Strongest Bridge and Tallest Bridge in the World 2016


We know that earth is not smooth. Sometimes due to many Cliffs, its hard to move from one place to another. Therefore, bridges are built to remove these difficulties. It is an excellent way to connect two cities. Here we are describing the strongest and tallest bridges in the world 2016.

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10- Jiujiang Yangtze River Expressway Bridge

Jiujiang Yangtze River JIUJIANG bridge’s construction started in 2009 and completed in 2013. It is 244.3 meters tall. It has 2684 meter feet span. It is 10Th longest cable-stayed bridge

9- Zhongzhou Yangtze River Bridge

Zhongzhou Yangtze River BridgeThis bridge completed in 2010. It is also cable-stayed bridge and cross the Yangtze River. Its length is 2174 meters and 440 feet above from river level.

8- Great Belt East Bridge, Denmark

Great Belt East BridgeGreat Belt Bridge located between the Danish Islands of Zealand and Funen. It is 254 meters tall. It;s total length is 6790 meters. It opened in 1998.

7- Sutong Bridge, China

Sutong-BridgeIn 2008-2012 Sutong bridge considers the world’s longest span bridge. The two towers of this bridge are 1004 feet high. It is a 306-meter long bridge. It was opened in 2008. 1.7 Billion dollars were spent on its construction. It crosses the Yangtze River in China.

6- YI SUN-SIN Bridge, South Korea

YI SUN-SIN BridgeThis Bridge located in South Coast in Korea. It is a sixth-largest bridge in the world. Its length is 2260 meters and 270 meters tall. Its opening date is may 2012. It is also fourth longest in the world.

5- Stonecutter Bridge, Hong Kong

Stonecutter BridgeStonecutter is one of the strongest bridge that crosses Rambler Channel. It is 298m tall and 1596 meter long. It was opened in 2009 to the public. During construction, the total cost of this bridge was $356.

4- Jingyue Bridge, China

Jingyue BridgeThe Jingyue Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge over the Yangtze River. It located in Jianli County, Hubei, China. This bridge opened in June 2010. It is 5419 meters long and 869 feet tall.

3- Akashi Kaikyo, Japan

Akashi Kaikyo Akashi Kaikyo bridge consists of three spans. The first span is 6532 feet long, and other two are 960 m. It is also known as pearl bridge. It completed in 10 years. Its opening date is 5th April 1998. It is maintained by Honshu-Shikoku Bridge project.

2- Russky Bridge, Russia

Russky Bridge, RussiaThe Russky bridge is 10200 feet long. It opened in July 2012. It is a long cable-stayed bridge and 70 m above from water level. The Russky is constructed by Asia Pacific Economic Community Summit. The invested amount for this bridge is around 1.1 billion USD. This bridge crosses the Eastern Bosphorus Strait. It is also strongest bridge.

1- Millau Viaduct, France

Strongest BridgeMillau Viaduct is the world’s tallest bridge. It is also strongest bridge in the world. Its total length is 2460 meters and 343 meters high. Millau Viaduct opened in 2004. It crosses the river Tarn. It was designed by famous French designer Michel Virlogeux and British Norman Foster. The budget of this bridge was 394,000,000 $. Millau Viaduct is the cable-stayed type bridge. It has seven pillars. The central pillar is higher than the Effile Tower.