Top 10 Most Dangerous Female Gangster in the World


Crime is mostly related with gangster and mobster, and when we talk about a gang leader, then nasty looking men in suits will come in our mind. We wonder when a mother and a wife arrested due to mob activity. These women prove that female gangsters can work like men mobsters, and they can earn money as much as they want. They work in many drug trafficking organization and include in many different kinds of crimes. So never underestimate the female mobsters they are not afraid to kill anyone or break the law. Here is the article in which we will tell you about top 10 most dangerous female gangster in the world. Some girls links to Most dangerous gangs in the United States.

10. Raffaella D’Alterio

CAMORRA Raffaella D’Alterio is well known as The Big Kitten, and she is a Mafia godmother of Italy. Her nickname is Miciona, and she belongs to Camorra Family. Nicolo Pianese was her husband who killed with bullets in 2006, and his wife became a Camorra boss in Nepal. Raffaella arrested during raids at dawn by army officers in 2012. She arrested on charges of extortion for robbery and dealing drugs. Police $10 million worth of vehicles seized from D’Alterio in which one Ferrari with solid gold number plate included. The gang earned $200 billion a year in money laundering, money trafficking robbery, possession of illegal arms and drug dealings.

9. Rosetta Cutolo

9 Rosetta CutoloRosetta Cutolo is the older sister of crime boss Raffaele Cutolo, who was the former head of the Nuova Camorra organization. She was born in 1937 and also well known as Ice Eyes. Her brother worked behind bars, and she and her brother mostly argued over his love of attention, but she preferred to keep low profile.she was magnificent at negotiating and worked with South African cocaine dealers and Sicilian mafia. She was arrested in 1993, and she acquitted on nine murder charges.

8. Maria Licciardi

8 Maria LicciardiMaria Licciardi was born on 24 March 1951 and former head of the Licciardi clan, Secondigliano, North Naples. She became crime boss because she born in a criminal house, her father and brother were well known as street gangsters. After arrested of her husband and two brothers she became the first female boss of the Licciardi clan. Her gang control drug trafficking and extortion rackets in whole north Nepal’s.

Her gang bought young girls from the Albanian mafia at $2000 each and promised them to give work in another country, and they become happy because they were poor girls. But after reached Nepal they forced these girls for sex work, she was an arrest in 2001.

7. Thelma Wright

7 Thelma WrightJackie Wright was a biggest Philadelphia drug dealer who murdered in 1986. Thelma Wright is the wife of Jackie Wright, and she transported cocaine and heroin between Philadelphia and Los Angeles, therefore, she became a gangster queen of Philadelphia. The claimed at her was that she was making $400,000 each month. She was never arrested, and she left drug world in 1991 and made a good life for her son. She wrote books about her experience, the name of the books are “With Eyes From Both Sides: Out of the game and Living My Life In.”

6. Jemeker Thompson

6 Jemeker ThompsonJemeker was a significant cocaine master supplier in “Los Angeles, California during 11980s. She was also known” as Queen Pin, Anthony Mosley, was her husband and after her marriage, they made a team and sold cocaine in large amounts. She was arrested in 1993 and remained 15 years in prison. She released in 2005, after this she became an evangelist minister and showing people that God can forgive, and everyone gets second chance at making a better life.

5. Charmaine Roman

5 Charmaine RomanShe was a Jamaican drug dealer and ringleader of a marijuana trafficking organization, she was transported tons of cannabis in Florida, and through this, she earned millions of dollars. She did drug money laundering through a casino and called Sure Thing Investments and was also in charge of bookkeeping. She was lived in U.S for 20 years in an illegal way when she got a claim with racketeering and marijuana trafficking.

When she arrested in a major sting operation, at that time 1,450 kilograms of marijuana, $200,000 in cash, many illegal firearms and several passports with different names recovered from her. During custody, she had four Florida drivers licenses, many social security cards.

4. Griselda Blanco

4 Griselda BlancoShe was also famous as the Black Widow and the Cocaine Grandmother. She was “a part of Miami-based cocaine drug trade during the 1970’s and 80’s”. She also included in Miami drug war and Cocaine Cowboy Wars. She is done over 200 murders; she arrested in 1985 but continued her drug business when she was in the locker. She returned Colombia in 2004 and gunned down in her hometown of Medellin in 2012.

3. Judy Moran

3 Judy MoranJudy Moran was born on 18 December 1944 and well known as the matriarch of the Moran family. Moran family is a group of infamous criminals who based in Melbourne, Australia. Moran Family was also famous due to drug traffickers, and their name spread feared both publicly and among the wicked world. She married two times; Leslie Johny Cole was her husband who died in 1982 during a gangland shooting and Mark Cole; her son murdered in 2000. After this, she was married to Lewis Moran, and they had a son Jason Moran, who also shoot dead in 2003. She was arrested with her three companions and sentenced to 26 years in jail.

2. Sandra Avila Beltran

Sandra AvilaSandra was born on 11 October 1960, and her other name was “The Queen of the Pacific.” She was the leader of a Mexican drug cartel. She was married two times and both her husbands were police commanders turned drug traffickers. They both killed by hired hitman. In 2002 her son was kidnapped and they demand $5 million for her safe return. She was charged with money laundering and possession of illegal weapons and now remains behind the bars.

1. Claudia Ochoa Felix

1 Claudia Ochoa FelixClaudia Ochoa Felix was earned a reputation as “Mexican Kim Kardashian” because she is popular on social media and most dangerous famale gangster. She has 35k followers on Twitter and Instagram, on these she post of her luxurious life and custom made AK-47s. Claudia Ochoa Felix runs the world’s most powerful trafficking organization. Many British tabloids reported that she had made the new head of Mexican gang known as Los Antrax, who have done hundreds of gruesome murders.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Female Gangster in the World

Sr. No

Dangerous Female Gangster

Head of Gang Name
1 Raffela D’Alterio Mafia godmother of Italy
2 Rosetta Cutolo Nuova Camorra organization
3 Maria Licciardi Licciardi clan, second glia no, North Naples
4 Thelma Wright biggest Philadelphia drug dealer
5 Jemeker Thompson cocaine supplier of “Los Angeles, California
6 Charmaine Roman Jamaican drug dealer and ringleader of a marijuana trafficking organization
7 Griselda Blanco Cocaine Grandmother.
8 Judy Moran matriarch of the Moran family
9 Sandra Avila Beltran Mexican drug cartel
10 Claudia Ochoa Felix Los Antrax