Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Dress for Girls


wedding dresses The Diamond wedding gown is the most expensive wedding dress in the world which worth has $ 12 million. This dress decorated with 150 karats diamonds and finest fabrics make it more luxurious. Every woman is very excited on their special day, and she wants to look perfect therefore every girl is very conscious about her wedding dress which she will wear on her wedding day, We spend a lot of money on this day. Some royal weddings in the world are most expensive and they also use most luxurious dress.

There are many wedding dresses in the world for girls which are beautiful and elegant, but some girls want to buy a most expensive dress. But mostly they belong to Royal family, celebrities or Rich Girls because a Normal girl can’t afford these clothes. In today’s article, i will tell you about top 10 most expensive wedding dress for girls in the world.

10. Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy Dress, $75,000

10 Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy DressKim Kardashian is an American actress and social personality. She is also highest paid celebrity; she got married to Kris Humphries, on her wedding she wore a beautiful gown by Vera Wang. It is a similar price as the Kate’s Middleton wedding dress, and it has elegant sheer back and knitted sleeves. But they got separated after two months.

9. Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress, $115,000

9 Princess Diana’s Wedding DressPrincess Diana is a beautiful Princess of the royal family. In all over the world, millions of people were fans her beauty. In 1981 she got married to Prince Charles who was the prince of royal family Britain. David and Elizabeth designed her beautiful wedding dress which is one of the most expensive wedding dress in the world. It features a 24-foot train, a 50-yard lace, white silk, gold thread and 10,000 pearls encrusted in her dress. They got separated after 16 years of their marriage, and in 1997 Princess Diana died.

8. Melania Knauss Wedding Dress, $125,000

8Melania Knauss is a famous American actress who got married to Donald Trump in 2005; Donald Trump is a very rich real estate magnate. Melania wore a beautiful gown of Christian Dior which is a popular and expensive brand in the world. It embroidered with 1500 rhinestones, crystals and pearls and dress weight is about 50 pounds and a 13-foot train. Silk and net on this white gown enhance its look.

7. Catherine Zeta Jones’s Wedding Dress, $140,000

7She is a famous actress who has worked in many films and television series. She has also played the role in many Hollywood movies and got many awards for her performance. In 2000 she got married to Michael Douglas, and she wore a beautiful dress which made by Christian Lacroix.

6. 9,999 Carat Gems Wedding Dress, $160,000

6 9,999 Carat Gems Wedding DressCarat Gems Wedding Dress is a very exquisite glittery gown which made in 2007. It is breathtaking Chinese wedding dress which displays at a store in Shangrao, Jiangxi Province, China. Huy Vo is the designer of the dress and decorated it with a large number of diamonds and precious stones in which 100 red rubies and 222 diamonds included. The jewelry which used in the dress have weight about 9,999 karats, and whole dress weight is 40 pounds

5. Mauro Adami Wedding Dress, $375,000

5 Mauro Adami Wedding DressMauro Adami is a famous Italian fashion master who made this dress with silk and platinum thread. It is also called platinum wedding dress. 40-meter fabric used in this wedding dress and its platinum color and floral trimmings on the gown’s end make the bride more stunning and elegant look.

4. Kate Middleton’ s Wedding Dress, $400,000

4Kate Middleton ‘s is a member of Britain Royal family she got married to Prince William of England. Every woman was in curiosity about The Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress; They want to know what Kate wore. So Kate wears very expensive and Luxurious dress which made inspired by the dress of Grace Kelly. It was a charming custom gown and silk net, and lace gives this dress an elegant and royal look. Alexander McQueen fashion house designed this most expensive dress, and the designer name is Sarah Burton. The royal wedding moments and her dress captured by all TV Channels in the whole world.

3. Peacock Wedding Dress, $1.5 Million

3 Peacock Wedding DressThe designer of the peacock wedding dress is Vera Wang who made this unique dress with 2,009 male peacock feathers. It is entirely different from other wedding gowns and perfects for those brides who want to stand out in a nontraditional way. The designer work is fantastic, besides 2,009 feathers 18 k gold and diamonds are also used in this dress which makes it more luxurious and expensive.

2. Yumi Katsura White Gold Dress, $ 8.5 Million

2 Yumi KatsuraYumi Katsura White Gold Wedding Gown, $ 8.5 million: Yumi Katsura is a famous Japanese fashion designer who designed second most expensive wedding gown in the world. The unique features of the dress are satin and silk and crafted from white gold. More than 1000 pearls, 8.8 karats green diamond, and five karats white gold make this dress stunning.

1. The Diamond wedding gown, $12 Million

1 The Diamond wedding gownMartin Katz and Renee Strauss created Diamond Wedding gown in 2006 which is the most expensive dress in the world. 150 karats of diamonds encrusted in the dress which makes it beautiful and stylish. The finest fabrics make it a masterpiece but due to their high price still it is unsold. The gown displayed at the Ritz Carlton Marina Ray in 2006.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Dress for Girls

Sr.NO Expensive Wedding Dress
1 The Diamond wedding gown $ 12 million
2 Yumi Katsura White Gold Dress $8.5 million
3 Peacock Wedding Dress $ 1.5 million
4 Kate Middleton’ s Wedding Dress $400,000
5 Mauro Adami Wedding Dress $375,000
6 9,999 Carat Gems Wedding Dress $160,000
7 Catherine Zeta Jones’s wedding dress $140,000
8 Melania Knauss Wedding Dress $125,000
9 Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress $115,000
10 10.Kim Kardashian’s Givenchy Dress $75,000


All of above dresses given according to the price and all these wedding dresses are breathtaking which make the bride elegant. Different famous designers make These expensive clothes. But everyone can not afford these clothes because the wedding is an event in which a lot of money spends so, people manage their budget. Mostly Royal families or celebrities purchase these dresses, but most expensive Diamond Dress is still unsold