Top 10 Most Expensive iPhone Cases 2016 – 2017


mobile iPhone has become a fundamental need of our life and iPhone the best and expensive mobiles in the world which are made by famous brand Apple. Everyone knows about this brand and consider a luxurious and perfect technological name in the whole world. Every year Apple launch your new models and people are curious to know about them, it has advanced features and different from other phones. The most expensive iPhone case in the world is Dragon and Spider case from Anita Mai Tan in $880000. Here is a list of world Top 10 Most Expensive iPhone Cases in the World.

Expensive iPhone, care is necessary so that you could protect from falling and scratches. For this purpose cases of phones are the best solution for protection. It does not only give safety to your phone but also give a stylish and perfect look. Many iPhone cases are selling in the market, but some best, and expensive cases are here. Everyone want to purchase these cases and make your phone more stylish. These are fancy and save your phone from any damage. So today I will tell you top 10 most expensive iPhone cases of 2016-2017.

10. Swarovski Crystal Covered Case – $239

10 Swarovski Crystal Covered CaseIf you want to make your iPhone more stylish, then you can purchase this case. It is a plastic shell covered in which hand-glued Swarovski crystal fixed. It looks perfect which covered with beautiful stones, roses, bear and bows make this cover different. It is also available on Etsy and people loved to purchase this fancy cover.

9. Louis Vuitton Case – $330

9 Louis Vuitton CaseLouis Vuitton is the famous brand in the fashion industry, most popular due to their handbags and shoes. But now it brings other accessories like sunglasses and jewelry and also iPhone cases. Their iPhone covers are very decent and beautiful; customers want to purchase this cover. It is made with pure leather and very slim cover which protect the whole phone. Its unique quality is microfiber in it which protect the screen from scratches. It is very classic design iPhone case with Louis Vuitton logo but can’t afford by everyone.

8. Gucci Crocodile Case – $495

8 Gucci Crocodile CaseGucci is the famous brand and also competitors in the fashion world. The Gucci’s cover is made up of skin alligator, and it gives complete care to the phone because it is weather resistant and protection is the primary factor who are shopping phone cases. People say it is more expensive than your iPhone, but it is best for your phone.

7. Dolce & Gabbana Case – $595

7 Dolce & Gabbana CaseIt is similar as Gucci and it designed in walled shape with a golden strap which makes your iPhone more beautiful. It is a black leather cover which embossed with silver color alligator skin. Therefore, its manufacturing makes Dolce & Gabbana Case more expensive case. The strap of this instance is 47 inches long and has different compartments for cards. Soft fabric lining protects the iPhone from damage. It is in fashion nowadays. Therefore, people want to purchase but due to their high price not everyone can buy.

6. Titanium Bumper Case from Gresso – $10,000

6 Titanium Bumper Case from GressoIt is very classy and masculine case which made with leather and also made with handcrafted solid titanium. Italian leather used in this beautiful cover and Gresso’s logo used in gold. This Grasso’s logo make it more expensive, and it can be hand polished which make it shiny and gorgeous.

5. The Tower Flower Case – $1495

5 The Tower Flower CaseHandcrafted Flower case is very stunning and beautiful and decorated with stones, Eiffel tower, and flowers. Mostly it is available an on online website called Etsy. Mostly people like Eiffel tower and have a dream to see Eiffel tower, therefore, they like these types of covers. This stylish cover is perfect for those individuals who don’t care about money because it is one of the expensive iPhone cases.

4. The Case-Mate Case – $4271

4 The Case-Mate CaseThis white color of the case made with a hard plastic cell with silicon line. This cover has soundproof technology which redirects the sounds outside the iPhone. The unique thing about this case is its customization; you can select features according to your desire. You can decorate this cover more with pictures and other beautiful things. Its high price makes it one of the most expensive iPhone cases, you can purchase online.

3. Titanium Case From Brick – $4,430

3 Titanium Case from BrickTitanium Case from Brick made with pure titanium and available in different colors like black, carbon, gold, and platinum. It is not too much fancy but includes on top of the cases. That best-looking cover is simple and protects the whole mobile from scratches and any other damage

2. Miansai 14 Carat Gold Cases – $10,000

2 Miansai 14 Carat Gold CasesMiansai is very luxurious cover and protects from all types of damage. This cover makes the iPhone more precious, and this beautiful cover made up of 14 karat gold. But this thousand dollar cover can’t afford by everyone; many few people purchase it.

1. Dragon and Spider case from Anita Mai Tan – $880000

Expensive iPhone CasesSpider and Dragon are the most expensive iPhone case in the world from Anita Mai Tan. It is the breathtaking case which made up with 16 karat white gold and fixed real diamonds and the total weight of the diamonds are 32 Carats. Dragon attached to its back which enhances its look but difficult to keep in the pocket.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive iPhone Cases 2016-2017

Sr. No Name Price
1 Dragon and Spider case from Anita Mai Tan $880000
2 Miansai 14 Carat Gold Cases $10,000
3 Titanium Case from Brikk $4430
4 The Case Mate Case $4271
5 The Tower Flower Case $1495
6 Titanium Bumper Case from Gresso $10,000
7 Dolce & Gabbana Case $595
8 Gucci Crocodile Case $495
9 Louis Vuitton Case $330
10 Swarovski Crystal Covered Case $239


From above article, we can see most expensive iPhone cases in the world. It is most expensive due to their material and belongs to different brands. All these covers used for protection and also increase beauty of your iPhone, but these beautiful covers are very expensive therefore can’t afford by everyone, Only rich people provide these iPhone cases