Top 10 Most Expensive Bed Sheets in the World


Charlotte Thomas Bespoke is the most expensive bed sheet in the world which has cost $2400. This luxury sheet made with merino wool fabric with thousands thread count of Egyptian cotton sheet. So in our today’s article, we will tell you about top 10 most expensive bed sheets in the world that looks Beautiful.

Most Expensive Bed Sheets A bed sheet is a flat woven cover of the bed which occupant of a bed and the warm blanket above. Bed sheets are available in two varieties. One broad-loomed fabric and some come in many kinds of fabrics like cotton, linen, bamboo, polypropylene, polyester, and synthetics. Silk Bed sheets mostly used on special occasions.

The quality of the bed sheet depends on the fabric and thread count. The bed sheets which described here are mainly made with 100 % Egyptian Cotton and silk thread weave make a softer consistency in its texture. Famous designers make that bed sheets, and some big hotels decorate your hotel’s rooms with these luxurious sheets. These are very expensive, but best bed sheet feels you fresh and good. Here is the list of top 10 Most Expensive bed sheets that looks luxurious. You can also checkout other interesting Most Luxurious Articles that are vesy interesting and informative.

10. Waterbed Egyptian Linens Bed Sheet – $329.99

10Egyptian linen bed sheet is the tenth most expensive bed sheet in the world. It is exquisite which made up with 100 % Egyptian cotton and very smooth cotton bed sheet. A wave border is at edges of the sheet which gives such a soft feel. This sheet specially made for waterbed and used in these fancy rooms. The price of the Waterbed Egyptian bed sheet is $329.99.

9. Sferra Milos Seamist Egyptian Cotton Sateen – $595

9The ninth most expensive bed sheet is Sferra Milos Seamist Egyptian Cotton sateen. These imported from Italy all over the world. The most luxurious cotton are used in it and then covered in a smooth sateen weave. The lines are taken from Sferra Milos ultra plus collection. But only brand conscious and home interior persons purchase such products. It is available in the market in $595.

8. Sferra Palace Ivory – $620

8Here is another best and expensive bed sheet of Sferra. Italy is producing best fabrics for the sheets so import all over the world from Italy. It is durable as well as very smooth bed sheet which made of pure Egyptian cotton. The linen wave sateen gives a bed very soft feel. The price of the bed sheet is $620, and everyone can’t be affordable.

7. Dreamsacks Seamless Silk Bed Sheet – $655

7Dreamsacks is beautiful luxury bed sheet as same as its name. It is very soft and made with high quality of silk. The company said when you laid down on this bed sheet you will feel so refresh and good because it contains finest silk threads. Dreamsacks has featured a charmeuse trim and silk charmeuse piping on the edges. The cost of this luxurious bed sheet is $655 which only conscious and wealthy people purchase.

6. Sferra Capri honey Egyptian Cotton Satin 1020TC – $670

6Two words used for Sferra Capri Honey Egyptian Bed Sheet” Pure Perfection.” it make in Italy like other Sferra’s bed sheets and contains 100 % Egyptian cotton. Sferra bed sheets feature decorative and beautiful designs. The high-quality thread and fine sateen weave are the unique quality of this sixth most expensive bed sheet. The price of the bed sheet is $670.

5. Milos 1020 Sateen – $745

5Milos 1020 Sateen is the fifth most beautiful and expensive bed sheet in the world which is selling at $745. It is made up of the longest staple Egyptian cotton and gives an elegant look. This luxury bed sheet has decorative hemstitch border and cobweb texture. It imports from Italy and no wonder at its price because its most beautiful fabric makes you feel good when you laid down on the bed.

4. Millesimo by Sferra – $1395

4The Fourth most expensive bed sheet also made from 100 percent pure Egyptian cotton. If you have this design, you just love to sleep on this royal bed. And you will surprise to know that 1020 threads per square inch are used in it which makes it more soft and smooth. A personalized letter sends to the customer which verify the genuineness of the thread count. The thread woven in Italy and price of the bed sheet is $1395.

3. Frette Hellas Seaweed Border – $1695

3Free Hellas bed sheet is the example of good quality, and it is hand made. It also made in Italy, and best quality material used in it. One of the lavish design with beautiful ocean motif. It has four frills with seaweed border design and wave in the sheet make it soft and smooth. This expensive one can not afford everyone because it is available in $1695.

2. D. Porthault Jours De Paris – $1900

2D. Porthault Jours De Paris is the second most expensive bed sheet and only brand conscious and wealthy people purchase it. The whole set contains sheet sets in which one top sheet and one flat bottom sheet included, pillow shams, and duvet covers. It made with pure cotton, and strong waves offer a firm and crisp texture.  These lavish sheets are percale with Almost 200, or higher thread count and price of the whole set is $1900.

1. Charlotte Thomas Bespoke – $2400

1Charlotte Thomas Bespoke is the number one most expensive bed sheet in the world which has worth $2400. Only rich and brand conscious people purchase this bed sheet. This luxury and elegant bed sheet made with merino wool fabric with thousands thread count of Egyptian cotton sheet. It features 22 karat gold and every set takes 12 weeks time for preparation. The company claims this bed sheet gives you finest bedding in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Bed Sheets in the World

Sr. No Expensive Bed Sheets
1 Charlotte Thomas Bespoke $2400
2 D. Porthaulkts Jouris De Paris $1900
3 Frette Hellas Seaweed Border $1695
4 Millesimo by Sferra $1395
5 Milos 1020 Sateen $745
6 Saferra Capri honey Egyptian Cotton Satin 1020TC $670
7 Dreamsacks Seamless Silk Bed Sheet $655
8 Sferra Palace Ivory $620
9 Sferra Milos Seamist Egyptian Cotton Sateen $595
10 Waterbed Egyptian Linens Bed Sheet $329.99



We conclude from the article these top ten bed sheets made with best quality fabric especially Egyptian Cotton. All of these give the finest look and apparently very comfortable because they made with pure Egyptian cotton. But these are too much expensive therefore everyone can’t afford it. Brand Conscious people o Rich people are interested in buying these luxurious bed sheets.