Top 10 Best Military Colleges in America That Give Excellent Skills


Military Colleges in America United States Military Academy is on top in ten best military colleges in America. Military colleges offer four-year undergraduate degree into two broad categories. One is the national academy in which students do training and become commissioned officers and second senior military colleges which provide Reserve officer training corps programs. The students got special skills in these colleges like integrity, discipline, and honor and these social qualities are necessary for academic curriculum’s. America is a developed country, and the schools of United States are considered best schools all over the world. You must also read about the 10 Expensive colleges in America.

There are many military colleges in the America but, some college gives excellent skills to their students. They prepare their students for every kind of danger so that they can compete easily. The following are the top 10 Military colleges in the USA. If anyone wants to take admission in these colleges hope so, this article will be helpful for you.

10. Valley Forge Military College and Academy

081019-N-8273J-247 WAYNE, Pa. (Oct. 19, 2008) Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm. Gary Roughead delivers remarks after receiving the Bob Hope Five Star Award for Distinguished Service to America from Valley Forge Military Academy and College (VFMAC). A 1969 graduate of the VFMAC, Roughead is the 25th recipient of the award. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Tiffini M. Jones/Released)Valley Forge Military College and Academy is also called Military College of Pennsylvania. It was established in 1928 and located in Wayne, Pennsylvania. This military college has five military junior colleges and provides direct commission after two years of study. There are 600 students, and they follow a very structured daily routine. They follow a distinctive British tradition, and it is the only school in The United States which maintains military and British Drill.

9. Virginia Military Institute

virginia-military-instituteVirginia Military Institute founded in 1839 and located in Lexington, Virginia. It is one of oldest military college in the United States. It is also called West Point of South.Every year VMI enrolls approximately 1400 undergraduates. The student of this best public military college are members of the Corps of Cadets. VMI has produced 7 Medal of Honor recipients and 265 General Officers.

8. Norwich University

norwich-universityNorwich University is also one of best military college in the USA. It was established in 1819 and located in Norwich, Vermont. Captain Alden B Partridge;s is the founder of the university. It is the oldest private college and considered the birthplace of the Reserve Officer Training Corps Program. This university further subdivided into six senior colleges. The Norwich’s motto “ I will try” emphasizes the high academic standard.

7. Military College of South Carolina

military-college-of-south-carolinaThe other name of the military college of South Carolina is The Citadel. It is the high academic and productive standards school which established in 1842. Almost 3300 undergraduates students are studying here. It is a must for every cadet to complete four years of military training for one branch of the service. 1100 students further take part in post-graduate programs. Cadets in this military college do physical training two times in a day, leadership training, and standard academic classes.

6. Texas A&M

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERATexas A&M is the six best military college in The United States. It founded in 18761 and located at a College Station, Texas. This college contains smaller military college of almost 1900 cadets. From 1965, enrollment in this corps was necessary for men. There are three Army brigades, two Air Force Wings, Two Marine regiments, and Two Navy regiments. It has the rich tradition and provides quality officers to the United States Armed forces. The college also offers over 150 different fields of study. It provides the best environment to become a successful member of society as civilian and military.

5. The United States Coast Guard Academy

New London, Conn.(May 14)--Shown is an aerial view of the Coast Guard Academy with Hamilton Hall in center. USCG photo by SANTOS, DAVID M. PA1Coast Guard Academy is five federal service academies which located in New London, Connecticut, United States. This school is working with the Motto “ the sea yields knowledge. The admissions are very selective. It provides eight major which are related to engineering and government. The students in this school follow a very strict daily routine and perform their duty in uniform all time. USCGA also enroll a large number of female cadets.

4. US Merchant Marine Academy

us-merchant-marine-academyUSMMA was established in 1942 and located at King point, New York. Five federal service academies founded which train its students for a military. Marchant Marine provide the lifeline of international commerce for moving lodges across the world’s waterways. For this purpose, this college is producing a seafaring officers. Every year US Merchant Marine Academy enrolls over 900 undergraduate students.

Getting admission here is not easy, Aspiring students must have strong SAT/ACT scores, write an essay, provide three letter of recommendations, pass the medical and physical examination and obtain a nomination from a member of Congress. Then students are welcomed as midshipmen, Government pays their all expenses as well as give the monthly stipend. When they take an oath of office in the first year, they make a part of the US Navy Reserve. Two main academic courses offer them one is Marine transportation and marine engineering

3. The United States Air Force Academy

The U.S. Air Force Academy cadet wing lines the terrazzo during the 9/11 wreath laying ceremony and silent parade in Colorado Springs, Colo., Sept 11, 2012. (Courtesy Air Force Academy)USAFA established in 1954 which is one of the federal service academies. It located in Colorado Springs, Colorado which is a famous tourist destination. Almost 4500 cadets are getting training here and three quarters faculty members are officers in the Air Force.

2. United States Naval Academy


United States Naval Academy was established in 1845 and located in Annapolis, Maryland. It is a national landmark and within the comfortable driving to Washington, D.C.  The primary mission of Naval Academy is to educate, train and develop officers for US Navy and Marine Cops. This school is preparing high-quality graduates. After getting their degree graduates serve in any branch of the military for five years. USNA graduates have included More than 50 astronauts, 46 Rhodes Scholars, Two Nobel Prize winners, One president, and 73 Medal of Honor recipients.

1. United States Military Academy

united-states-military-academyUnited States Military Academy(USMA) is known as West Point all over the world. It is the best military academy in the USA which found in 1802 and located in New York. There is a strict honor code, and students do not only well perform academically but also built military, athletic skills and leadership. This academy is producing highest quality officer since 200 years. USMA offers 45 academic majors with the ranging from foreign languages to mechanical engineering. The school follows the Thayer system, this system emphasis on small classes that allow more interaction with students and daily homework.

List of Top 10 Best Military Colleges in America

Sr. No Best Military Colleges
1 United States Military Academy
2 United States Naval Academy
3 The United States Air Force Academy
4 US Merchant Marine Academy
5 The United States Coast Guard Academy
6 Texas A&M
7 Military College of South Carolina
8 Norwich University
9 Virgina Military Institute
10 Valley Forge Military College and Academy


We conclude that Military colleges in the USA are producing their best cadets for their armed forces. These students are very disciplined and active because they trained for these things in military colleges.