Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the United States


THE MORTAL Gang word used for a group or band of people as a club. But now it means the group of individuals who are involved in criminal actions and antisocial purpose. Gang Violence is a big problem in America and approximately 30,000 organizations are working in the states and according to FBI’s report, there are 20,000 gangs in the country are working with more than 1 million members. Here is a list of Top 10 most dangerous gangs in the United States. We also cannot ignore the dangerous female gangster in the world.

Most Dangerous Gangs in the United States

These gangs are involved in drug dealings, extortion, kidnapping, and raping crimes. They are responsible deaths of thousands of innocent people and also other gang members every year. Here today we will talk about some biggest dangerous gangs which spreading violence in the United States.

10. Mongols MC

10Mongols MC is another motorcycle club gang and formed as an alternative with Hells Angeles, 1000-1500 members included in the gang; it founded in the 1970s in California. After the named of Genghis Khan Mongolian Empire warriors, the name is given Mongols MC. It is operating in Southern California, Australia, Mexico and some parts of Europe. They have specialized in the distribution of drug, money laundering, and extortion. Brass Knuckles, lead pipes, and steel toed boots are the unique weapons of the gang. They are not best like Hells Angeles, but they have done some criminal work with another motorbike club such as Outlaws, Sons of Silence and Bandidos.

9. Hells Angels

9 Hells AngelsThis criminal gang collaborates in all over the U.S and some parts of Europe and Australia. It is known as the biker gang, and they do ride their loud Harleys and do many illegal activities like prostitution, drug dealing, and extortion. The gang has 2500 members, and they are running their gang from 1948 in the United States. The group spread in other countries like Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

8. Bloods

8 bloods gangBloods is a famous Los Angeles gang which established in 1972. It has been the biggest competitor of Cribs since the 1980s. The red clothes and bandanas are the traditional things of the gang. 19,000 members included in the gang and they identify through many group indicators like colors, dressing, tattoos, symbols, jewelry, graffiti, language and hand signs. It has become the most brutal force in New York.

7. Aryan Brotherhood

7 Aryan BrotherhoodThe other name of this gang is The AB or the One-Two. They have a lot of tattoos in their body and 20,000 persons are in and out of the prison in the United States. This criminal organization is working in California, Texas, Arizona, Ohio, and Indiana. The rule for joining the gang is that killing a Black or Hispanic prisoner.

6. The Mexican Mafia

6 The Mexican MafiaThe Mexican Mafia is working outside and inside California, which founded in the 1950s. They also known by the name of EME and Emeros. More than 34,000 gangsters are involved in this gang and work with Los Angeles crime gang. They do extortion, drug trafficking and kidnapping like crimes. For joining the gang, they have to pass loyalty test in which cruel acts such as beatings, theft, and murder include. Disloyalty with the gang means death. They have done many operations in Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas.

5. Crips

5 CripsTookie Williams is the founder of the gang who established Crips in 1969 in Los Angeles, California. In the beginning, it was a local gang, but now it has become one of the biggest and deadliest gang in the United States. Mostly African American are included in the gang, and they have 30,000 to 35,000 members. Crib Walk is the famous dance of the gang, and they are known for murders, robberies, and drug dealing like crimes.

4. Nuestra Familia

4 Nuestra FamiliaNuestra Familia is the competitors of Mexican Mafia; Nuestra is a prison gang in and outside Northern California, which established in the 1960s. This gang is against the attitudes and politics of Mexican Mafia Gang. Approximately 42,000 persons are included in the gang, and they are involved in drugs, racketeering, extortion and robbing crimes.

3. Latin Kings

3 Latin KingsLatin Kings is an organized gang in the United States which created in Chicago in the 1940s. Many tribes stationed in different states and 45,500 members included in this group. The Latin group mostly consisted in money-making crimes and contract killings. The group attached in three stages of law which are The primitive stage, the conservative or Mummy stage and the New King Stage.

2. The 18th Street Gang

2 The 18th Street GangThe 18th Street Gang is also known as Barrio 18 or the M-18. It is an enormous gang in which almost 50,000 to 65,000 members included. It started in Los Angeles, California and now It is working in Central America and also in Canada. They are involved in all kinds of illegal activities like drug dealing, murder for hire, extortion, and kidnapping. FBI said it is a transnational gang because it also has access into Mexico. Hey, have very strict rule” 18-second beating” by gang members to show respect of the gang.

1. Mara Salvatrucha

dangerous gangsThe other name of Mara Salvatrucha is MS- 13 which is the deadliest gang in the world. MS-13 originated from EI Salvador, Southern California during the 1980s. More than 70,000 persons are included in the gang and has spread all over the Central America, Mexico, and the United States as an International force. Mara Salvatrucha is very famous in the America due to their violent behavior and merciless crimes. They are involved in drug smuggling, theft, contract killing, human trafficking and law enforcement.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the World

Sr. No Most Dangerous Gangs
1 Mara Salvatrucha 70,000
2 The 18th Street Gang 50,000-65,000
3 Latin Kings 45,500
4 Nuestra Familia 42,000
5 Crips 35,000
6 The Mexican Mafia 34,000
7 Aryan Brotherhood 20,000
8 Bloods 19,000
9 Hells Angels 2500
10 Mongols MC 1000-1500