Top 5 Powerful Energy Drinks to Boost up Your Energy


Energy drinks have become a necessary beverage for modern citizens; that pushed to their limits by the challenges of daily life. Mostly people are taking on daily bases, and some take when they need extra energy and endurance. To Decide that the most powerful energy drink is a difficult task. Energy Drinks contain natural and synthetic ingredients, sugars and natural stimulants ingredients. The powerful energy drink contains Caffeine and Taurine. Caffeine is legal, unregulated and is world’s most popular psychoactive substance. Taurine is claimed to have antioxidant properties and to be effective in improving physical performance.

The jury could not understand whether the high level of Taurine is beneficial or dangerous. some people think that it is responsible for the “crash” some users experience after consuming energy drinks. But energy drinks should not take on daily bases because they have not contained on essential nutrient, they only give energy. Always include nutrient-dense food in your diet.

List of Top 5 Powerful Energy Drinks to Boost up Your Energy

The following five are better for their availability at the retail level, their potency (derived from a mix of active ingredients) and their popularity among consumers.

1. Red Bull


Red Bull is the original Austrian energy drink. The ingredients include like taurine (an essential amino acid), glucuronolactone (a carbohydrate) and caffeine in red bull. Red Bull claims to “give you wings” by improving concentration and alertness. Its taste is notoriously hard to describe but is unquestionably distinctive. While imitators come and go, Red Bull uses to reign supreme, from bars to college campuses, truck drivers to tired office workers. The Success of its flagship product, Red Bull now offers some other beverages, including Red Bull Sugarfree, Red Bull Energy Shots and Red Bull Cola.

Red Bull is named for the taurine content that made the tiny can unique. Red Bull now looks rather tame with less caffeine (80 mg in the original 8.3 fl oz) and less taurine (0.4%) than many competitors. The world number one energy drink is less powerful, but still very popular.

2. Monster

MonsterMonster considers second powerful energy drinks. Release this energy drink in April 2002. Monster is United based company and recently popular in India. Monster Energy drink comes in two types the one without sugar and the other sweetened. The caffeine content of this drink is 10 mg/oz approximately.

It is not advisable to consume for pregnant women. . It is a potent combination of taurine, ginseng, B-vitamins and guarana, a South American shrub whose berries contain a caffeine-like substance. There are more than two dozen varieties, including Monster Java (coffee-flavored), Monster M-80 (made with tropical juices), Monster Assault (twice the caffeine) and Monster Khaos (made with fruit juice).

3. RockStar

383840The Rockstar energy drink launched in the market in the year 2001. This drink was mostly popular in the West and by 2013. The company has twenty flavours of this drink. It is now available in almost 30 different countries. It gives a tough competition to Red Bull. they sponsor a lot of sports events too.

They have a partnership with Playboy. Rockstar contains caffeine, taurine and sugar and also herbs such as ginseng, ginkgo Biloba and milk thistle. Rockstar comes in sixteen-ounce cans of just about every flavor imaginable, with the original flavour of citrus and vanilla. A can of Rockstar Energy has 280 calories.

4. NOS, Nitrous Oxide Systems

Nitrous Oxide systems

This energy contains huge contents of Caffeine. It is popular among sportsman and athletes. A 16 oz can of NOS contain 160mg of caffeine and has high Taurine content. NOS has some side effects of caffeine when they contain a large amount of L-Theanine, a substance found naturally in tea. There are several flavours available and also sugar-free for people with high blood sugar level.

5. 5-Hour Energy Drink

Powerful Energy DrinksThe 5 Hour Energy drink has a higher content of caffeine. It is a non-carbonated drink. It uses Sucralose as a sweetening agent. These drinks are available in 2 oz bottles. Athletes and sportsmen mostly consume 5-hour Energy. It is advisable not to intake them in high quantity. 5-Hour Energy comes in several flavors; the originally known as having a berry-like tang to it. In spite of its small size, 5-Hour Energy has generated big profits, racking up over $1 billion in retail sales.

Besides these, some other energy drinks are popular in the markets like mother energy drink and Full throttle generated by coca cola company. Guru energy drinks originated from Canada. Shark Energy Drink and Mio energy drink is also popular.