Top 10 Most Biggest Zoo in the World


cockatoo zoo Everyone like traveling and visiting the most interesting places on earth. Some people like Zoo. It is one of the place of entertainment and everyone happy to see different animals. The best one treats the animals as residents, not as prisoners. In the world, there are many biggest zoo which everyone wants to see, these largest ones spread upon acres. A great zoo runs many conservation and wildlife programs in which one is breeding the animals so that they can struggle to survive in the wild. The world’s biggest zoo can measure in many ways, but the best way to measure is total land area and some species which they hold. According to Number of species Berlin Zoological Garden, Germany is the most Biggest Zoo in the World in which 1500 different species found.

Here is the list of top 10 biggest zoos in the world.

10. Toronto Zoo

10 Toronto ZooToronto is the biggest one in Canada which sited on 710 acres. It was opened in 1974, and it is the home of 491 different species and 5000 individual animals. Toronto zoo is divided into seven different parts and represents many animals which bring from various regions of the world.

9. The Bronx Zoo

9The Bronx Zoo is largest one in the whole world which located in New York City and situated on 256 acres. There are 650 different species which display over 6000 different animals. It is one of the oldest metropolitan zoos in the world which opened in 1899. The Bronx Zoo has praised for public wildlife preservation and education. It is the first one in western hemisphere which has snow leopards.

8. The San Diego Zoo

8 . The San Diego ZooThe San Diego situated in Balboa Bank, San Diego, California. This zoo holds over 3700 different animals which belong from different 650 species and this zoo spread over 100 acres land. It is getting fame because it launched the way of open air exhibits and breeding many species in confinement for the purpose of eventually releasing them into their native habitats.

7. The National Zoological Gardens Zoo, South Africa

7 The National Zoological Gardens Zoo, South AfricaThe other name of National Zoological Gardens of South Africa is Pretoria Zoo, which established in 1916. It spread over 210 acres, and Apies River divided it into two sections therefore half zoo situated on flat land and a half on hilly slopes. It is the house of 700 different species and 9000 individual animals.

6. The London Zoo

6 The London ZooIt established for the purpose of scientific study in 1828. Therefore, it is the oldest scientific zoo in the whole world.  It is also known as the name of Regent’s Zoo which located on the edge of Regent Park. The London zoo situated on 36 acres and houses of 755 species which comprised of over 17000 individual members.

It was opened for public in 1847 and now working on a project Tiger S.O.S program which is planned to raise funds to help save the Sumatran Tiger. There are some inventions of the zoo like the first reptile house of the world opened in London Zoo in 1849, the public aquarium in 1853 and petting zoo in 1938. There is a beautiful Penguin beach which holds 450,000 liters of water and offers excellent underwater viewing areas.

5. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

5 The Columbus Zoo and AquariumThe Columbus Zoo situated in Powell Ohio, and many few people know that Ohio has a world class Zoo. In the United States, it has become number one for multiple events. It boosts up 9000 whole animals in which 793 different species included. It spread over 580-acre land which offers many attractions on its grounds. Almost 2.3 million visitors visit it annually. The Columbus zoo divided into eight parts; every part represents many animals which bring from different regions of the world. It is also a traditional zoo because it is the house of thrilling rides, coasters, drops, spin rides and a water park.

4. Moscow Zoo

4 Moscow ZooMoscow Zoo is the oldest in Europe and bigger than London Zoo. It situated on 53 acres and home of 927 species and over 6000 individual animals. It opened for public 1864 and renovated in the 1990s. It is also divided into two parts by Bolshaya Gruzinskaya Street. There are many attractive things like sea aquarium, an aviary, a sea lion exhibit.

3. The Beijing Zoo

3 The Beijing ZooThe Beijing Zoo established in 1906, and it is sprawl on 219 acres of land. It is largest in China and it is well known due to their collections of rare animals in which 950 different species included. Beautiful lakes, flower beds, and meadows made in this zoo. In their most important animals, Giant Pandas, South China Tiger, Chinese Alligators, and Chinese Great Salamander are included. Almost six million people come every year to see this zoo, so it is one of the biggest zoos in the world.

2. Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

2 Henry Doorly Zoo and AquariumHenry Doorly located in Omaha, Nebraska, It spread over 130 acres which are half the size of Beijing Zoo. There is almost 1000 different species animals but have in greater quantity 17,000 individuals animals. In 1864 the zoo was developed a Riverview Park Zoo. Here you can Found largest cat complex in North America so, every year millions of visitors visit it.

1. The Berlin Zoological Garden

Biggest ZooIt is the oldest one which located in Berlin’s Tiergarten, Germany. It is situated on 84 acres of land and opened in 1844. It is the house of 1500 different species and 19,500 animals. This most visited zoo in Europe holds the most comprehensive collections of species in the world. It got fame all over the world, Over 3 million visitors come every year, and most famous attraction of the Berlin zoo is feeding the animals.

List of Top 10 Most Biggest Zoo in the World

Sr. No Most Biggest Zoo
Number of species
1 Berlin Zoological Garden, Germany 1500
2  Henry Doorly and Aquarium, Omaha, Nebraska 1000
3 The Beijing Zoo, China 950
4  Moscow Zoo, London 927
5 The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Powell 793
6 The London Zoo 755
7 The National Zoological Gardens Zoo, South Africa 700
8 The San Diego, California 650
9 The Bronx , New York, America 650
10 Toronto Zoo, Canada 491