10 Most Beautiful & Largest Birds in the World


Beautiful & Largest Birds Do you like birds? Here you can get some very interesting information about 10 most beautiful & largest birds in the world. Birds are a natural beauty, and in the world, God Created different kinds of birds. In these birds, some have enormous, and some are small. They are adorable, and everyone amazes to see their beauty. There are many largest birds in the world, but Ostrich is the number one largest bird in the world which has height 6 feet 9 inches.

These 10 beautiful & largest birds have massive speed, and they can easily migrate from one place to another. Some of them found in specific areas, but some are those which you can see everywhere. Hope you will find this article fascinating especially those who love birds.

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10. King Penguin – 3 feet

king-penguinKing Penguin is another largest type of Penguin which stands up to 3 feet.  King Penguin has maximum weigh 20kg and can grow up to 1 meter tall. King Penguin like to eat Krill, small fish, and other small sea animals. It is a social bird, and they help each other in freezing climate. They can dive in the sea to a depth of 100 meters and highest dive recorded is 300 meters. They always found in Antarctic and the sun Antarctic island.

9. Dwarf Cassowary – 3.4 feet

dwarf-cassowaryThe other name of Swarf Cassowary is Bennett’s Cassowary, mountain cassowary, and small cassowary. It mostly found in New Guinea’s mountain forests, Yapen Island, and New Britain. The maximum weight of this bird may be 34 kg as well as total length 3.4. The main feed of Dwarf Cassowary are insects, small animals, and fallen fruits. They run up with the top speed of 48km/h.

8. Emperor Penguins – 3.7 feet

emperor-penguinsEmperor Penguins is one of most beautiful and tallest bird in the world as well as largest and heaviest species of penguin. You can see this bird only in Antarctica. The maximum weight of emperor penguin is 46kg in which more than half is fat. Actually, due to large body mass Emperor penguins survive in winter of Antarctica.

The average height of this bird is 3 feet 7 inches and can travel up to 80 km for food. Fishes, squids, kills are the main diet of the emperor penguin. The back and head of this beautiful bird covered with the black waterproof feathers which help to consume more heat from sunlight. They alive almost 20 years but in ideal condition, penguins can survive up to 50 years

7. Great Bustard – 3.8 feet

great-bustardGreat Bustard is not only the largest bird, but this is the heaviest flying bird also. The maximum weight can be 21 kg and has wingspan 2.4 meters. The height of great bustard is 3 feet 8 inches. They are omnivores and take a different kind of food in different season, and that food helps them to live up to 10 years. The upper and tail portion cover with the brown and black wing and this look make them perfect beauty.

6. Greater Rhea – 4.5 feet

greater-rheaGreat Rhea is the native of South America and Great Rhea can easily found in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia. This tallest bird stands up to 4.1 ft to 4.5 and has maximum weigh up to 40 kg. It’s larger wings help them in changing direction during running. Greater Rhea mainly found in Grass and Wetlands and the diet consists of insects, lizards, and other small birds. In the nest can be found more than 50 eggs.

5. Kori Bustard – 5 feet

kori-bustardKori Bustard is also a largest flying bird in the world which stand up to 5 feet long. Male Kori Bustard is greater in size than female and wingspan can measure up to 9 feet. Lizards, snakes, seeds, and berries  included in the Kori bustard diet. This bird spends much time in searching for insects in grasslands.

4. Southern Cassowary – 5.1 feet

southern-cassowarySouthern Cassowary is the native of Indonesia and Australian rain forest. This second largest bird is also known as Double Wattled Cassowary. The height of this world almost 5 feet 1 inch and average mass 45kg and maximum 85kg. The female bird lay 8 to 10 dark and large eggs in the summer season. Then these eggs incubated by males for more than 50 days.

3. Emu – 5.9 feet

emuEmu is one of the largest Australian bird in the world which stand up to a height 5 feet 9 inches feet. Emu mostly live in woodlands, savannas, and other forest ranges of Australia. The maximum weight of emu is 70kg. The diet of emu consists of Fruit, seed, insects, lizard, and some dead creatures. Emu nest contains almost 8 to 10 eggs and their eggs are in dark green color and one egg weighs up to 1 pound.

2. Dalmatian Pelican – 6 feet

Pelecanus crispus (Dalmatian Pelican - Krauskopfpelikan)Dalmatian Pelican is one of largest and heaviest flying bird in the world Mainly they found in Europe and South Asia. The length can grow up to 6 feet and has the weight between 12 and 14 kg. They have resemblance with great white pelicans but larger in size. The diet of Dalmatian Pelican consists of Fishes and can eat up to 2 kg fish, catfish, eels, and European perch included in their diet

1. Ostrich – 6.9 feet

ostrichOstrich is the largest bird in the world which weighs up to 150 kilograms and height 6 feet 9 inches. The average mass of Ostrich in the male is 115kilograms and in female 100kg. Ostrich run fast due to its long legs and feet also help for attacking the predators. The maximum speed at which Ostrich run 70km/hr. Ostrich is an African bird but also found in America and Australia. Ostrich like to live in a group which contains at least 10 to 15 birds. The egg of ostrich has diameter 5.1 inches as well as weight 1.4kg.

List of 10 Most Beautiful & Largest Birds in the World

Sr. No Most Beautiful & Largest Birds
1 Ostrich 6 feet 9 inches
2 Dalmatian Pelican 6 feet
3 Emu 5 feet 9 inches
4 Southern Cassowary 5 feet 1 inch
5 Kori Bustard 5 feet
6 Greater Rhea 4 feet 5 inches
7 Great Bustard 3 feet 8 inches
8 Emperor penguins 3 feet 7 inches
9 Dwarf Cassowary 3 feet 4 inches


We conclude from this article birds are the beauty of nature. We see many time largest animals, but some bird has also largest size. But they are not available every year. Their size and beauty amaze everyone when to see these most abundant birds.