Top 10 Strongest Animals in the World


As many powerful human beings dream to be the world’s strongest folk on earth, there exiss animals who are the strongest animals in the world. That is why human beings have to rely on weapons to save themselves. The level of strength varies from animal to animal. Some are physically so vigor that they can lift, carry, drag and pull large weights. Others have weak immune system to take and bear enormous load owing to their small size. To be clear towards knowing the secrets of animals followed by fastest animals, smallest monkey and world’s strongest animal on the planet, this article is the gist of inspiring facts about animal’s life. Just discover and explore the answers of these related questions by reading the aspiring truths in this article.

What is meant by Strongest Animals?

The reply to this query is firmly based on what is your definition of being strong. Is the strength related to pounds, size, brute force or physical force. It is also the question of matter that whether the consideration is whole animal kingdom, marine animals or just land animals. All these queries direct to know what is the actual meaning of having power. Although strength can be examined and measured in terms of various methods, this article focuses on whole animal kingdom. Considering this focal point, the list of top ten strongest animals on the earth is not arranged in any order.

Before further reading must check out the Top 10 Powerful Animals of Jungle in the history. As far as the worldwide top ten most active animals are concerned, and they are those who have immense determination inside. The animals use their force to protect themselves. Hence, they do not need to use any weapon against their enemy. The list of strongest animals on the planet is discussed here.

List of Top 10 Strongest Animals in the World

1. Blue Whale

Strongest Animals It is active in its brute force and of amazing large size. Blue Whale is very strong in all terms that never attacks a human being. It is the heaviest among mammals. The weight of its tongue is equal to the elephant. Its heart weighs just similar to the load of the car. It can go in the depth of 500 m. Blue Whale is the loudest one on the earth. It can hear sounds even from the distance of 1600 km. Its one of the interesting facts is that whale can also feels emotions.

2. Anaconda

strongest anacondaFrom snakes, anaconda is the one who can squeeze anything similar to its body weight i.e. 250 kg (550 pounds). By doing so, it can lead that object to its dead stage. It is the non-venomous and huge snake found in South America.

3. Grizzly Bear

grizzly bearsThis bear can carry about 500 kg weight and even more than this. This amount is 0.8 times more than its own body weight. It lives and survives in Western North America. They are observed while killing large animals including moose and elk. They do so just by one bow of heavy weight legs. On the same side, their bite is the most dangerous of all. They can even crush the ball with their vulnerable bites. Mostly they prey fish.

4. OX

oxOX can praise weight 1.5 times against its body i.e. equal to 900 kg. It comprises of incredible power of pulling as it can pull something for an extended period than the horse. OX can exert more force with the help of yoke. Hence, it is recognized for doing heavy and loading tasks like breaking something.

5. Tiger

TigerA tiger has willpower to elevate 550 kg burden which is twice times more than its load. They have been noted for long while dragging large animals. They are very strong even from lions. It can approach 11 feet height. It can carry the kid of cow with its jaws and even climb onto the tree while carrying small cow.

6. Gorilla

GorillaIt can uplift 2000 kg that is just equal to the heavy load of 30 human beings. It raises this mass by going against its body weight over ten times. Furthermore, they are seen while pulling massive trunks of the tree that is the dangerous act they do ever. From the family of apes, gorilla is the largest one who lives in Central Africa forests. Its weight is 450 pounds, but it can uplift 4600 pounds. Their arms have large muscles that are used to collect leaves as well as in the times of defense.

7. African Elephant

African ElephantWithin land mammals, African elephant is the strongest ones. It can raise 6350 kg and carry 9000 kg with its trunk that is the highest amount of all. This load is as equal as lifting 130 adult human beings. Moreover, it can uplift 600 pounds object with the help of its trunk that is equivalent to 270 kg.It is the fact that if elephant has the strength similar to the beetle, then it can carry 850 more elephants on its back.

The elephants are equally intelligent as that of a man. Similarly, they are sensitive and gentle too. They are of 12000 pounds in weight however they can praise 20,000 pounds that is much more than their burden.

8. Bull

bull buffalo 2009Bull is so dominant animal as it is able to carry weight 1.5 times in excess than their own body burden. According to Professional Bull Riders, his measured weight is 1300 pounds while he can pull and load the objects of having weight age of 2000 pounds. It is the male specie of cow.

The dominance power of the bull can be realized by seeing “bull fighting” game. It cracks one’s mind when it throws the person with its full force. Bull has large feet, thick bones, bony head and protective ridges on the eyes. It possesses more potency because it has additional bones and muscles mass which are the secret of acting brawn. Moreover, it owns pointed horns that are so dangerous if encountered with.

Mostly it is used for riding purpose. It eats food that is rich in proteins. It has stomach of four compartments, and it loves to eat on vegetation.

9. Leaf cutter Ant

Leafcutter Ant, Costa RicaAnt carries everything with its jaws. It has the potential to carry 50 times more than its body i.e. of 500 mg. It is the amazed fact that it is similar as human being is lifting a truck with the help of his teeth; a surprising truth. It looks simple animal, but it is the most complex one. It spends its life just like human beings; Ant grows food, has servants, build bridges, etc. It is the matter of worry that if it were of half size to a human being, then we would be serving it.

It can compass 850 times more mass. To be able to understand, if folks are given the strength equal to this beetle, he will be extended to uplift the object with 65 ton weight.

10. Dung Beetle

dung-beetleAs compared to its weight of the body, it is the ever strongest animal on the land. It has the potential to pull the mass which is over 1141 times. To be able to perceive this fact into perspective, this weight is equivalent to an average person who is pulling 6 double-Decker buses which is full of and crowded with people. Now that is quite much stronger than ever.

Globally, there exists the variety of animals on the planet. Each is found to have various kinds of strength. The research has identified those animals that have an enormous will to be called as the strongest animals on the earth.


Hence, the sheer power of animals makes them strong to fight against their enemy and to lift heavy weights for their advantage. Animals are very much stronger than human beings. Folks are nothing in front of these creatures.