Top 10 Best Selling Laptop Brands in the World


laptops The best selling laptop brand in the world 2016 is Apple. The laptop is the important part of today life. It is necessary for office work, for study and many other daily activities. It is a useful device, and you can carry it anywhere, use the internet connection and do your job at any time. There are many best selling laptop brands in the world with different features, performances that you must like.

These brand updated their products according to the latest technology and introduce new features to them. We can make a list of ten best selling laptop brand in the world. Best quality of a laptop depends on its high output, excellent performance, long duration of its battery, its memory storage, and its features. This list makes easy to choose the best one for you. Some of these laptops have a high price, but some are available in different price range and affordable by an average person. Have a look at this list before buy a laptop.

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10. MSI

10-msiMSI is a Taiwan famous and best-selling laptop brand. The best thing is its unique motherboard. MSI is famous mostly for gaming laptops. If you have a high-quality graphic card, then it gives you high performance, and you never bored of gaming activity. Its MSI G series is especially for gamers. As buying of the personal computer, this one is the best choice.

9. Toshiba

9-toshibaToshiba is Japanese laptop brand. This company makes the laptops which are remarkable for their innovation and artistry. Toshiba laptops are available in affordable price. They are best in their features. Toshiba’s technology had an enormous contribution to Higgs Boson’s discovery. Most traditional laptop model of this company is Toshiba Satellite model.

8. Asus

8-asusAsus is a Taiwan best-selling laptop brand. These are famous because of their performance. The motherboard and ram of these laptops give you the best output. Asus laptops are famous due to their gaming performance and affordable prices. If you can not buy an expensive and high-quality laptop, then you should switch to Asus they give you the best result with best quality features and high performance. Its traditional model is Transformer notebooks.

7. Samsung

7-samsungSamsung is the Korean high technology electronics manufacturer and best-selling laptop brand. It ranked at number 7 in best-selling laptop list of 2016. Best features of their laptops are best memory storage and high durability of its battery. These are attractive because of their thin design. The operating system used in them is superior quality. They are available in different ranges and affordable by many people. Its ATIV books are very popular with its ultra thin design.

6. Acer

6-acerAcer presents the inexpensive laptops in the market but competitive rate with other best selling laptop brands.It is Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics company and selling their products worldwide. Their laptops have best features, and battery life is good and runs for a long time. Mainly it is the manufacturer of best-selling Chromebooks and popular as performance laptops.

5. Sony

5-sonyThe Sony is Japanese company brand and one of the favorite laptop brand of ladies because of its different colors. Sony has the best technology, performance and operating system which make it best-selling brand in the market. Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities promote this brand. Most famous model of Sony is VAIO with latest features and designs. Its color and design of these laptops make it the best selling laptop brand in the market.

4. Hewlett-Packard (HP)

4-hewlett-packard-hpHp is an American leading laptop company in the market nowadays. They provide the best laptops with the latest technology. Hp are famous because of different designs, best quality features, and high performance. They updated their laptops and made them better and better by making changes. Their price is often high on the market, but these are best-selling laptop brand still. Their fashionable look attracts the customers. It’s one of the top models is HP Envy Line.

3. Dell

3-dellDell is America Texas-based laptop company. Its products have kept the good reputation in the market and hardly you can find negative comments about Dell laptops. Dell gives you the best features, high-quality motherboard, and high speed. The speed of any laptop is an important thing, and Dell laptops speed make your mood happy during work. It’s news models are thin and lighter with touch screen HD displays. Most people used Dell in their daily routine because of its high speed and inexpensiveness.

2 Lenovo

2-lenovoLenovo is Chinese computer company. Business people prefer its laptops. Lenovo is best for business purposes. Most people love Lenovo due to high performance and good ram. They use innovative technology in their products. These are selling worldwide and popular for their 2 in 1 laptops. If you use Lenovo laptop then hardly you switch to any other laptop brand.

1. Apple

 Best Selling Laptop BrandsApple is American based multinational technology company and famous in all over the word for their products. They introduce the updated versions of technology in their laptops. It is the only brand which uses Mac operating system. It’s the board of these laptops is the best. We know that Apple laptops have the high price in the market, but best selling because of best performance and latest technology. Apple’s Macbooks are famous worldwide. If you can afford then, Apple is the best choice for you.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Laptop Brands in the World

Sr. No Best Selling Laptop Brands Country
1 Apple America
2 Lenovo China
3 Dell American
4 Hewlett Packard American
5 Sony Japan
6 Acer Taiwan
7 Samsung Korea
8 Asus Taiwan
9 Toshiba Japan
10 MSI Taiwan



We conclude from this article before buy laptop you should be careful and choose the updated version and best features laptop. Laptop performance, its output, its ram, and motherboard are the important features of a laptop and before buying you should check these properties. Some of these laptops are accurate for gaming purpose and some for business. The price of some of them is high, but their different models are available in various price range. I hope you find this article useful in this regard.