Top 10 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas For Newly Married Girls


10-best-anniversary-gift-ideas-for-girls-newly-married When you are planning for an anniversary gift for your wife then you need to do something surprising. The first thing that appeals and impress her is a surprise, and she likes to be shocked. So pick a gift which she isn’t expecting from you. A surprise gift doesn’t mean that it should be costly, you can either buy a cheap gift. It depends upon her nature. Every woman has a different taste, different likes, and dislikes. Here we are talking about Top 10 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas For Newly Married Girls . Whether she is an adventures type of women or a homemaker, she would love to get these gifts from her husband.

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10. White Lily and Red Roses Bouquet

white-lily-and-red-roses-bouquetOne of the best and most romantic anniversary gifts for women is flowers. The beautiful combination of red and white, Roses and Lilies can recharge her. The enchanted fragrance will turn her mood. White lily symbolizes youth, wealth while red roses symbolize love, affection. A bouquet is not just a bunch of flower, but it is a silent promise. A pledge to be affectionate with each other whole life. Nothing can show one’s feelings and emotions better than flowers.

9. Collectible Items

collectible-itemsSome women are very keen to keep beautiful items in their collection. If your wife is interested in this hobby, then you can quickly pick a wonderful anniversary gift for her. It can be a crystal figurine, painting, snow globes, unique timepieces, dinnerware or seashell crafts. It either can be a book by her favorite author or poet or a record from 19th or 20th century’s spell. You just need to have a little knowledge of her interests and hobbies, and you will find a perfect gift for her.

8. Oud Royal – Giorgio Armani

Anniversary Gift IdeasThe combination of light Oud, Amber and Floral notes in this fragrance, leans it towards a feminine smell. A balanced and light smell is a women’s first choice in fragrance. Oud (Aloeswood) found in Aquilaria trees. Oud is the expensive and most expensive fragrance in the World. It is also the rarest smell in the World. Armani Prive Oud Royal launched in November 2010 is inspired by Arabian one thousand and one nights. It is a decent choice as an anniversary gift for your wife.

7. A Handbag

a-handbagA designer handbag can be an excellent thought for an anniversary gift. One of a girl’s most useful accessory is a handbag. No matter if she has a full closet of designer handbags, she’ll never say no to buy another one. There is a broad range of handbag brands, and you can buy. The thing you should consider while buying a handbag is her taste, favorite colors, style and stuff of bag. Marc Jacob, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Juicy Couture and Jimmy Choo are some of the most famous brands of handbags in between women around the globe.

6. Sterling Silver Pendant

sterling-silver-pendantSome women prefer silver jewelry. Buy a heart shape Sterling silver necklace with a heart-shaped sapphire, to make her feel your emotions and love. Let her feel how much she is important for you. Dazzle her with the anniversary gift of precious Gemstone plated in Silver. The gemstone is a very popular and affordable choice in jewelry. You can choose a Sapphire, either you can select her birthstone.

5. A Dress

a-dressOne thing to remember that women can never avoid shopping clothes, whether she need more or not. Women are very fond of shopping for new designer clothes. There is much top most expensive as well as expensive brands for clothing as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Lous Vuitton, Armani, Channel, Parada and so on. Also if you are looking for an expensive dress you can go with Swarovski Dirndl dress made in Germany. Dress is a top most priority accessory in a women’s life. It can be the best anniversary gift for her.

4. Invicta 5377 ‘Angel’ Watches

invicta-5377-angel-watchesDiamond-Accented Women’s Watches are again a kind of gift you can choose for your women on any occasion. Women love beautiful bracelet watches. Invicta Women’s 5377 Square Angel Diamond watch is a stunning feminine watch. In just $100 price, stainless steel case with silver tone build, it is an ideal anniversary gift for every girl and Women. It has a decent and stunning design. And it is water resistant, so this woman watch is durable to flaunt it everywhere.

3. A Holiday Trip

a-holiday-tripYou have to plan a weekend trip to a beautiful, romantic Island with your wife as her anniversary gift. A weekend trip is paramount in your daily routine life. Daily routine makes you feel exhausted both physically and mentally, and you wouldn’t be able to pay attention to your family relation. So it creates significant differences between your relationship. You should plan your holiday trip to a big city, or it should be to a lonely planet. An island is the most romantic place you could visit with your loved one. Flores, Indonesia along with its breathtaking sceneries and identical three lakes is one of the best places while planning for a second honeymoon or a family vacation.

2. Gold jewelry

gold-jewelryGold is the favorite jewelry to every age of women. From an old lady to a teenage girl, everyone wants to have gold jewelry in their jewelry collection. Gold jewelry is a good choice when shopping an anniversary gift for women. It not just shows wealth, value, status but it is also a good investment to one’s money. It either can be a gold necklace, pendant, bangles, earrings or a ring. But one thing for sure, after receiving this gift, she will never forget this anniversary ever.

1. Diamond Ring

diamond-ringDiamonds are the most expensive as well as beautiful gemstones in the world. Diamonds are a woman’s weakness. She barely stops herself to buy a ring because of the cost. People believe a ring is to propose a girl for the wedding. But a diamond ring can be a perfect anniversary gift for women. When choosing a gift for your women, a diamond ring should be your first choice. It can drive her crazy with happiness.

List of Top 10 Best Anniversary Gift Ideas For Girls

Sr.No Anniversary Gift Ideas
1 Diamond Ring
2 Gold jewelry
3 A holiday trip
4 Invicta 5377 ‘Angel’ Watches
5 A dress
6 Sterling Silver Pendant
7 A Handbag
8 Oud Royal-Giorgio Armani
9 Collectible Items
10 White Lily and Red roses bouquet


There are a lot more items you can buy for her from expensive to cheaper. But the main thing you can make her happy to give is your time. Spend the whole day of your anniversary with her. The gift is not the everything she wants from you, but it is a beautiful way to express your feelings in front of your spouse. Think a little while about her interests and you will find an ideal gift for her.