Top 10 Trending Christmas Gifts for Girl Friend


gift The most trending Christmas gift for the Girl Friend is Tutti Frutti Diamond bracelet. Christmas is the special occasion of Christians, and they celebrate it with zeal and zest. Everyone give gifts to their loved ones on Christmas.For Children Christmas is incomplete without a gift, they like the Christmas tree, Santa Claus, and toys. Everyone celebrate it in their way with the family, friends or girlfriends and choose the gifts according to their taste. There are many gifts you can buy on this occasion which reflects your love like clothes, shoes, jewelry, watches, Phones. If you want to buy Christmas gift for your girlfriend, then you are curious about the gift which should be given. Here you can read about Top 10 Trending Christmas Gifts for Girl Friend.

We have to make it easy for you to make a list of most trending gifts for friends on Christmas. It includes jewelry, clothes, shoes, glasses and makeup products. These all are best gifts for girls according to Christmas. We arrange this list according to the price of these gifts. Have a look on this list.

10. D&G X Friends Headphones – $250

10-dg-x-friends-headphonDolce and Gabbana are the famous brands of accessories in the world. They offer their different headphones for Christmas occasion. These first headphones studded with Swarovski crystals and pearls. It is the best Christmas gift you can give to your girlfriend because girls love the diamonds and crystals. Its features attract everyone, and these expensive headphones are available at Dolce and Gabbana store.

9. Red Emilia Cashmere travels set – $395

9-red-emilia-cashmere-travels-setCashmere travel set is cool Christmas gift, and its color is very suitable and calm with the winter season. It is a luxurious gift which your girlfriend can take on travel especially business women like this travel set very much. They take it for work trips and long journeys t different destinations. 100% pure cashmere used in the formation of this Red Emilia travel set.

8. Santa Maria Novella Face Kit – $435

8-santa-maria-novella-face-kitGirls are very conscious about their skin, and they love the beauty products. Girls always want a lot of different makeup products which make them beautiful. This Santa Maria Face Kit is the skin care product which makes your skin smooth and beautiful. It has moisturizing, exfoliating properties and protects the skin from damage. On this particular occasion, this daily skincare kit is the best choice for your girlfriend.

7. Stretchable Leather Lagging – $498

7-stretchable-leather-laggingGirls love to clothes and want to wear according to the occasion. If your girlfriend loves the fashionable dresses than this lagging is the best gift for them. It is a stylish and very comfortable gift for any girl. Stretchable Leather Lagging is stretchable and made of 100% lamb leather. It is the perfect gift at Christmas and for a winter season.

6. Dior Sunglasses – $515

6-dior-sunglassesSunglasses considered as fashion symbol in the society. It is the best choice while going to beach. Dior sunglasses is the perfect Christmas gift for your girlfriend, and these are not regular glasses These are available only at the Saks Fifth Avenue for price $515. These are available in different colors you can choose according to your girlfriend favorite color in these glasses. It is the best gift because it is available with many bonuses like the luxurious bag and if you buy online them, they offer you free shipment.

5. Loro Piana Leather Jacket – $10,695

5-loro-piana-leather-jacketChristmas season come in cold weather, and Loro Piana Leather jacket is the perfect gift for this occasion for a girlfriend. It was designed primarily for Christmas season and offered first time at Porter website. Loro Piana Leather Jacket is made of pure leather and has a luxurious look. It is the perfect combination with jeans and Burberry shirt for your girlfriend.

4. Diamond Encrusted Flash Drive – $36,900

4-diamond-encrusted-flash-driveFlash Drive is not considered a unique gift but this different flash drive make by Tech Savvy Designer. It has a mushroom shaped and encrusted with precious stones. Flash Drive has 32 GB storage space. It is the best gift for girlfriend due to diamonds and stones. Flash Drive is available in three colors with different prices. You can but pink sapphires, green emeralds, and red rubies for your girlfriend in this flash drive. It is useful Christmas gift for your girlfriend.

3. Solid-Gold High Heels – $2,30,000

3-solid-gold-high-heelsAfter clothes, shoes is the important part of women outfit. Girls want the matching shoes with their clothes. High heels shoes liked by most girls today which gives them an elegant look. A pair of Christopher Michael Shellis heels is the best gift for any girl. These shoes are made of solid gold and decorated with 2200 diamonds. This solid gold heel is the most expensive shoes in the world and best present for your girlfriend.

2. House of Creed Bespoke Fragrance Paris – $475,000

2-house-of-creed-bespoke-fragrance-parisPerfumes liked by everyone in the world either girl or boy. A unique fragrance is prepared in Paris by The House of Creed Bespoke for the Christmas. It comes in a bottle which makes 14 karat gold and its smell is very refreshing. House of Creed Bespoke Fragrance Paris is a luxurious fragrance with high price tag.

1. Tutti Frutti Diamond Bracelet – $300,000 – 500,000

Trending Christmas GiftsJewelry is the best gift for any girl. Girls wear the jewelry on parties, weddings, and any occasion. A unique deco art bracelet designed by Cartier was a brilliant piece of jewelry. It is called Tutti Frutti bracelet and on Christmas, this is an excellent gift for your girlfriend.

List of Top 10 Trending Christmas Gifts for Girl Friend

Sr. No Trending Christmas Gifts Price
1 Tutti Frutti Diamond Bracelet $300,000 – 500,000
2  House of Creed Bespoke fragrance Paris $475,000
3 Solid-Gold High Heels $230,000
4 Diamond Encrusted Flash Drive $36,900
5 Loro Piana Leather Jacket $10,695
6 Dior Glasses $515
7 Stretchable Leather Lagging $498
8 Santa Maria Novella Face Kit $435
9 Red Emilia Cashmere travel set $395
10 D&G X Frends Headphones $250


We conclude from this article these are fantastic gifts for girlfriend. However, some gifts are so much expensive and afford by rich boyfriends. But if you want to see happy your friend on this Christmas holiday surely you should choose a gift from this list. It will make happy and beautiful your occasion. I hope you like our suggestion.