Top 10 Strongest Marvel Characters That You Have Never Seen


The top ten strongest marvel characters are ranked so by considering their abilities through battles and powers. Here you will get all information about these Top 10 Strongest Marvel Characters in the world that you have never seen before

1. Apocalypse

Strongest Marvel Characters Apocalypse, a fictional character, was born along with mutant powers. Later, he was also named as “En Sabah Nur” which means “the first one”. His first movie was “X-Factor # 5” in May 1986. He appeared in multiple X-Men titles like “Spin-offs”. This character has also been appeared on the screen as toys, games, trading cards and animated television series. Today he is ranked on number three on the list of X-Men Villains.

This marvel character is strongest of all as he is the master of various powers like telekinesis and telepathy. He deserves to be ranked on the top as he fought on a regular basis. He remained among the arch enemies of X-men.

2. Thor

thorThor was first portrayed in the superhero movie named “Thor”. It was released in United States in May 6, 2011. This movie gained achievement from viewers. Its sequel Thor: The Dark World was introduced in November 8, 2013. Moreover, his third movie is in the developmental stage now.

He is strong as he is recognized as “The God of Thunder”. He has cracked and even crushed the planets with the help of his sheer manual strength. His powers include weather control, immortality, and interstellar flight and space portals. He has a magical stick named as “Mjolnir”, which never breaks. He controls his all packages of power with the assistance of this hammer; even energy blasts.

He can blast with utter strength to destruct the planet. Thor fought through Hulk, Thanos and Silver Surfer. He has long lifespan as well as nigh-invulnerable.

3. Galactus

galactusGalactus was first appeared on the screen in the movie named “The Fantastic Four”. He is a comic entity. He was also featured in arcade games; action figures, video games, trading cards and animated television series. He was ranked on the number fifth in 2009 in the list of “Top 100 Comic Book Villains”.

Galactus has so much command over the world that he can eat planets. He is the author of vast knowledge having unlimited cosmic power. He can teleport within the whole world. His single bolt can destroy a planet. It might be amazing to know that he has spherical shape vessel which is used for his travel purpose. It is more interesting that the station of ship is equivalent to the size of the solar system. He even stays there sometimes.

4. Silver Surfer

silver surferRecently, Silver Surfer has associated himself with the group of heroes that are active currently. This role was established by Jack Kirby. He was frustrated with spaceships characters so he decided to design this character who can ride a surfboard. His potential includes speed flight, element transmutation, destroying the ability, extreme temperatures and immune to disease. It is enough to introduce this character.

He has surfboard that directs him in fast flying even than light speed. Apart from his possessions, he can raise his cosmic powers which in turn enable him to raise his jurisdiction and to heal people. The energy barriers of Galactus prevented the Silver Surfer to leave the earth and soar onto the stars.

5. Beyonder

BeyonderBeyonder is referred as the mystical character. He was a good observer. Beyonder was designed by Jim Shooter. He was appeared first on the screen in the movie named “Secret Wars number 1”. Later, in a real sense, he was exhibited by Al Milgrom in the movie of “Secret Wars II number 1”.

He was so authoritative that supreme cosmic beings, Living Tribunal and all Marvel abstracts were bequeathed at his mercy. Beyonder can twist and turn into any shape or form he wants. He has supernatural powers with which he can create planets, control minds of people and discard galaxies.

6. Ghost Rider

ghost riderGhost Rider is a supernatural hero of these times. He is also a fictional character which appeared in comic books that were written and published by Marvel Comics.

He can tolerate unlimited hell fire even it can lead to massive explosions. Moreover, he has control over this fire. He can carry and uplift the weight equal to 25 tons. It is interesting to know that he owns a mystical bike. He can travel at the speed of sound on it. Furthermore, it can run on the water and walls.

7. Kronos

KronosKronos remained the leader of Titan’s first generation. He was the youngest one of that generation. His reign was started in Golden Age when he overthrew his father. Later, he was overthrown through his own son name Zeus and locked in Tartarus. He was recognized in classical antiquity along with Roman deity Saturn. His domination includes time manipulation, vast intellect and soul manipulation as well.

8. Master Order

Master OrderThe abstract of comic entity, Master Order was a character whose origin is not known to anyone. However, it is known that there were some opposing forces constituted in the dimension named as “Magick Realm”. He allows experiments to collect the powers in mortal’s hands. Later, he became unsuccessful in defeating the opposing forces.

9. Destroyer

destroyerHe remained the arch enemy of Galactic as well as Thor. His most surprising power is his incredible durability. He has that much potential through which he can project powerful energy beams. His exoskeleton is so indestructible even than Urdu and Adumbration.

10. Captain Marvel

captainmarvelCaptain Marvel is also named as “Shazam”. He is the hero of American comic books that were published by DC Comics. He is a man who can transfer and turn himself into the super man having six mythological figures including mercury, Zeus, atlas, Solomon, Achilles and Hercules. It seemed that he was a duplicate copy for superman.

This character was created by the artist C. C. Beck and a writer named Bill Parker in 1939. He was firstly on aired on the screen in February 1940 in the movie called “Whiz Comics # 2” which was published by Fawcett Comics. Marvel was given a place in ranking on the 55th greatest comic book character by magazine named Wizard. IGN did same ranking. However, UGO Networks placed him among the top entertainment heroes. His supremacy comprises of superhuman strength.

List of Top 10 Strongest Marvel Characters in the World

SR. NO Strongest Marvel Characters
1 Apocalypse
2 Thor
3 Galactus
4 Silver Surfer
5 Beyonder
6 Ghost Rider
7 Kronos
8 Master Order
9 Destroyer
10 Captain Marvel

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