzi – SCO Set of 4 Shotguns ($200,000 – $420,000)

7 Perazzi – SCO Set of 4 ShotgunsFamous gun manufacturer Perazzi headquartered located in Italy.They manufacture perfect weapons that are sought after by many athletes in different countries all over the world. The Perazzi – So Set of 4 Shotguns presents to you four different guns which are excellent for sporting events as they have automatic ejectors, single selective triggers and their stock is made of Circassian Turkish walnut.

6. The Boss Over and Under ($750,000)

6 The Boss Over and UnderThe most expensive weapon in the world was created in 1812 by Boss company, and it got patents filed on the over and under mechanics the gun uses. The modern model of this gun is currently the most expensive one with price over $750,000. The gun has breech loading over and under which were produced in Germany and imported, Boss has refined them over time by lowering them and making them sleeker. Now the feature is modified with a more functional rotating trunnion and knuckle mate that has teardrop wedges built into the barrel lumps. It has two different locking systems, including a draw projections and more. It less knuckle strain and helps keep the shooter fresh and ready to hit the trigger at any time, and it keeps the barrels where they need to be. The draws assist the trunnion tension which helps considerably with using the gun. The gun is an amazing work of art, and if you have the money, it is worth to purchase.

5. VO Vapen – Falcon Edition ( $820,000)

5 VO Vapen – Falcon EditionIt was founded by the Swedish company in 1977 by Mr. Master Gunsmith Viggo Olsson. It is most exclusive handmade hunting rifles in the world. The company produced a limited number of rifles per year, and celebrities and Royal Family high demand these guns. Vo rifles have many editions. The Falcon edition has engravings of Peregrine and Saker falcons to give it a royal and luxurious look; the barrel is made of Damascus steel, and the stock is crafted of the walnut tree root.

4. Teddy Roosevelt’s Double-Barreled Shotgun ($862,500)

4 Teddy Roosevelt’s Double-Barreled ShotgunThe Fox Company made the gun especially for Roosevelt’s safari as he ended his presidential term. That one of America’s most beloved presidents remarked “it is the most beautiful gun I have ever seen” (and then got downright trigger-happy with it) undoubtedly fueled it’s $862,500 selling price at a 2010 Julia Inc. gun auction. In about thirteen months after his progressive white house, Teddy’s party killed and trapped an estimated 11,400 animals ranging from insects to elephants, including six rare white rhinos, for preservation in American Museums.

3. Nicolas-Noel Boutet pistols owned by Simon Bolivar ($1.8 Million)

3 Nicolas-Noel Boutet pistols owned by Simon BolivarNicolas -Noel Boutet made this flintlock pair of pistols and was belonging to Simon Bolivar, who is the first President of Venezuela. The guns were sold in 2004 at Christie’s auction house in New York for $1.8 million.

2. “Saddle” pistols owned by George Washington ($2 Million)

2 Saddle” pistols owned by George WashingtonThis unique pair of pistols that was formerly held by the President George Washington during America’s war for independence. The pair of pistols was sold to Richard King Mellon Foundation for $2 million in 2002 at Christie’s auction house in New York. The gun displayed now at Fort Ligonier in Pennsylvania.

1. Lincoln’s Killer (Priceless)

1 Lincoln’s KillerTiny 6-inch derringer kept in a display case at Ford’s Theatre National Historic Site. The price paid once only by, John Wikes Booth for this item was around $25 in the mid-1800s. One shot was all Booth had to end Abraham Lincoln’s life when he snuck into the President’s theater box on April 14, 1865. After Firing into the President’s head, he dropped the weapon and leaped for his escape. As evidence kept for generations by the War Department, the miniature relic eventually returned to its fateful origins at the Ford Theater where it had changed the course of history, and where likely no price will ever remove it. Though once allegedly stolen and replaced with a fake, the FBI re-authenticated it in 1997.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Guns and Pistols

Rank Pistol Name Price
1. Lincoln’s Killer UN-Estimated
2. Saddle” pistols owned by George Washington $2 Million
3. Nicolas-Noel Boutet pistols owned by Simon Bolivar $1.8 Million
4. Teddy Roosevelt’s Double-Barreled Shotgun $862,500
5. VO Vapen – Falcon Edition $820,000
6. The Boss Over and Under $750,000
7. Perazzi – SCO Set of 4 Shotguns  $420,000
8. The .44-caliber Smith & Wesson $350,000
9. Wyatt Earp’s Colt .45-caliber Revolver $225,000
10. J Purdey & Sons – 20-bore Sidelock Ejector $200,000


We hope that this article has provided you enough knowledge about guns. Some guns also tell us about history and they are part of historical moments. However, Human should use weapons for peace of World and people. These guns are antique pieces which are very expensive and for Royals families.