Top 10 Most Biggest Dogs in The World


big-dog Many People like to keep a dog as a pet. They love to bigger and expensive dogs. Big size of the dog always impresses the people. Most of the people think Big dogs are very dangerous but not at all. There are many biggest dogs in the world which are very loving with their family. These largest dogs require proper training and food etc. These are very loyal, good natured and well-tempered animals. But to buy these bigger dogs, you should need big money. The following top 10 are the most biggest Dogs in the world. If you want to buy the biggest one, then read this article because it gave you valuable information about these.

People who have these dogs as pet they special care about their food and health. Not only these are strongest dogs but also expensive one.

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10. Dogue de Bordeaux, 20-23 inches

10-dogue-de-bordeauxThe other name of Dogue de Bordeaux is French Mastiff and Bordeaux Bulldog, and it is the very loyal dog. French Mastiff is standing at 20-23 inches and weight 54-62.2 kg. This biggest dog is very protective and devoted to their family. It is famous for its muscular body and massive head. Dogue de Bordeaux looks so cute and innocent due to its broad nose, small eyes, and short hanging ears. Well trained French Mastiff also use as the rescue dog.

9. Neapolitan Mastiff, 26-30 inches

9-neapolitan-mastiffNeapolitan Dogs originated from Italy and one of the large guardian breeds in the world. In the later times, Romans use this dog as war dogs. This dog has weight 54-90 kg and height 26-30 inches. This massive dog has loose skin, thick wrinkled face, broad flat head, and the large nose. Neapolitan Mastiff comes in gray, brown, leaden black, and fawn color. It is a brilliant and family loving dog and can easily sense the threats.

8. Newfoundland, 30 inches

8-newfoundlandNewfoundland is one of the biggest dog in the world with the average height of 30 inches. The weight of the dog can be 60-70 kg. The bones of the Newfoundland are adamant even it is said it is more muscular than English Mastiff. It has long thighs, broad chest, strong neck, and massive head. Newfoundland is a brilliant and social dog and barks very rarely. It keeps calm and friendly with children. The Newfoundland demand supervision from the owner due to its large size

7. Anatolian Shepherds, 26-31 inches

7-anatolian-shepherdsAnatolian Shepherds is very powerful and one of biggest dog, it is originated from Turkey. It is 26-31 inches tall and 41-68kg weight. Anatolian Shepherds dogs have the round shaped head, medium sized eyes, thick and sturdy neck as well as triangular shaped ears. It remains very affectionate, loyal, and protective of their family and very suspicious of strangers. Anatolian loves to play with children and requires long daily walks

6. Leonberger, 26-32 inches

6-leonbergerLeonberger considers very proudly and a self-disciplined dog which stands at 26-32 inches and has weight 45-77 kg. The name was given to the Leonberger city in Germany. This dog has a lion-like appearance that’s why it is one reason of this name.  The black mask of the dog gives great expression, so it is the pride of the breed. This dog has rectangular shaped head, long nose, medium sized ears. The most interesting thing is that its coat is water resistant and no doubt about its loyalty and intelligence. If they fell any provocation from children, it remains calm and walks away.

5. English Mastiff, 27-32 inches

5-english-mastiffWe can never forget to include English Mastiff in the list of top 10 biggest dogs in the world. English Mastiff is 27-32 inches tall as well as 68-110 kg weight. In 1981 in Guinness World Record book English Mastiff gave a title of Zorba as the heaviest and longest dog in the world. At that time the dog has 143kg weight with 27 kg. It is also called old English Mastiff because this breed is the oldest breed in the world. It has the massive square head, V shape ears, and the black nose. Black mask make it unique dog, but it comes in many colors like golden fawn, brindle, and apricot. English Mastiff is brilliant, and it can sense the threats without mistakes.

4. St Bernard, 27-35 inches

4-st-bernardSt. Bernard is standing at 27-35.4inches and weight of 69-91kg. It originated from The Alps during rescue operations. The dog has adamant and muscular body. For this biggest dog, training and socialization are necessary. It can travel in deep snow for miles and shows incredible patience. St Bernard has very friendly nature and takes care of their owner family in the very loving way. You can do easily satisfied St. Bernard with little walks and food that you offer.

3. Irish Wolfhound, 28-35 inches

3-irish-wolfhoundIrish Wolfhound is another biggest dog in the world who 28-35 inches tall as well as weigh 53-84 kg. It belonged to Ireland and used in wars and hunting. This biggest dog used for wolf hunter that’s why it is called Irish Wolfhound. This dog has long legs, head, and muzzle and its broad chest reflect the power of the dog. One fact is that about this dog that it takes more time to become mature almost two years. But Irish is also very intelligent and devoted to the family.

2. The Great Pyrenees, 30-39 inches

2-the-great-pyreneesThe Great Pyrenees also included in the list of top 10 biggest dogs in the world. The height of this dog 30-39 inches and 52-59 kg weight. It has protective, obedient, and gentle nature. The coat of the Great Pyrenees is very dense and woolly long. The dog has very broad chest, wedge-shaped head, long plumed tail, and almond shaped eyes. The Great Pyrenees demands proper training. Otherwise, it can become very aggressive. It is one of the best indoor pets and love to play with children.

1. Great Dane, 43 inches

Biggest DogsGreat Dane is the biggest dog in the world which is 43 inches tall. The weight of Great Dane is 50-90kg. In Guinness Book of World Records entities is given a Great Dane Named Zeus as the tallest dog in the world. And this got another title in 2012 as the tallest living dog.  It is a hunting dog; it used in Egyptian artifacts. Many people kept this dog as a pet because this is very loving, charming, gentle, and playful dog. Most important thing about this is that Great Dane is also very sensitive, need more attention from family members. The lovely giant becomes more friendly with children as well as use as therapy dogs.

List of Top 10 Most Biggest Dogs in The World

Sr.No Most Biggest Dogs
1 Great Dane 43 inches
2 Great Pyrenees 30-39 inches
3 Irish Wolfhound 28-35 inches
4 St Bernard 27-35 inches
5 English Mastiff 27-32 inches
6 Leonberger 26-32 inches
7 Anatolian Shepherds, 26-31 inches
8 Newfoundland 30 inches
9 Neapolitan Mastiff 26-30 inches
10 Dogue de Bordeaux 20-23


We conclude from this article biggest dogs in the world are very well tempered and loving animals. They all have a massive height and very protective of their family. No doubt their prices are also high as their size. Only dog pet lovers and rich people can buy these dogs.