Top 10 Most Famous & Intelligent Dog Breeds in the World


dog Labrador Retrievers is most famous and Intelligent in all Intelligent Dog Breeds in the world. Dogs have become the companions of the human. They are loyal friends, pets, and guardians. People mostly keep the dogs for protection of the family and home. The dog is one of the workers who help in rescue operations, use as police dogs, and drug busters.  Some people love the dogs, so they want they have best, and famous breed as the pet. You should be careful about your pet so select best dogs food brands.

What are Top 10 Most Famous Intelligent Dog Breeds

Here is an article in which we will tell you about top 10 most famous & Intelligent dog breeds in the world. Most of them in this list included American dogs. Some are Most dangerous dogs in the world. American dogs are best breeds for pets, and they can quickly attain affection of their owner. So have a look at this article!

10. Boxer

Boxer puppyBoxer first time found in Germany in the 19th century. According to the AKC Boxer is used in dogs fighting and some games like wild boar, hunter arrived. It is muscular, short coated breed, they just loveable and make the place in the heart of the owner immediately. Boxer has the playful spirit which is the best thing about this breed. He jumps up with his front paws they’re why Boxer name given to this breed.

9. Rottweiler

9 RottweilerRottweiler is a Roman dog, this breed of dog has affectionate and loving personality, but if you are inexperienced then don’t keep this dog the first time. It is the best dog for domestic purposes as well as this breed is used for rescue purposes and in police dogs. Rottweiler is dominant breed; American Kennel Club said this is a calm, confident, and courageous dog. They can survive for 8 to 9 years, and they have 90 to 110 pounds weight.

8. Poodles

8 PoodlesPoodles is a runway models breed who is brilliant, graceful. This breed is one of the most trainable breeds. Exercise is very necessary for Poodles; the typical poodles look pleasant, happy, and sensitive. This dog’s breed is available in a variety of colors like white, black, apricot, and gray. Their fur looks beautiful and they hypoallergenic which reduce the allergic reactions.

7. Yorkshire Terriers

7 Yorkshire TerriersYorkshire Terriers is the most famous breed in the world; they are very cute, cheerful, intelligent, and affectionate. They are the best family pet for them who can’t exercise a dog regularly. The first time it was registered in a club in 1885, and this breed originated from England. The weight of this breed is 4 to 7 pounds. They are very energetic, loyal and talented dog’s breed.

6. French bulldog

6 French bulldogFrench Bulldog breed is one of the popular breeds according to the American Kennel Club. The French bulldog is not actually from France; they belong to the Molossian tribe which is now known as the Mastiff. The French bulldog is the primary choice in different regions of The United States like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, and Washington DC.

5. Beagle

5 BeagleAccording to AKC Beagle is also one of the most famous breeds in the America and also included in the list of top 10 famous dog breed in the world. This breed is very spunky, loyal and friendly pet. This dog is temporarily obedient; it gives the challenge to train.  President Lyndon B. Johnson has three Beagles, and named of these three are Him, Her, and Edger. This dog Beagle well known due to its sharp bark

4. Bulldog

4 BulldogBulldogs breed has very sweet natured, and happy disposition. One of in very famous breed who0 live happy cold environment. They exist in different natural colors like black, white, red, brindle, pale, yellow and, also in combination of colors. Bulldogs breed have gentle nature and dependable dogs. For this breed, strong leadership and attention recommended. They can be alive up to 8 to 12 years, and weight of this breed is 40 to 50 pounds.

3. Golden Retriever

3 Golden RetrieverGolden Retriever is one of the favorite dogs of Americans. The golden looks, wavy blonde fur and joyful prance keep this breed into top 10 famous dog breed in the world. Golden Retrievers brilliant breed who can learn more than 200 commands with training. American Kennel Club use it as a sporting dog, and for hunting, because they are famous for its soft mouth and eagerness to retrieve in water

2. German Shepherds

2 German ShepherdsGerman Shepherd originated in 1899, and they are the particular breed of Germany. They are brilliant, strong dog, friendly, and courageous. German Shepherd are very loyal breed and very cheerful, obedient and eager to learn. German Shepherd also use as the sheepdog, guard God, in a police dog, rescue service, and in the military. If you keep German Shepherds as a pet, they become friendly and attach the family. Their weight can be from 60 to 140 pounds, and they can survive 10 to 13 years.

1. Labrador Retrievers

Intelligent Dog BreedsLabrador Retrievers is the most popular and most intelligent breed of dog in the America. They are healthy and active and them mostly available in black color, but some of them come in yellow color. Labrador Retrievers have good nature and very cooperative pets whom you can quickly train. They are very used to working dogs like drug-detecting agents and police dogs, show competitor, and as the rescue dog. Labrador Retrievers are intelligent as well as aggressive, and weight of these can be 60 to 75 pounds, and they can live alive for 10 to 14 years.

List of Top 10 Most Famous & Intelligent Dog Breeds in the World

Sr. No  Intelligent Dog Breeds
1 Labrador Retrievers
2 German Shepherds
3 Golden Retriever
4 Bulldog
5 Beagle
6 French bulldog
7 Yorkshire Terriers
8 Poodles
9 Rottweiler
10 Boxer



After this article, we conclude that most people think a dog is the only dangerous animal, but a dog is one of the protectors of our houses. He is best for security and pet dogs are just lovable. They are loyal and very friendly you and your children enjoy with them. Besides all of these they help in military and rescue services as well as police dogs.