Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals Of The World To Visit


10-most-beautiful-capitals-of-the-world London is the most beautiful capital of the world that is a capital of the England. It is also one of an expensive city in the world. Every country has a capital which considered the most important city in the country. All important offices of a country situated in the capital. All official and political issues are handled here. Every capital of the world is considered the face of the nation. The capital design in the best way, as well as country capitals has natural breathtaking landscapes, stunning panoramic views, cultural and traditional city. Today, I will tell you about top 10 Most beautiful capitals of the world. These are very beautiful and well-developed capitals. These capitals are also the tourist attraction center and earn the large part of an economy. Given Below the top 10 most beautiful capitals to visit in 2017 and that look Stunning from all perspective.

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10. Athens – Greece

athens-greeceAthens is considered one of richest and beautiful capital of the world. Overall Greece is one of the most beautiful countries, But Athens its capital has breathtaking natural beauty. It gives very stunning atmosphere. Every year thousands of tourists come here and visit its beautiful natural place, ancient monuments, and artwork which famous all over the world.

9. Madrid – Spain

madrid-spainOne of most powerful and beautiful capital in the world. It is the home of many beautiful buildings and natural beauty. It has population 3.2 million, but still, it is pollution free and clean environment city. Madrid’s repositories of European art, Prado Museum’s work by Goya, Velazquez are enabled. Madrid is the capital of Spain so it is the center of political, economical, cultural city. Every year a large number of tourists come here and enjoy its beautiful sceneries.

8. Moscow – Russia

moscow-russiaRussia is a very developed country, and Moscow is the beautiful capital city of it. It has a large number of stunning buildings and natural beauty. Moscow is the home of 12.2 million inhabitants and also the home of many billionaires people. Moscow is also the ninth most expensive city in the world. There are many historical views for tourists like Saint Basil’s Cathedral, which is a most crucial attraction of all the time. There are many magnificent attractions such as the Moscow Art Theatre, Lenkom theater, Monument to Alexander II, Golden Ring Hotel, Russia Tower and many more breathtaking destinations.

7. Ottawa – Canada

ottawa-canadaOttawa is one of most stunning and eye-catching city which located on the South Bank of the Ottawa river. It has fascinating natural beauty and wealthy atmosphere. Ottawa is also the political and technological center of Canada. This fourth highly populated city of Canada has an excellent research study, research that’s why students come from all over the world to study. It is one of the best destinations for vacations. You can see many historical and natural landmarks here like Canadian Parliament, Rideau Canal, National Gallery of Canada, the Byward Market, and Ottawa off the beaten Path.

6. Tokyo – Japan

tokyo-japanTokyo is one of the beautiful and advanced cities of the world. It is famous as “metropolitan state” due to its largest metropolitan area in the world. Tokyo is considered an incredibly secure, expensive, alpha world city. You also find many youth fashion stores, delicious foods and arts. There are many prestigious universities, buildings, architecture, and volcanic islands such as the National Museum of Emerging Science, Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, and Innovation Bunkyo Civic Center, and Roppongi Hills Mori Tower. People visit this one of the most beautiful capitals in vacations.

5. The Washington – United States of America

the-washington-united-states-of-americaWashington is called District of Columbia and the capital of the United States. It is famous all over the world. It is one of wonderful, busiest, beautiful landmark capital. The life in Washington is full ambitious and energetic. People love to this beautiful capital due to its natural greenery. Besides natural beauty, there are many beautiful government landmarks such as Anderson House, Christian Heurich Mansion, DAR Museum Hillwood Estate, Gardens &Museum.

4. Paris – France

Beautiful CapitalsEiffel Tower city Paris is the dream of everyone. This Eiffel Tower was designed in 1889 and called World’s tallest monument. It is one of the biggest political, financial, scientific, and commercial city in France. Paris is also considered the center of fashion, science, arts, commerce, and finance. Paris is earning a large part of the economy through tourism. People love to spend vacations here. There are many beautiful sites like Louvre Museum, Disneyland Paris, Centre Georges Pompidou, National Museum histories naturally and most important Eiffel Tower.

3. Berlin – Germany

berlin-germanyBerlin is the capital of Germany as well as the largest city. It has the massive population of approximately 3.5 million. This capital is famous for its convention revenue, research facilities, service sector, the wide range of creative industries. Berlin is mostly tourists attracted place of Europe and earns the large part of the economy by the tourism industry. There are many beautiful nature landmarks like parks, gardens, lakes, forests, and rivers. This city is referred as science, culture, technology, politics, and entertainment. Berlin is the home of popular industries, universities, research organizations, museums etc.

2. Islamabad – Pakistan

islamabad-pakistanThe second most beautiful capital is Islamabad, which famous for its natural beauty, fascination, and attractive buildings. It is the highly developed city which has over 2 million population. The environment of this beautiful city is very clean, calm, peaceful, fresh, fine looking, dirt free and stunning. Mostly foreign diplomats, politicians, and administration employees are living here. People visit this beautiful city due to its adorable beauty, green lands, and much more. The capital of Pakistan has many attractions like Faisal Mosque, the parliament of Pakistan, Pakistan monument, Rawal Lake View Park etc.

1. London – England

london-englandLondon is the most beautiful city in the world that is the capital of England. This most beautiful capital is also strongest economical sites of the British Empire. It is the really beautiful city of the world and considered the most prominent city for Commerce, Arts, Entertainment, Specialized services, research, development, and tourism. London has become World’s most traveled cities. There are many large buildings, but natural scenes are breathtaking. The most attractive destinations in London are Palace of Westminster, Greenwich, Tower of London, Kew Gardens, and Westminster Abbey. Different cultures people are living here and over 300 languages spoken in London.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Capitals in the World to Visit in 2017 at a Glance

Sr. No Most Beautiful Capitals Country
1 London England
2 Islamabad Pakistan
3 Berlin Germany
4 Paris France
5 Washington United States of America
6 Tokyo Japan
7 Ottawa Canada
8 Moscow Russia
9 Madrid Spain
10 Athens Greece


We conclude from the article Capital is the major city of the country where all political and important issues solved out. Here in the above list top, 10 most beautiful capitals are described. These capitals are well decorated and best in every field like political & economic. All these capitals are the tourist attraction places thousands of people visit and see their beautiful lands.