Top 10 Most Attractive Black Beaches in the World


beach The Most Attractive Black Beach in the world is Vika Beach, Iceland. Beach is an excellent place for tourists in the world. There are many beaches in the world. Their sand has the different color like pink, golden, white. But some beaches in the world have black sand and looks beautiful. These beaches are located near a volcano and lava of volcano give the dark sand color. However may other things contribute to the black color of sand like dangerous things and war remnants. Many of these black beaches provide the fantastic view and water sports activities. Like other color beaches, black color beaches has its attraction. Many people enjoy the nightlife on these beaches. There are many black beaches in the world. Here is detailed information on Top 10 Most Attractive Black Beaches in the World. Most of the beaches located in warm places in the world.

10. Cahuita Beach, Costa Rica

10 Cahuita Beach, Costa RicaCahuita Beach is the world famous black beach. It was situated on the Caribbean Cost of Costa Rica and outlines the small city of Cahuita. It covers the 40km south of Puerto Limon. It was also known as Playa Negra, and it has been honored with the Ecological Blue Flag many times. It has great attraction for tourists of this city due to black sand factor. It is famous in country beaches because 200 volcanoes formation which gives black color to the sand.

9. Piha Beach, New Zealand

9 Piha Beach, New ZealandPiha Beach is a well-known surfing beach in the world. It is located about 40 km from the Auckland city on the west coast of Northern Island in New Zealand. It is famous for its burning black sand. Sand burns your feet, especially in summer. Sand consist of high amount of iron, so it is also called the black iron beach.  You found a great attraction for those who roll its way over the Tasman Sea. Volcano origin of sand also contributes to its black color.

8. Kamari Beach, Greece

8Kamari Beach located in the southern part of Santorini island. This island is the part of Cyclades archipelago of Greece. It is noteworthy black beaches in the world because its covered in shingles and sand. This beach is a kind of resort has been honored with Blue Flag. On one side beach spreads under the Mesa Vouno mountain which gives a fantastic view of the eyes. The water is dark blue and black sand enhanced its beauty. It also provides many facilities to the tourists for nightlife like sunbeds, Umbrellas, cafes, restaurants. You can also enjoy water sports there.

7. Santo Domingo Beach, Albay

7 Santo Domingo Beach, AlbayThe Philippines is the country which is famous in the world because many color sand beaches from golden to jet-black. However, black beaches are rare in this area. So Santo Domingo Beach is purest and finest beach in this area. It formed as a result of Mayon Volcano activities in the region of Santo Domingo, Albay. This black beach attracted the tourists because crystal clear water, black swath, blue skies and looming Mt. Mayon. The dark color of the sand is the result of natural erosion of strong volcano rocks.

6. Black Sand Beach, California

6 Black Sand Beach, CaliforniaThe coastline of California spread over the 1,100 miles. There are many black beaches in this area. One of them is most beautiful and easily accessible Black Sand beach. It is situated on the lost coast California in Humboldt country. Black Sand Beach covered with pebbles of black color which make it unique among black beaches. Beautiful flowers and plants give an amazing look.

5. Black Sand Beach, Alaska’s

5 Black Sand Beach, Alaska'sBlack Sand Beach, Alaska’s found in the Prince William Sound Alaska’s. It is most famous in the world. And It is the best place for the Sea Kayakers during summer. This is cold black beach because mountains prevent the winds. Most of the year icebergs deposited. From 5 minutes walk, you can find the huge rock of Coxe Glacier. it has worth to see and if you planned to visit take warm clothes with them.

4. LangKawi Island, Malaysia

4 LangKawi Island, MalaysiaLangKawi Island, Malaysia has the amazing amalgam of white and black sand. This sand always gives the scientist a tough time, How it formed. Some expert believes that this sand is the result of a war remnants between the Roman Prince and Garuda. The combination of sand give the beach a streaky look and has great attraction for tourists. This beach on the island is a major spot for many activities for people.

3. Thiruvambadi Beach, India

3 Thiruvambadi Beach, IndiaThiruvambadi Beach located on North Varkala, which is a small town of Kerala India. Varkala is known as a hidden gem, and this beach is a less famous black beach in the world. It is the best and beautiful in the India and the world. People give the name black beach affectionately. Black sand covers with a radioactive substance. This black beach found near a coconut grove. It is one of the cleanest black beaches in the world.

2. Point Venus, Tahiti

2 Point Venus, TahitiTahiti is the biggest French Polynesian Island, and Point Venus Beach located on this island near Papeete. Point Venus named by the name of Capt James Cook, who saw the transit of Venus between the beach and river from some point. Gorgeous tropical vegetation surrounds this spectacular beach. The green color with black sand presents a fantastic look to the viewers. Point Venus has also contains Radisson Plaza for its tourists. The view is simply mind blowing.

1. Vik Beach, Iceland

Attractive Black BeachesVik Beach in Iceland is the best black beach in the world. It came in the path of Katla Volcano and beneath the myrdalsjokull glacier. The black color of the sand is because of the lava that directly pour int the beach. The black basalt archways and Reynisfjall (sea stacks) added an aura to its mystery. This beach has worth to visit it. Vik Beach also entertained cold and wild winds and clown-billed puffins.

List of Top 10 Most Attractive Black Beaches in the World

Sr. no Attractive Black Beaches Location
1 Vika Iceland
2 Point Venus Tahiti
3 Thiruvambadi India
4 LangKawi Island Malaysia
5 Black Sand Beach Prince William Sound Alaska’s
6 Black sand Beach California
7 Santo Domingo Albay
8 Kamari New Zealand
9 Piha Greece
10 Cahuita Cost Rica


The above mentioned black beaches are the beautiful beaches among many black beaches. These beaches entertain their viewers, tourists by giving them a serene and amazing look. Their black sand gives the water of beach a charming look. Every beach sand has its story of formation which makes it a dark beach. Visiting these beaches will be a great experience for all of us.