What is Strongest Muscle in the Human Body


In the human body, three types of Muscles found: Cardiac, smooth and skeletal muscles. Heart makes by cardiac muscle and responsible for the strong contraction of the heart. Smooth muscles make the wall of the intestine, the uterus, blood vessels, and internal muscle of the eye. Skeletal muscles attach to the bones and some areas of the skin like face. Over 650- 800 muscles find in the human body. Here we will explain about the strongest muscle in human body.

What is Strongest Muscle in Human body?

Answer : Masseter

Strongest Muscle The Human Muscular system is very complex. When talking about strongest muscle different opinion found and other physiologist has a different view. There are different ways to measure strength, Absolute strength (maximum force), dynamic power ( repeated motions), elastic strength (exert force quickly) and strength endurance (withstand fatigue). Some people say tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body. The tongue does terrible work. The tongue is not a single muscle. It is made up of the group of muscles almost it is made up of 8 different muscles. Some say it is unyielding and flexible, it helps to chew food. The Tongue helps in pushing saliva down the throat.

Some people say heart have healthy muscle in a human because your life depends on this organ. That works all time without training. The Heart pumps out 2 ounces blood at every beat. The Heart pumps 2500 gallons of blood. Most people agree with this because when the heart does not work your life ends. Some people say strongest muscle is the largest muscle. And our body largest muscle is Gluteus Maximus. This muscle keeps your body straight when you moved around. This muscle helps us in walking up stairs.

One noteworthy muscle is the eyes superficial muscles. Some claim that they are 100 times more powerful than they need to be, these muscles work hard, even when you are reading a book an hour, your eyes make nearly 10,000 coordinated movements. These external muscles adjust the position of the eye at a point when your head is in motion.

If we define strength as the ability to exert the pressure, then the strongest muscle is the masseter muscle. This muscle bases on its weight. In Guinness Book of world Record mentions that strongest bite ever recorded was 975 pounds. Our jaw does not always work with this strength, but it can regularly 200 pounds of force on our molars during biting and chewing.

In the lower pelvic region the uterus muscles consider the strongest muscle because they contract to push a baby through the birth canal. Pituitary gland helps in this. The Pituitary gland secretes hormone oxytocin that stimulates the contractions.

Some people say muscle that can pull with the greatest force is the strongest muscle, and it is Soleus. It finds under the calf muscle. It helps us in walking, running and dancing. It pulls the against the force of gravity to keep the body upright. That is still debatable. But we can say that these all organs have the greatest muscle. The hardest working muscle is the heart, the strongest muscle based on its weight is the masseter. According to flexibility, the tongue is the strongest muscle. The muscle that can pull with the greatest force is the Soleus.

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