Top Ten Most Powerful Submarines In The World

Seawolf Class submarine

Here you will read about Top Ten Most Powerful Submarines in the world. Submarines are the defense and deterrence carriers that can hover on the sea surfaces and penetrate into the depths of water. With the rapid advance in overall technology and thus modern war crafts; the coastal defense, underwater spying, and strategically targeted operations are getting expanded in the bi-polar world. The coast integrity and defense now a day is as important as air and ground defense.

A country without adequate naval safeguards is always at the mercy of the invaders. Even the internal securities are concerning the developed nations to developing a strong and well-equipped navy to be watchful of the breaches and lapses causing raids by pirates and smuggling of all sorts. The maritime security is every day encountering the global piracy of Somalian assailants and other sea raiders.

The invisible sea vessels are one of the most lethal and safest (Usage) option for following getting swiftly at the back of intruders and attacking the enemies with a silent kill. The deadliest watercraft can even level the cities with a precise launch of the rockets ranging from medium to long range. Even the giant carriers and sturdiest machines and ships are destined to sink with a single fire from the floating and diving shield of mariners.

List of Top Ten Most Powerful Submarines In The World

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Below is the list of top ten deadliest and powerful Submarines in the world of 2016-2017. Discover the safe house and proud destination of sailors!

10. Los Angeles Class (USA)

In the list of top ten powerful submarines in the world Los Angeles Class Submarine listed on the tenth number. Below the water, it can move more than 33 knots and on the surface of water the maximum speed of the submarine is about 20 knots. It has about forty-four active units from the 62 at present in the world. The submarine used in the spy department of United States Navy to catch and hit the opposition submarines efficiently.

US submarine 09. Rubis Class (France)

Rubis Class a Franc designed submarine placed on number nine in the list of world’s top 10 strongest submarines while it has only six units that currently manufactured. It moves with the speed of 25 knots on the surface of water to follow other submarines and ships. The plus point of Rubis Class is that it can use to dig out excavations and have refueling ability range of more than twenty years. In the French Navy, it is use for nuclear attack as first-generation submarines.

Rubis Class submarine08. Victor III Class (Russia)

The Soviet Union of Russia developed about 48 units of Victor III class submarines for the need of naval forces in the past and ranked 8th in the list of powerful submarines in the world. It has durability level of 80 days while the submarine can work up to thirty years before next refueling. It is fully arm submarine having capability of holding eighteen torpedoes, two Stallion missiles or two Sampson cruise missiles, six bow tubes and 2 Starfish anti-submarine with ability of attacking opponent submarines.

Victor III Class submarine07. Sierra Class (Russia)

Sierra Class was also the creation of Russians Soviet Union, and there were about four units that were initially built but at the time only two units of Sierra Class work with the Russian Navy. It ranked number seven in the list of top ten powerful submarines in the world as it had a speed of ten knots on the water surface and about thirty-two knots under the water. The submarine has ability of endurance level over two hundred days and furnishes with the titanium hull that is effective for the submarine to plunge into the depth of the sea. Sierra Class has held power of Samson cruise missiles, with four torpedo tubes and Stallion anti-submarine missiles / Starfish.

Sierra Class submarine06. Trafalgar Class (United Kingdom)

In the top ten list of world-class powerful submarines Trafalgar Class placed sixth position, there are seven units of the submarine that build initially out of which six units are working. With unlimited range, Trafalgar has endurance level of 90 days, and it move with the speed of 30 knots on the water surface. Keeping in mind the holding capability it can take Harpoon anti-surface missiles, five torpedo tubes, Sonar 2076, Tomahawk cruise missiles and Spearfish torpedoes.

Trafalgar Class submarine05. Type 093 Shang Class (China)

After the deployment of five more units of Type 093 Shang Class, there will be eight units that will work with the Chinese Navy but currently there are only three units. It placed on 5th position in the list of top ten powerful submarines in the world. Along with unlimited range, the submarine has endurance time of eighty days, and it has speed of 35 knots to move below the surface of water. It has ability to carry six torpedo tubes and YJ-82 anti-ship missile.

Type 093 Shang Class submarine04. Astute Class (United Kingdom)

Astute Class is the most biggest and powerful submarine in the UK Navy to carry and fight with nuclear weapons and listed on 4th number on the list of powerful submarines globally. Keeping in mind the importance of this submarine the authorities plan to make more five units but at the time only one unit is active. Having unlimited range its endurance time is 90 days, and its moving speed is about 29 knots. Astute Class has ability to work efficiently against the pressurized water. The submarine armed with Harpoon anti-ship missiles, 38 torpedoes and Tomahawk cruise missiles.

Astute Class submarine03. Seawolf Class (United States)

On position 3 in the list of top 10 most powerful submarines in the world ‘Seawolf Class’ of USA placed, it is the latest version of Los Angeles class. There are only three units are working in the US Navy due to the exorbitant of its construction. Beneath the water, the submarine move with the speed of thirty-five knots and on the surface of water its speed is about eighteen knots. It has ability to carry eight torpedo tubes for fifty cruise missiles and torpedoes.

Seawolf Class submarine02. Akula II Class (Russia)

There are nine units of Akula II class are working in the Russian Navy while six units become useless now. Akula II stands on 2nd number on the list of top ten powerful submarines in the world with the speed of thirty-three knots under the water and twelve knots on the water surface. The submarine dressed with the technology against production of noise that depressed the US Navy badly. With the infinite range, the submarine has endurance time of 100 days and arm with four torpedo tubes to launch forty missiles or torpedoes. Instead of deploying missiles the submarine has ability to launch forty-two mines.

Akula II Class submarine01. Virginia Class (United States)

On the first place in the list of top ten, powerful submarines in the world Virginia Class of United States of America listed because of its latest technology. The submarine has technologies like infrared laser rangefinder, integrated Electronic Support Measures array, high-resolution cameras, infrared sensors and light intensification. At the time about seven units of Virginia Class are active in US Navy with the moving speed of 25 knots and infinite range with endurance level. Developers arm it with four bow tubes for Mk48 torpedoes and one hundred and nine Tomahawk due resist and fight against enemies in the sea.

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