Top 10 Most Expensive iPhone IOS Apps


Expensive iPhone IOS Apps iPhone is very popular products of the Apple brand and everyone love to keep it. Iphone have high prices due to its advanced features and best quality. The Apple brand products consider the status symbol because these have the luxurious impact on other people. Every year its latest edition comes with more innovative features and technology. You can download different  Apps in which some of them are free, but some are high paid. Free applications are the best, and everyone can download them. Paid apps consist of advanced features. Some of the paid applications are too much expensive. These apps are unique in their features.The following top 10 are the most expensive iPhone IOS Apps in the world.

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10. Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2 – $299.99

10-boffo-fun-time-game-pax-2Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2 is one of the best and expensive app for Apple products. It is the collection of 4 other games. The name of the game shows that the players have punched the clown by the use of punching bag and got score through it. The developed of Famous Game Water Globe developed this app. This cost of the game is $299.99 but People like to this colorful game, especially kids.

9. Water Globe – $349.99

9-water-globeWater Globe is one of the most expensive apps for iPhone. Players can choose the best one and adjust setting according to their needs. It is the very advanced game which provides snowfall effect for the lock screen of the phone. This feature is very appealing about this colorful and entertaining game.

8. Mobile Cam Viewer – $349.99

8-mobile-cam-viewerNowadays security has become one of the main issues everywhere. Everyone is very conscious about security of their houses as well as offices. And these days to keep an eye on all the time is a very challenging task. So these security applications are excellent for these purposes through which they can access to all cameras installed at houses or offices. This app can control 25 cameras from your phone. It is one of the expensive app but very beneficial; you can purchase it in $350.

7. Gun Bros – $599.99

7-gun-brosGun Bros is a very popular game app and Famous developer of games Glu Games developed it. You can play it without spending money but Apathy for this game purchased in $600. Apathy is very useful and can fire 11 bullets at a time, and every shot is very powerful. So this is the very entertaining game, and advanced updating gives more appealing to the players.

6. Ignition – $999.99

6-ignitionIgnition is one of the most expensive apps, and you can not use this app on its own. It used in combination with a piece of software for the PC and Mac which is called LogMeln. If you will use in the combination then gain remote access towS their computer, and you can store files on them. Through this app, you can restart and shut down your computer remotely. The last update of the app gives access to file stored in the cloud in LogMeln Pro.

5. App. Cash – $999.99

5-app-cashApp.Cash POS System, POS means the point of sale, it is very useful and gives different features in phones. It made payments through debit card transactions. People love to this app because it is a unique application.Visomatic developed this rocking app, and the cost of that request $999.99.

4. Bar Max Bar Exam & MPRE Review – $999.99

4-bar-max-bar-exam-mpre-reviewBar Max Bar Exam & MPRE Review also included in the list of top 10 most expensive app on the iPhone. Harvard Law Alumni developed this app and very beneficial for the law students. It provides complete guidance to the students related to exams etc. The most interesting feature is that this app gives the lectures from the famous law professors of the world which have linked with 40 top law institutes in the world. That’s why Law Students considered it the best application for their iPhone and no doubt in it.

3. QSFF Stats – $999.99

3-qsff-statsQSFF Stats app looks like wristband system and traditional cards which played all over the world. Different wristbands and boards required for playing it. This app has latest editing features through which players can choose the setting according to your need. It provides a glorified spreadsheet in which records of performance kept. The cost of this app $999.99 and one of the most expensive apps for the iPhone.

2. iVIP Black – $999.99

2-ivip-blackiVIP Black is also called millionaire app due to its latest and advanced features it is called Millionaire app. This app provides many benefits to its customers. It can locate in different hotels of various countries and hotel will give you some necessary things for using this application. This application helps in verification the total assets of the person.

1. Cyber Tuner – $999.99

1-cyber-tunerCyber Tuner is a professional application and one of the most expensive apps for iPhone. Dean Rayburn developed it. This app has millions of features and techniques for understanding. It gives you latest regular updates which are a new feature in the most recent apps. Cyber Tuner App provides you annual subscription to the people. 51 people have given five stars to this app who have reviewed it. The price of Cyber Tuner is $999.99.

Top 10 Most Expensive iPhone IOS Apps at a Glance

Sr. No Expensive iPhone IOS Apps
1 Cyber Tuner $999.99
2 iVIP Black $999.99
3 QSFF Stats $999.99
4 Bar Exam Crash Course $999.99
5 Virtual POS System $999.99
6 Ignition $999.99
7 Gun Bros Apathy Bear in App purchase $599.99
8 View Security Cameras from Phone $349.99
9 Virtual Snow Globe App $349.99
10 Clown punching Game $299.99


Everyone knows about Apple products, and iPhone has become most favorite smartphone in the world. The prices of iPhone are very high, and some of its best applications are very expensive. These are very beneficial but due to high price everyone can’t afford.