Top 10 Most Expensive Colleges in Texas U.S


Colleges in Texas Education has become the basic need of life because an educated person can spend their life in a well-mannered way. They could select the best field if they educated. But nowadays education has become one of expensive thing all over the world. Everyone wants to learn in the best college. The United States is one of the Expensive countries in the world, and Texas is the second largest state of America. The education of Colleges in Texas is very expensive. There are many colleges in the Texas which are giving best education, but some are most expensive. But Money spent on Education is not wasted, it gives you the best reward if you work hard. The following top 10 are the most expensive colleges in Texas U.S. The latest data are given about Texas’s Universities.

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10. Abilene Christian University – $28,350

10-abilene-christian-universityAbilene Christian University is the 10th most expensive colleges in Texas which are a private non-profit university. It is affiliated with Churches of Christ and established in 1906. It located in Abilene Texas, United States. The school has spread an area of 208 acres. There are 4,500 students are getting the education in which approximately 1000 are graduates and others undergraduates students. The cost of the tuition fee is $28,350.

9. The University of Texas at Dallas – $33,110

9-the-university-of-texas-at-dallasHere is the another expensive University of Texas which is a public research university. Richardson, Texas, Telecom Corridor is the main campus of the University which is 18 miles north of downtown Dallas. In the beginning, it started as the Graduate Research Center of the Southwest in 1961 and after this, its name changed to Southwest Center for Advanced Studies. In 1969, the founder started it as the University of Texas, Dallas. The expenses of the whole year here is $33,110. Approximately 25,000 students are studying here in which 15000 are undergraduates.

8. Saint Edward’s University – $33,720

8-saint-edwards-universitySaint Edward’s University is a private, liberal arts University which located in Austin, Texas. The University established in 1877 and Edward Sorin who is a Superior General of the Congregation of Holy Cross is the founder of it.  Average Net Price of the University is $33,720, and approximately 5000 students enroll every year. Saint Edward’s University is now under the leadership of George. E. Martin. It offers ten masters degree programs and more than 50 bachelor’s degrees which are related to schools of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Humanities, and the Bill Munday School of Business.

7. Austin College – $33,830

7-austin-collegeThe former name of Austin College is the University of Texas which is a public research university. It founded in 1881 and campus located in Austin, Texas, United States. It is a flagship state university as well as space grant university. A big number of students are getting an education here in which 39,000 are undergraduates and 11,000 graduates students. In 1929, Austin College became the third university in the American South. The university has seven museums, seventeen libraries and many research facilities. The tuition fee in Austin college is $33,830.

6. Trinity University – $34,678

6-trinity-universityTrinity is a private liberal arts college in San Antonio Texas, which established in 1869. The location of the campus is Monte Vista Historic District near Brackenridge Park. The university consists of 2500 students in which 2300 are undergraduates. And only 200 graduate students. The tuition fee in Trinity University is $ 34,678.  It gives 42 majors and 57 minors programs among 6 degrees.

5. Southwestern University – 35,240

5Southwestern University is a liberal arts college which located in Georgetown Texas, United States. It established in 1840, and it claims that it is the first school in the Texas.  In 2015 southwestern university was celebrated its 175Th anniversary. This school offers you 40 bachelor’s degree programs in arts, fine arts, and music as well as interdisciplinary. The fee for the school is $35,240 per year. There are 1536 undergraduates students.

4. Baylor University – $35,972

4-baylor-universityBaylor is a private university which located in Waco, Texas. It is one of the oldest university in Texas as well as it is the largest Baptist University in the world. It established in 1845, and it covers an area 1000 acres near the bank of the Brazos River. This oldest university accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The value of Tuition in Baylor is $35,972 and 16,800 students are getting the education here. In these strengths, 14, 189 are Undergraduates students. Bears is an athletic team of Baylor University which participate in 19 sports.

3. Texas Christian University – $36,590

3-texas-christian-universityTexas Christian is one of the expensive and old University of Texas which established in 1873. It is a private, coeducational university and located in Fort Worth. Addison and Randolph Clark are the founders of it. The Motto of the University is fascinating “ Learning the Power” and “Education is Opportunity. It covered 272 acres area, and 10,323 students are studying here in which Most are undergraduates. The number of Undergraduates students are 8,894. The tuition fee of the university is $36,590

2. Rice University – $38,941

2-rice-universityThe whole name is William Marsh Rice University which is commonly called Rice University. This private research university located in Houston, Texas, United States and you can find it easily near the Houston Museum District and Texas Medical Center.  The campus spread over 295 acres. It established in 1912, and it is considered the most selective institute of higher education in Texas state.

It is a science and art related University, and 6,623 students are getting the education here in which 3,879 are undergraduates. The tuition fee for the whole year here is $38,941. The Rice University organized into eleven residential colleges and eight schools of academic study.

1. Southern Methodist University – $43,800

Expensive Colleges in TexasSouthern Methodist University is the most expensive University in Texas. It is a private research university which established in 1911 it located in Dallas, Texas and affiliated with United Methodist Church. There are almost 11,643 students are getting the education of which 6,411 are undergraduates. The tuition fee of this expensive university is $43,800. This school boasts nearly 200 student organizations in which professional, sporting, ethnic themed, religious, service, academic, and political diversity groups included.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Colleges in Texas With Fee

Sr. No Colleges in Texas
Tuition Fee
1 Southern Methodist University $43,800
2 Rice University $38,941
3 Texas Christian University $36,590
4 Baylor University $35,972
5 Southwestern University $35,240
6 Trinity University $34,678
7 Austin College $33,830
8 Saint Edward’s University $33,720
9 The University of Texas at Dallas $33,110
10 Abilene Christian University $28,350



We conclude from the article basic need of life has become expensive. Education is a very necessary thing but all over the world, the best education is too costly even in The United States. America’s second largest state Texas also has most expensive colleges but these are giving best education.