Top 10 Most Expensive Canon Camera in the World


Expensive Canon Camera The most expensive Canon camera is “Canon EOS 7D Mark II”, which has a price range from $1599 to $1949. The camera is a need now for daily life. It required for multi-tasking. We need it for wedding purposes, gatherings, birthdays and many another occasion for making it memorable by capturing that moment. The camera is also a useful thing for professionals and help in the study. We post different study videos by using the camera. Are you DSLR lover then check out Top 10 Most expensive DSLR cameras.

There are many camera brands or companies. We discuss the Canon cameras which are best in features.Canon cameras are the best cameras in the camera market for more than 80 years. As technology progressed, Canon introduces the most advanced options and features in their cameras. They deliver top notch photo equipment to professionals. Canon cameras are best quality digital cameras with an ever growing popularity of posting photos on social sites.Many Canon cameras are available for different picture taking style and from ordinary people to the professionals. Canon offers cameras with all in one unit, or their lenses are changeable. Following is a list of Top 10 most expensive Canon camera in the world.

10. Canon PowerShot N 100 – $349

10 Canon PowerShot N 100Canon point and shoot camera which is small and easily portable. It is a good quality camera which captures the pictures that equal to the high-end digital cameras. Main features of the camera include 3 inch LCD it tilt by 90 degrees upward, 180/60p video recording. It also has wifi accessibility with NFC so quickly connected with social networks.It has the 12-megapixel camera and 5X optical zoom. Photo sensors detector is 13 megapixel with 1/1.7 inch sensor lens. It uses the Canon DIGIC 6 processor. It is available in black and white color. It comes at a price of US $349.

9. Canon Powershot S 110 – $449.95

9 Canon Powershot S 110Canon Power shot S 110 is the best camera for those who just start the photography. This camera offers the best autofocus performance and quality of photos is good. It is available in Black, White and Gray color.But this camera is no longer available and replaced with Canon Power Shot S120. It’s available in White and Black base which has the slight price difference. Its zoom capability is 5X.The black body has price $449.95.

8. Canon Powershot SX 60 HS – $550

8 Canon Powershot SX 60 HSCanon Power Shot SX 60 HS is a camera for capturing wildlife from afar, child face on a crowded school stage and craters on the moon. It is among the few cameras which have 50X zoom barrier. It has 21mm wide angle lens and 16MP high-sensitivity CMOS sensor. It uses latest DIGIC 6 Image processor for low light performance. The advanced technology utilized in the camera helps you to capture clear and long shots. It record video at 60p in 1080p full HD video . VCM and USM technology used in the camera effective for fast and silent zooming during recording. Wifi is also available in the Power Shot SX 60 HS, and you can attach external microphone in Power shot model. The price of this amazing camera is US $550.

7. Canon Power Shot G 1X Mark II – $699

7 Canon Power Shot G 1X Mark IICanon Power Shot G1X Mark II is the high-end camera in the compact camera market. It is the best camera for professionals and photo enthusiast. It has 12.8 Mp sensor resolution with 5X optical zoom.It has tilting LCD touch screen.It has wi-fi availability with NFC using the microphone. It the best camera for selfies.The price of this camera is $699.

6. Canon EOS Rebel SL1 – $699

6 Canon EOS Rebel SL1Canon EOS Rebel SL1 is the world smallest single lens reflex camera. It has brilliant 18 MP camera with APS-C CMOS sensor. For a clear view, it has wide 3-inch touch LCD screen. Seven level of brightness is present depending on light conditions. DIGIC 5 image processor used in the camera for best performance. It has lightweight, compact DSLR weight 13OZ. This smallest Canon camera has price $699.

5. Canon Power Shot G7 X – $699.99

5 Canon Power Shot G7 XThis Canon product offers 20 MP with 1 inch BSI CMOS sensor with F1.8-2.8 zoom. The camera has excellent features like Wifi access with NFC, flip up rear touchscreen monitor and dedicated exposure compensation dial. This expensive camera has price $699.99.

4. Canon Powershot SX 700 HS – $778

4 Canon Powershot SX 700 HSCanon’s compact zoom cameras is another entry Canon Power Shot SX700 HS. Its best feature is the 30X zoom lens. High-resolution LCD screen and wi-fi built in the camera with NFC. Its has 16.1 MP resolution with BSI-CMOS optical sensor.Users to capture high-quality daylight videos and photos. It also has optical image stabilizer. It is available in red and black color.

3. Canon EOS Rebel T5i – $799

3 Canon EOS Rebel T5iCanon EOS Rebel T5i is a perfect camera for making short movies and capturing live action. Its camera is 18 MP with 7.5 optical zooms. Its features with 14 bit DIGIC 5 processor for enhanced shooting sensitivity. It sold at a price of $799.

2. Canon EOS 70D – $999

2 Canon EOS 70DCanon EOS 70D is an amazing camera for those who have enthusiasm for posting pictures on social networking sites. Because it connects wirelessly via carbon image gateway. Its 20.2 MP CMOS sensor is also used for shooting from dim to bright light. Its has the 3-inch touchscreen with vari-angle. The camera allows their users are shooting up to 7 fps. Canon EOS 70 D has priced $999.

1. Canon EOS 7D Mark II – $1599 -$1949

1 Canon EOS 7D Mark IICanon EOS 7D Mark II is a camera make to meet the high demands of photographer and videographers. This camera gives the broad range of artistic opportunities to the photographers.Its ergonomic design and cutting edge operation and a robust make the challenging photography easy and straightforward. Canon EOS 7D Mark II has featured with a 20 MP camera..It used CMOS sensor with dual DIGIC 6 image processor for beautiful photography. The camera has slots for both SD and CF cards and also USB 3.0 connectivity. You can say it is and ideal tool for photography. It launched in November 2014, and its current price is $1599.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Canon Camera

Sr. no Most Expensive Cannon Camera
1 Canon EOS 7D Mark II $1599-$1949
2 Canon EOS 70D $999
3 Cannon EOS Rebel T5i $799
4 Canon Powershot SX700 HS $778
5 Canon Powershot G7 X $699.99
6 Canon EOS Rebel SL1 $699
7 Canon Powershot G1X Mark II $699
8 Canon Powershot SX60 HS $550
9 Canon Powershot S110 $449.95
10 Canon Powershot N100 $349



We conclude from this article Canon included in one of world best camera making companies. Canon cameras have every feature in different models which required for professional photography.Different ranges of Canon cameras make in access to everyone. These cameras capture your moments in the best way. If you are looking for a camera, you should think at least once for Canon cameras.