Top 10 Best Attack Helicopters in 2017 That Are Very Dangerous


Best Attack Helicopters in 2017 “The best attack helicopter in the world 2017 is Augusta A129 Mangusta which is in service by Italian Army.” The helicopter is the most effective source during war days and used for rescue purposes and for logistics. They have been used since World War II and still in used. It is very useful weapon travel by air. Different types of helicopters are available in the world some are for traveling purpose and some for war purpose. Previously you have read about the Fastest Helicopters & now We discuss today the attacking helicopters used for war purpose. Best Attack helicopters in 2017 are very quick in detecting the target and rescue operations. Every country invests so much money in manufacturing the best attack helicopters for their army and defending the country. Every day new technology and features are introduced to make it perfect.

The benefit of a Powerful helicopter is to keep the attack force mobile and unpredictable. So every country has many different attack helicopters, but some are manufactured perfectly and very quick in their operation. Here is the list of 10 best Attack helicopters in 2017 that are extremely dangerous.

10. Mil Mi – 24 Hind – Russia

mil-mi-24-hindMI -24 Hind is not just an attack helicopter, but also a helicopter gunship. This helicopter was used first time by Russian Air Force. They used it as an assault transport and gunship. It is similar with American Ah-64 and other western assault helicopters, but different from them because it has the capacity of transporting up to 8 troops. Mi -24 Hind was designed in 1971 for the Soviet Union army and its allies .Recently 1500 such helicopters are used in more than 50 countries. It was not produced after 1991 but still considered one of the best helicopters in the world.

9. Boeing AH – 64E Apache Guardian – USA

Capt. Sean Spence, the commander of B Co. TF Eagle, rides shotgun on an AH-64 Apache during an Apache extraction exercise Aug. 25 at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo.An upgrade version of AH-64 A is developed known as Boeing AH-64 E. It was designed for the US Army and replaces AH-1 Cobra. AH-64 is fitted with updated fire control radar and sturdy antenna. Improvements are made in cockpit, communications, weapons and navigation system and Battle management system. This attack helicopter is in service with Saudi Arabia and Taiwan and Iraq, India, Indonesia and South Korea has ordered for this helicopter.

8. Mi – 28N Night Hunter – Russia

mi-28n-night-hunterThis is manufactured by Russia Origin Company and major operators of Mi-28N night thunder is Iraq, Russia, and Algeria. It has been equipped with high-efficiency blades, two heavily armored cockpits target air to ground and air to air. To transmit the ideal power to the main rotor gearbox is fixed. High-efficiency blades are attached to engine fuel injection control and swept shaped tips which help to raise it up to 3600m hovering ceiling.

7. Z – 10 – China

z-10It is the first Chinese helicopter used since 2008 by the Chinese army.  It was designed with the assistance of Eurocopter and Augusta and some sources claim that the Russian Copter bureau was assisted. Z-10 is an advanced attacking helicopter and a primary purpose of it is anti- armor. It is ideal for some battlefield interdiction features, air to air combat abilities and reducing radar cross section. Many improvements are made in this helicopter as HJ-9 10 mm anti-tank missile , anti-tank guided ammunition’s which are comparable to TOW-2A and 30mm cannon and TY-90-air to air missile. Just like a standard gunship with a narrow fuselage and stepped tandem cockpits. Gunner is seated at the front and the pilot is at the rear. Z-10 also carries rocket pods.

6. Bell AH – 1Z Viper – USA

bell-ah-1z-viperThis attacking helicopter is capable, flexible, twin engines and multi-purposes. It is designed based on the entire features of an AH-1W Super Cobra. In 2010 it was introduced the first time and its full production was started in 2012.  AH-1Z was manufactured for the United States Marine Corps. It featured with rotor system, four-blades, bearings and a new target sighting system. This helicopter is a part of the H-1 upgrade program and also known as “Zulu Cobra”. It is fitted with an infrared suppression system that covers, exhausts and 20 mm 3 barrel cannon, which hoist up 16 hellfire guided armor.

5. Mil Mi – 28 Havoc – Russia

mil-mi-28-havocMi-28 Havoc is a Russian all-weather and day night military attack helicopter. It was developed in 1970 and in service under Russian Army since 2006. This one is the most heavily armored attack helicopters in the world. The updated features are 30mm cannon, an emergency escape system, unguided rocket pods and eight Ataka anti- mirror missiles. It is two seated helicopter carries single gun in an underdose Barbette and external loads carried on pylons beneath stub wings. A small number of these gun machines are in service and it is reported that underside of Kenya.

4. AH – 64D Apache – USA

ah-64d-apacheBoeing AH-64D was the most prominent and powerful anti-armor  weapon system used in the gulf war. This four blade twin turbo shaft copter was manufactured by Space and Security and Boeing Defense. It was specially designed to meet the strict requirements of US Army Advanced attack helicopter plan and perform functions in adverse weather. AH-64D is featured with the fire control system and art electronic technology. It is ideal for a two man crew with a nose fitted sensor which is best for night vision system and target acquisition. Also known one of the fastest helicopters and used as a  primary arson chopper in Japan, Singapore, Netherland, Israel, UAE, and Greece. With excellent engine performance, it can reach up to 15,895ft height. It can be loaded with 16 AGM-114 Hellfire Missiles and 76 70mm folding-fin aerial rockets.

3. Hokum B – Russia

hokum-bThe improved version of well-known Ka-50 Hokum is Hokum-B is fastest and most maneuverable attack helicopters in the world 2017. It is also known   Kamov Ka-52 and reason of its maneuverable is two coaxial contra-rotating main rotors. Ka-52 is not only fast, but also strong and can withstand hits from 23 mm projectiles without taking any major damage. Hokum-B carries 30 mm cannon, 12 Vikhr anti-tank missiles, few unguided rockets and  air-to-air missiles. The Russian army has used it recently and developed in 2008. The Unique thing is that it can exchange information and data to others and provide target detection.

2. Eurocopter Tiger – France, Germany

eurocopter-tigerCurrently in service with the French and German air forces, Euro copter Tiger is a medium-weight attack helicopter and under service since 2002. It is developed by combining efforts of France and Germany. When it is used in Germany it is given the name Tiger and then also called it Tiger in France and Spain. Recently this attack helicopter was used in Afghanistan, Mali, and Libya. Best technology incorporated HOT-3, Treat anti- tank and rockets and carries a 30 mm cannon and Mistral air-to-air missiles and unguided missiles. The best thing is that it has dual turboshaft engines MTU Turbomeca Rolls-Royce MTR390.

1. Agusta A129 Mangusta – Italy

This strike helicopter was manufactured in Western Europe and delivered to Italy in 1990. The production of this attacking helicopter was stopped in 1992 due to change of operational requirement and also an end of the cold war and funding problem. It can withstand from thirty –mm rounds due to lightweight design and rotor blades. It is capable of carrying unidirectional rockets and TOW fighters and the main purpose of construction was anti-tank.  Augusta A219 is fitted with under nose twenty mm cannon which can use for ground attack, fire support, anti-armor. Turkey is manufactured its derivative of A129.

List of 10 Best Attack Helicopters in 2017 That Are Very Dangerous

Sr. No Best Attack Helicopters Country Army
1 Augusta A129 Mangusta Italy
2 Eurocopter Tiger France-Germany
3 Hokum –B Russia
4 AH-64D Apache USA
5 Mil Mi- 28 Havoc Russia
6 Bell AH-1Z Viper USA
7 Z-10 China
8 Mi-28N Night Hunter Russia
9 Boeing  AH-64E Apache Guardian USA
10 Mil  MI-24 Hind Russia


We conclude from this article attack helicopters could be used for great purposes in wars. These machines make strong the army of any country. They are featured with advanced technology and missiles, which help to target from ground to air and air to air. Today attack helicopters are a necessary thing for armies and strongest countries try to develop more advanced and updated version of these helicopters.