Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs in the World – Be Careful


Young woman with dog In the world most people afraid of dogs and away from them. However, most people kept them as the pet and best friend. If a dog is trained properly, then they are most faithful animal for the humans. Dogs are talented, intelligent and friendly. However, some dog breeds in the world are very dangerous. In a list of Top 10 Most dangerous Dogs, Pitbull is the most dangerous dog on the earth. If you have a dog in your home then be careful about its Diet. So first check the Top 10 healthy Dog foods brands.

These dogs are needed to train in the right way, and appropriately otherwise they harm the people. Most of these dogs have aggressive nature and bite their masters even they are friendly. Some dogs breeds have been the cause of many people death. Attack of these dangerous dogs ‘s hard to prevent. According to research in Us and Canada PitBull cause the reason of 233 people deaths. Also read about the top 10 strongest dogs in the world. Here are the list of top 10 most dangerous dogs in the world.

10. Presa Canarios

10 Presa CanariosWeight – 100-125 lbs
Height – 25-26 inches
Origin – Canary Island

Presa Canarios has used in wars during the 18th century. They trained for hunting purposes. They are fearless and powerful. Attack by Presa Canarios not stopped, and victim finds himself helpless.

9. Boxer

9 BoxerWeight – 50-64 lbs
Height – 20-25 inches
Origin – Germany

Boxers are strong dogs. By nature, they are not aggressive and like to play with kids and walk with them. They are considered the most powerful breed in the world and more energetic. Training of Boxes is an interesting task however they are intelligent. Boxes are sixth most popular dog breeds in U.S. They were used in world war II. The is a faithful animal. People used Boxers to earn money.

8. Great Danes

9 BoxerWeight – 200lbs
Height – 36 inches
Origin – Germany

Great Danes capture the attention of public due to their gigantic size and unique kind of dog breeds. They afraid their opponent because their big size. They trained with adequate exercises. However if you look this dog, suddenly they startle you.A long walk is necessary for them. Giant George is a species of Great Danes and has weight 245 pounds and height 43 inches. It included in the world Guinness record and the world tallest dog ever. They are a sensitive dog and can not bear the hard training methods. Anxiety kills the Great Danes.

7. Chow Chows

7 Chow ChowsWeight – 70 lbs
Height – 18-22 inches
Origin – China

Chow Chow is the sweet and lovable dog. They are one of the oldest dog breeds in China since 400 years. They have purplish lips and tongue. It is said that they evolved from wolves. They are free dogs and required proper training otherwise they can aggressive. These are bred for hunting purposes and for helping shepherds. Do not try to get close with Chow Chow without his permission. They are the most aggressive dog breeds in the world.

6. Doberman Pinschers

6 Doberman PinschersWeight – 65-90 lbs
Height – 28 inches
Origin – Germany

Dobermans Pinschers specially bred for defending purposes. They are famous for their loyalty, alertness and intelligent. These dogs known the Dogs with human Brain. They are acting like leaders when to train them properly. They can watch TV and help you in many activities.These dogs are sound sensitive and can hear sound from 250 yards.

5. Alaskan Malamutes

5 Alaskan MalamutesWeight – 80 lbs
Height – 23-28 inches
Origin – North America

Alaskan Malamutes are friendly and intelligent dogs. But they need the consistent play or move otherwise they become destructive. They are energetic, but their energy makes them aggressive so they should keep away from the populated area. They are a slow learner, so patience is a necessary thing for their training. These dogs enjoy human company and force you to make them a part of your family activities. They fill your home with hair because they have hair shedding profile.

4. German Shepherds

4 German ShepherdsWeight – 70-85lb
Height – 22-26 inches
Origin – Germany

Everyone is famous with the name of German Shepherd. These are confident and fearless dogs. They seem sturdy animal and most dangerous too. These dogs like active games and the long walk. German Shepherds are the best companion for you. These dogs have curiosity in their surroundings and explore it. Their hairs are floating every time in the air even if you brush them for every 15 minutes.14 Deaths are reported from biting of these dogs. They suffered from many different types of illness like hip dysplasia; this disease occurs in them because poor breeding practice.

3. Huskies

3 HuskiesWeight – 35-55 lbs
Height – 20-24 inches
Origin – Siberia

Huskies look soft and puffy but during last 20 years, 24 deaths are reported due to these dogs.These dogs are loyal and friendly to the family members and want regular walking. The training of Huskies is the difficult task, so these not recommended for beginning dog owners. They would treat the children as the friend if they trained properly. Poor socialization, improper training can make them aggressive.They are not suitable for those who are allergic to dogs because of their high shedding.

2. Rottweilers

2 RottweilersWeight – 85-110lb
Height – 23-27 inches
Origin – Germany

Second most dangerous dogs in the world are Rottweilers. They guard your home well as territorial animal.Masters of these dogs find them soft, but they become aggressive if not trained right. In last 25 years, 81 deaths are recorded. Rottweilers mostly used as working dog breeds category and not suitable as the family pet.Average life expectancy of this dangerous dog is 12 to 14 years. These dogs are the adult after completing one year and one year equal to 16 years of human age.

1. Pitbulls

Dangerous DogsWeight – 30-55 lbs
Height – 18-22 inches
Origin – US

Pitbull is the most dangerous dog in this list of top 10 Because death rate by this dog is higher than other dogs. Pitbulls has aggressive nature, and some country governments have banned the breeding of Pitbulls. But they attack the human when they trained in the right way. Otherwise, they love their masters more than any other dog. Pitbulls carry their assigned task with total enthusiasm. These dogs are famous for illegal dog fighting and have locking jaws. Out of 100, 86.8% American Pitbulls have passed a temperament test. There are over 233 deaths reported during last 25 years.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs in the World

Sr. No Most Dangerous Dogs Origin
1 Pitbulls Unites States
2 Rottweilers Germany
3 Huskies Siberia
4 German Shepherds Germany
5 Alaskan Malamutes North America
6 Doberman Pinschers Germany
7 Chow Chow China
8 Great Danes Germany
9 Boxer Germany
10 Presa Canarios Canary Island


We conclude you should be careful if you like any of them as the pet animal. Because when Dogs are aggressive they do not recognize their masters. Mostly these dangerous dogs are used for hunting, helping police officers and in wars. Another thing is if you keep them in your home, you should maintain hygiene conditions because most of these dogs are hair shedders.