Top Ten Powerful Families that are Ruling World


During the phase of brainstorming about Powerful Families, you may land yourself on the rich politicians, ambassadors, commanders, commodores and royal kings or queens. You will never end up to the conclusion of powerful and strongest families. Globally acknowledged, there exist some strong families that are ruling the world. They are so empowered, not in terms of governing the world on their fingers or triggering the weapons. Instead, they are successful with their deeds and tasks.

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Top Ten Powerful Families That Are Ruling World

The article aspires to make you realize the fact that power does not always lie with the money, status or designation; rather, it is more broad term than you could meditate. Here you will read about the top ten powerful families in the entire world to grasp the know-how of the reason for being such triumphant. Here is a list of 10 Powerful families that are ruling the whole world.

1.  Rothschild

Powerful Families Rothschild is declared to be the most powerful and richest family on the earth. They are the owner of mining giant known as “Rio Tinto”. In addition, they have a chunk of shares in Glenncore. They are the jury of financial giant known as “RIT Capital Partners”.

The history of this family can be better traced in 1798 when Amschel Rothschild (founder) went to England. From 18th century, they were initiated to become the wealthy family when they invaded into the banking industry. They are Jewish and gaining fame owing to their banking activities. In surplus, they are also the wine makers.

Today, they are affirmed to be the largest independent financial advisory group. As an employer, they are employing 2800 folks approximately within 40 countries worldwide.

2. Rupert

2 RupertAs the bigger contracts arise from the minor ones, similar is the case with Rupert family. In 1941, the family took the minor step by launching small cigarette company. From this micro-investment, presently they are turned into the owner of billion dollar corporate empire.

Within their conglomerate, they use the luxury brands including Dunhill, Monte Blanc and Cartier. Additionally, they are the holder of an investment group called “Remgro”. Besides, they are running the business of wine production. This venture has made them capture the 80% of South African’s wine market. It is worthy to note that they are operating this business with the Rothschild as their partners. In making them landlord, the ownership of Medication chain of private hospitals has played a significant role.

3. Genovese

3 GenovesSurrounded by the mob families in East Cost, Genovese is the most powerful one of all. Lucky Luciano built the foundation of this family in 20th century. Since then, they are extending their control on the crime from New York to Chicago. Thus, they are well acknowledged among the five families that govern the organized crime actions. They are the proprietor of Casino chains in Las Vegas that is considered to be a substantial one. The family has tied its knot with numerous small companies that are involved in organizing crime.

 4. McMahon

3 McMahonThis family engaged in the business of wrestling. We might see the professional wrestling as nothing but McMahon has approached this entertainment and twisted it into a billion dollar enterprise. They initiated a company named “World Wrestling Entertainment” and brought it to the high peaks that currently it has gloved up the competitors such as ECW and WCW.

It is an American family that succeeded in promoting the entertainment industry. Vince McMahon serves as the Chairman of WWE.

5. Astor

AstorIn New York, there are certain streets, suburbs and buildings that named as “Astor” or “Astoria”. Certainly, it is due to the Astor family as they are appraised to be the landlord of New York country. They offered with the duty of building residential areas, public library and lots of hotels in the country.

In 18th century, they took the first node of a fur business. Soon, they began to invest in real estate. Crossing the pond, they achieved a seat in British House of Commons. They were rewarded with the noble titles. Today, the family is well known for a real estate venture with fur background.

 6. Capetian

captionThe largest family of Europeans is Capetian. It also named as “House of France”. It named so because 40 French rulers penetrated from within their blood. Now, France is converted into a Republic. Hence, it is no more in dominion.

The dynasty derived from the name of its founder i.e.: Hugh Capet”. It is counted in the European ancient royal families.

7. Porsche

porscheCurrently, the head of Porsche is Ferdinand Peich. Porsche is the multinational company of dream sports cars owned by one family alone. On the other side, Piech’s wife became the owner of Volkswagen. Evidently, the family owns two multinational companies but the time came in 2009 when their rank dropped to No. 13 from No. 3. It was due to the decline of $ 16 billion of their wealth in pursuing of raking over the Volkswagen.

 8. Rockefeller

rockefellerHonestly speaking, none of the list of rich families is completed without Rockefeller. This family jerked its venture of an oil business in 19th century. Their authority over the entire industry was very tight. They are personified with the title of “king of the Oil Industry”. They have such a gigantic influence as their roots are engraved within the “JP Morgan Chase” financial institution.

 9.  Oppenheimer

oppenheimerIn respect of entire mineral wealth, this family can never be ignored to be ranked here. With the extensive percentage of mineral reserves, it deserves to be landed on this list. They are evolved with the huge owners of Anglo American and De Beers that supply the platinum, gold and diamond all around the world. The stupendous thing about this family is that it has sold the majority of shares of De Beers, hence launching the opportunity for local investors within their native boundary.

10. Tata

_tataWithin the second most populated county, Tata family is the cosmic employer serving privately. The initiated areas were real estates, manufacturing, construction, textiles and automobiles. Moreover, they captured the industry of airlines and energy plants too. The huge set of ventures was resulted from the few cotton mills in which the family invested its money formerly.

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