Top 10 Most Beautiful Muslim Women in 2016-2017


Most Beautiful Muslim Women Reham Khan is the most beautiful Muslim woman in 2016. She has eye-catching personality and well known as the wife of Imran Khan, but now she divorced. She has worked with two News channel BBC News and Dawn News. Today we will tell you about top 10 most beautiful Muslim women in 2016-2017. No Doubt Muslim women are beautiful but first you should read about what are Top 10 most beautiful girls in all over the world in 2016 & 2017. And also must read article on prettiest women of all time.

Beauty is the power of every women and beauty inspires everyone. In ancient time Women have no right to speak, but now women are more creative than men. They make their name in every field of life. There are many beautiful women in the world; some women have fair skin, and some have golden skin. In the world, many Muslim Women inspire with their beauty, height and figure. These Muslim women are not only popular due to their beauty but also their achievements and social works. So have a look and enjoy this article.

10. Leila Bekhti

10. Leila BekhtiLeila Bakhtin is a famous French film, and television actress and her husband is also a French actor. She was born on March 1984 in Algerian family. She is also called brown beauty and well known for her beautiful eyes expression. Leila Bekhti became very famous for her performance in Paris Je t time and Tout de Qui Brille. She won Most Promising Actress Award for her excellent performance in Ce Qui Brille. Leila Bekhti also received  Best Actress Award for her impressive role in Rachid Hami. She is very tall, self-made and confident lady. Before starting her career, she was worked in telemarketing and at cloth shop. In 2011 she signed with famous cosmetic brand L’Oreal for promotion.

9. Donia Samir Ghanem

9. Donia Samir GhanemDonia Samir is an Egyptian actress and famous film star. She belongs to artists family like her father Samir Ghanem is a comedian and her sister Emy is a young star. She began her career at very early age. Donia Samir is a heart touching singer and outspoken anchor, who has done work on many talk shows. She is high fashion personality, and women copy her style.

8. Rana Al Haddad

8. Rana Al HaddadRana Al Haddad is very talented, beautiful and inspiring woman. She belongs to Yemen and famous singer, and attractive model. She has the perfect figure and deep eyes. Her personality is very confident and mesmerizes to everyone.

7. Mehjabin Chowdhury

7. Mehjabin ChowdhuryMehjabin is beautiful as like as her name; she is gorgeous Bangladeshi actress and model. She was born in Chittagong city in Bangladesh. Mehjabin has done work in serials, commercials, and movies. In 2009 she got LUX STYLE AWARD for the most beautiful woman. She has been signed with many different brands like Pepsi, LUX, D’Demas.

6. Mezhgan Hussainy

6. Mezhgan HussainyMezhgan Hussainy is talented, attractive, and lovely Afghani beauty. She belongs to Afghanistan and six beautiful Muslim Women in 2016. Mezhgan Hussainy is not only popular in Afghanistan, but she also got fame in America through American Idol and X Factor. She has been in a relationship with Simon Cowell who is a judge on X Factor.

5. Bahareh Kian Afshar

5. Bahareh Kian AfsharBahareh Kian Afshar is very innocent and inspiring Irani Lady who is on the 5th position in the list of top 10 most beautiful Muslim women in the world. She is the famous actress and looks very humble and decent lady. Her dressing makes her unique; she is well known for her headscarf and innocent smile. Her performance in two movies are impressive and admirable, Nowhere No Body and the Sinners.

4. Maryam Uzerli

4. Maryam UzerliMaryam Uzerli is the most good looking and a charming, beautiful Muslim woman. She is a famous actress and well known for her work. But she got more fame after her work in Muhtesem yu yin as Hurrem Sultan. The beautiful actress was born on August 12 the, 1983 and grow up in Kassel. Her eyes are very beautiful, and everyone inspires with her personality. He won many awards like Golden Butterfly Award.

3. Nawal Al Zoghbi

3. Nawal Al ZoghbiNawal Al Zoghbi is the 3rd most beautiful Muslim woman and she is famous for her beautiful voice because she is the popular singer of Lebanese.  She is born on June 29, 1972, in Jal El Dib, Lebanon. Attractive, talented Nawal Al Zoghbi has huge fans in Arab countries. She has worked in many International Advertisement campaigns such as Classy Lenses, Baja Bags, and LG. She received many national and international awards due to her talent in which Best Female Singer Award in Arab countries, Best Female singer in Lebanon, Lions Award in Jordan and Lebanon, First Arabic singer award, Best singer in UAE, and Best Album Award in Dubai included.

2. Rania Al Abdullah

2. Rania Al AbdullahRania Al Abdullah is the second most beautiful women in the world. She is the Queen of Jordan and born on 31st August 1970 in Kuwait. She got fame for her promotional work for Youth, heath, education, finance, and community. The efforts of this motivated woman are appreciable. You can see her and her efforts through social media because she is the regular user of social media like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, etc.

1. Reham Khan

1. Reham KhanReham Khan is the most beautiful Muslim women, and everyone knows about her. She is the famous journalist, and she was a wife of famous politician and cricketer Imran Khan. Reham Khan parents belong to Pakistan then they migrated to Libya, and Reham was born there in 1973. She has done work with Two News Channel BBC News and Dawn News. Her personality is very gorgeous and eye catching. She firmly belief on the idea of dignity and freedom of women.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Muslim Women in 2016-2017

Sr. No Beautiful Muslim Women
1 Reham Khan
2 Rania Al Abdullah
3 Nawal Al Zoghbi
4 Maryam Uzerli
5 Bahareh Kian Afshar
6 Mezhgan Hussainy
7 Mehjabin Chowdhury
8 Rana Al Haddad
9 Donia Samir Ghanem
10 Leila Bekhti




We conclude from this article Muslim Women compete with other women in the world. Muslim women are admirable and make their name in every Field of life. They have gorgeous, talented, and brave personality. Everyone inspire with the beauty of Muslim Women.