Top 10 Best and Amazing Aviation Museum


Amazing Aviation Museum The world first aircraft is Wright Flyer made by Wright Brothers, but with a passage of time Aviation system became more advance and advance in the world. Today we discuss the top 10 amazing aviation museum in the world. These museum looks unique as compared to others museum and these aviation museums are the source of information about any country aviation history as well as they provide fun to visitors. These museums display many new and old aircraft, planes, spy planes, and these museum are very interactive for the person who interest in military, air force. Here is a list of top 10 best and fantastic amazing aviation museum in the world.

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10. The Pima Air & Space Museum Arizona

10 The Pima Air & Space Museum Arizona'One of the largest aviation museums is established in Tucson Arizona in 1976.It is non-funded government largest aviation museum spread over 127 acres of area. This museum is a collection of 300 aircraft and spacecraft, above 125,000 artifacts. You can find the smallest biplane of world Bumble Bee here and SR-71 Blackbird is also present in this fantastic museum which is a spy plane. The plane used by John F.Kennedy and President Nixon and Johnson aircraft was also displayed in this museum. You can see every piece of this aviation museum without any barrier. The museum is home to the Arizona Aviation Hall of Fame.

9. Central Air Force Museum, Monino, Russia

9 Central Air Force Museum, Monino, RussiaCentral Air Force Museum located at Monino Airfield was founded in 1958. It is one of the largest museum of the world with 173 aircraft. It was opened for public in 1999. It provides the visitors a brief history of the evolution of aviation in Russia. Its major items include Tu-142 bombers, Sukhoi planes, Tu-14 supersonic passenger plane and Petlyakov -2 bombers. However various spy equipment, weapons are also on display.

8.The Canada Aviation and Space Museum
Ottawa Canada

8 The Canada Aviation and Space MuseumThis museum was established in 1964 at Ottawa airport, a capital of Canada. This museum has an international reputation and has most expensive collections of world’s aircraft. This Aviation and Space Museum display three type of collections

1.Military aircraft from the first-world war
2.Royal Canadian Air Forces
3.Early aircraft manufacturers in Canada

Museum has 130 crafts from all over the world. Most prominent are the Vintage bush-planes from the 1920s and Canada’s military aircraft which took part in world wars. Visitors of this great museum enjoy textual and visual information as well.

7. The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum New York

7 The Intrepid Sea, Air&Space Museum NewYorkThis museum was founded in 1982 and visited more than one million visitors. It only one museum where visitors can increase your knowledge about the World’s fastest jets, Cold War-era submarine, and a first space shuttle. Advance technology, history, and innovative ideas are used in this museum to produce the future leader in science, math, engineering, and technology. This museum is an inspiration for the youth.

6. State Aviation Museum of Ukraine, Kiev

6 State Aviation Museum of Ukraine, KievIt is one of the world largest display of aviation technology museum build in 2003. It established near Zhulyany Airport, Ukraine and operated by Ukraine’s National Aviation University. This museum is also a site for education and training for students. It exhibit above 70 aircraft used by the Soviet Union and later served the Ukraine. World’s first jet airline Tupolev-104 is the source of great attraction for visitors whose first fight is from Moscow to Irkutsk. Other things in the display for the visitors give them a real experience of riding an aircraft which is the best thing for people. Missile carrier Tu-22M and various naval aircraft are present in this museum for world tourists.

5. China Aviation Museum Beijing

5 China Aviation Museum BeijingOne of the best aviation museums in Asia hosts more than 200 aircraft. It was build in 1989 and present near the Xiao Tang Hill. This China aviation museum has kept attraction for the visitors more because more part of the museum is present inside a cave which is a part of China Shane airbase.Word War II aircraft are presented in an exhibition. Here you can see the some extraordinary aircraft which is not present in any West museum. Other prominent aircraft includes Chinese Premier Mao personal planes and the replica of Wright Fl yer”.

4. French Air and Space Museum Le Bourget

4 French Air and Space Museum Le BourgetIt was opened in 1919 and famous aviation museum of European Mainland located at Bourget airport. Bourget is famous and oldest airport of France where Charles Lindberg landed his plane after completing the 33 hours flight journey. This best museum host only the White Bird. White bird-aircraft was used by Charles Nungesser and Francois Coli in 1927 for their first trans-Atlantic flight from Pairs to New York, but unfortunately, both were never seen again. It covers 1.6 million square feet and 20,000 pieces are exhibited there including missiles, rockets, two Concords, gliders and 150 aircraft.

3. National Museum of United Air Force Ohio, United States

North American P-51DOne of the largest and oldest military aviation museum based in Ohio, United States. Known as one of the official museums of US air force opened in 1923. Managing editor at the Aviation Historian Michael Oakey reported that Museum is so large it took at least one day to visit it all, has 17 acres of indoor display space which spread around the several buildings and hangers and for its large aircraft additional outdoor display area is present. It gives the history of Air force, and its presentations are adorable and extraordinary.

It housed 360 air crafts and numerous others which make it the biggest collection of air crafts in the world. Boeing VC-137C is the keystone of this National Museum of US Air Force also known as SAM 26000. This aircraft was serving the Air Force and took the President John F. Kennedy when he was shot. Bomber B-29 Super-fortress has also kept attraction for the visitors due to its relation with unforgettable Nagasaki incident. CA36 bomber and SPAD XIII also unveiled in front of guests in early years. This amazing museum display the U.S army first heavy bomber in World War II gallery named as B-17 F “Memphis Belle”. This museum has been visited more than one million people every year.

2. Imperial War Museum Duxford, Britain

2 Imperial War Museum Duxford, BritainIt is one of the largest aviation museum in Britain opened in 1977. A training site for royal flying corps in1917 and till 1961 it was the military airfield. It is well known for its WWII and WWI planes collection. Museum has military vehicles and 200 aircraft.You can see the Me 109s. P-51 aircraft and B-17s are regularly flying here other than the special occasion. Various British Army regiments are housed in this imperial war museum. Duxford host air shows and an active airfield yet. The air shows present in summer with zippy, acrobatic displays from iconic aircraft are considered best in all over the world. Visitors can enjoy flying lessons in vintage Warbird T6 Harvard.

1. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Washington D.C

1 Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Washington D.CWorld best and fantastic aviation museum is located at National Mall, Washington. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum opened in 1946. This museum has the largest collection of aviation and space aircraft in the world. This museum arranged exhibitions on aviation and space exploration for visitors. It is one of the most visited aviation museum in the world and every year almost 8 million people visited this fantastic place. The world’s first airplane “Wright Fl yer” which made its flight in 1903 at Kitty Hawk and the Appolo 11 command module “Columbia” which used to return Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins, and Neil Armstrong home after the world’s first moon walk are also part of this museum. However many others spacecraft and aircraft also in the display including SpaceshipOne and Spirit of St, Louis. This excellent museum brief the visitors about the history of aviation by 14,000 videos, 60,000 exhibits, and 2 million photographs. Did you know the bomber which dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima during World War II also showcased in Smithsonian museum? The museum opened a companion facility in 2003 at Dulles International Airport named Steven F. Udvar-Hazy.

List of Top Ten Most Amazing Aviation Museum at a Glance

Rank Museum Name Established in
1. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Washington D.C 1946
2. Imperial War Museum Duxford, Britain 1977
3. National Museum of United Air Force Ohio, United States 1923
4. French Air and Space Museum Le Bourget 1919
5. China Aviation Museum Beijing 1989
6. State Aviation Museum of Ukraine, Kiev 2003
7. The Intrepid Sea, Air&Space Museum NewYork  1982
8. The Canada Aviation and Space Museum
Ottawa Canada
9. Central Air Force Museum, Monino, Russia 1958
10. The Pima Air & Space Museum Arizona 1976


Hopefully you have found this article informative. When you visit any country then do not forget to visit these fantastic museums. This museum provides fun, entertainment, and knowledge. Give your feedback about this article. If you know about any other amazing aviation museum, share with us.