Top 10 Most Expensive Things in The World


Most Expensive Things The most valuable things in this world tend to be expensive because of their rarity and material used to make them. To live in the lap of luxury, many people wish to possess such things which give them pleasure, joy and comfort in life. However, we can not count such things which bring pleasure for us. Today we discuss ten most expensive things in the world. These things are expensive because their rarity and precious in nature and captivating for everyone. These things have extraordinary characteristics which make them expensively. Now you can look most valuable things in the world and reason for their expensiveness.

Before further reading read about all the Most expensive things in the world now.

10. Amour Dog Collars

Price: $3.2 Million

10 Amour Dog CollarsTo give a sparkling life to your dog, you should buy Amour Dog Collars.The collars have color-graded brilliant shaped centerpiece that is made of 7-carat diamond, and the setting is made of platinum and 18-karat white gold, use crocodile leather. It yields Chandelier design covered in 52 carats and 1600 handset diamonds. Collars are cheap devices in the world to control, identify and style your pup. However, this is the high world collars worth $3.2 million. It has received much publicity in all over the world being featured on Entertainment shows in the United States, UK, Germany, as well as several blogs.

9. Chopard Blue Diamond

Price: $25 million

9 Chopard Blue DiamondChopard blue diamond is a rare diamond in the world. When it is the stud in the ring then it increases the value of the ring, no other ring can match with this ring at elegance and price. This beautiful piece is made up of flawless, and this oval shaped diamond mounted on 18 carats white gold ring with triangular shaped white diamonds n one side.The weight of this diamond is nine carats and women can make crazy to get this ring.

8. Watch: Haute Joaillerie From Chopard

Price: $25 million

8 Haute Joaillerie From ChopardThis Chopard timepiece looks like a glittery mess than anything that is useful for telling time. It is sold for $25 million in early 2000 and most expensive watch in the world. This watch adorned with diamonds stuck with somebody’s fancy wallet. It is made of 15-carat heart shaped pink diamond, a 12 carat heart-shaped blue diamond and 11 carats heart-shaped white diamond. When this hearts spring open, then yellow diamond displayed which studded on the watch face. This bracelet watch has 163 carats of white and yellow pear- shaped crystals.

7. Iphone Black Diamond Edition

Price: $16.6 million

7 Iphone Black Diamond EditionIt is the most expensive smartphone ever sold in the market. The reason for such high price of this phone is that it is embedded with a rare black diamond. This flawless thick cut black diamond has weight 26 carats.The single, perfect, deep cut black diamond aptly replaces the home button of the smartphone. iPhone 5 in solid gold, and the complete handset has been finished by hand. Stuart Hughes created this phone. Recently it is owned by a Chinese person. This iPhone is decked in 18-carat gold and gold and diamond finishing. It also boasts of diamond studded Apple logo. Stuart Hughes created limited edition f this phone only 100 units.

6. 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO Racer

Price: $52 million

It is the world most expensive car in the market which is sell for $52 million. Recently this car is owned by A Spanish Collector according to the automotive website Barchetta said. This Ferrari looks very stylish and if you take the car on the road everyone wish to take a ride on it.

5. Painting: Raphael’s Head of a Muse

Price : $47.9 million

5 Raphael’s Head of a MuseRaphael drew Head of a Muse Painting as a study for a figure in one of his crimson at the Vatican.The drawing was part of Raphael’s preparations for one of the towering artistic achievements of the Renaissance. When it is unveiled at an auction 2009 in Christie’s London. It was expected that it will easily break the auction record for an old master drawing shared by Michaelangelo’s The Risen Christ and Leonardo da Vinci’s Horse and Rider, which both sold separately for £8.1 M. It was estimated that it sold only $20 million, but its price is going up to $47.9 million.

4. Sculpture :L’ Homme Qui Marche (Walking man)

Price: $104.3 million

4 L’ Homme Qui Marche ( Walking man )Alberto Giacometti 1960 sculpture of a six-foot tall, spindly man ( Walking man I) Sold for $104.3 million is the most expensive artwork ever sold at auction. It was sold at Sotheby’s auction in London to an anonymous buyer. It edged out the previous record holder Pablo Picasso’s artwork “Boy with a Pipe” which was sold almost six years ago for $104.2 million at auction.

3. Painting: Number 5, 1948

Price: $140 million

3 Painting Number 5, 1948This painting made by Jackson Pollock’s is the world’s third most expensive thing. The person who can shower a canvas with blobs of paint and then sell it for seven figures does not care what other people think about it.

2. House :Antilla Mumbai

Price : $2 billion

2 House Antilla MumbaiIt is 27-floor personal home in South Mumbai named after the Mythical Atlantic island of Antillia belonging to Mukesh Ambani a business man, who is chairman of Reliance Industries. A 600 full-time staff maintains the residence and reportedly the most expensive home in the world.

1. Yacht: History Supreme

Price: $4.8 billion

1 Yacht History SupremeIt is a recreational ship or boat. This term originates from the Dutch word ” Jacht” hunt. It is a high fast sailing vessel used by the Dutch Navy to pursue pirates and other transgressors into the shallow waters of Low Countries.It is made of over 100,000 kg Gold and decorated with everything from T-Rex Bones to small meteorites. After it uses by Charles II of England as the vessel to carry him to England from the Netherlands for his restoration in 1660, it came to be used as a ship to convey important persons. It is a luxury craft smaller than 12 metres and commonly called Cabin cruiser. Now it is owned by an anonymous Malaysian businessman maybe he is Robert Kuok.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive & Luxurious Things at a Glance

Rank Thing Name Price
1. Yacht: History Supreme $4.8 Million
2. House :Antilla Mumbai $2 Billion
3. Painting: Number 5, 1948 $140 million
4. Sculpture :L’ Homme Qui Marche ( Walking man ) $104.3 Million
5. Painting: Raphael’s Head of a Muse $47.9 Million
6. 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO Racer $52 Million
7. Iphone Black Diamond Edition $16.6 Million
8. Watch: Haute Joaillerie From Chopard $25 Million
9. Chopard Blue Diamond $25 Million
10. Amour Dog Collars $3.2  Million

Conclusion :

From this article, we conclude that everything is expensive in this world for those who have not enough money to buy them. But these things you read in the article made expensive because their distinctive features, their rarity and use of diamonds and gold in this stuff. Listen from my point of view these precious things only give you temporary happiness and joy but not internal peace.