Top 10 Famous Police Dog Breeds That Are Intelligent


Famous Police Dog breeds The most famous police dog breed is a German shepherd. The dog is considered the best friend of man and loyal animal. Many people love their dogs a lot and give special care to them. They like to keep with them everywhere. There are different types of dogs in the world, some are used for police work specifically. We talk about the famous police dog breeds in the world. These are used for different tasks in law enforcement and police departments like tracking criminals, detecting substances and for guarding purpose. These dogs are also known as K-9 dogs and these breeds are also famous and intelligent. They trained them carefully for special services. There are many common dog breeds In the world which are used as Police dogs. Let’s take a look at a list of 10 famous police dog breeds that are intelligent in the world.

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10. Dutch Shepherd – Netherlands

dutch-shepherdDutch Shepherd is an amazing and calm dog with the perfect sense of direction and smells. This is the very intelligent dog and has a watchful eye. Mostly used for tracking and searching purposes in the law enforcement. Dutch Shepherd does not miss their target. Today they are used in police workforce and as house dog, but they are also effective for patrolling sheep and herding.

9. German Shorthaired Pointer – Germany

german-short-haired-pointerThis is very short as its name indicates but it is commonly found and bred. They are grown large in numbers and commonly known as GSP’s. These police dog breeds look spotty and frail in appearance. They are very famous because of their cooperative nature and this characteristic make easy to train them. The best thing about these dogs is they are very specialized in sniffing out human decomposition and cadavers. This is active and friendly as well, it is fun to play with him. Regardless of breeds this dog also used for hunting birds.

8. Golden Retriever – USA

golden-retrieverGolden Retriever is a common house and also used in law enforcement. They are not strong guard dogs but have many unique features. The tasks they can perform efficiently include detecting substances, searching for cadavers, tracking down missing people. This hard working dog breed is compatible with most other dog breeds. A wonderful companion which never disappoints his owner and work intelligently.

7. Boxer – Germany

boxerBoxer is the fighter dog and among the best police dog breeds. Mostly they are available in two types Deutscher Boxer and Schutzhund Boxer. Both are equal in their doggies personalities. Boxers are strong, intelligent and versatile in their features. They have been used in the wartime as messenger dogs, pack carriers, attack and guard dogs. Because of their ability to jump of somewhat high raised bars of heights, considered them as Gymnastics types hounds or Martial Arts. The high flexibility is the worth of these dog breeds and they have an excellently trained ability. These hounds are perfect for performing new tricks which demand for the unique service of dogs in the Police force.

6. Labrador Retriever – United Kingdom

labrador-retrieverA great dog for law force and for home as well. Popularly these are known as Service dogs. Labrador is very common household pet and people love to keep them at home. Because sensitive nature, intelligence, enthusiasm these are best for police and army work. Recently they have been used for tracking and substance detection. You can find them always loyal and they have the strong sense, tolerable temper and good ethics of work. In battle, these brave dogs are responsible for saving the lives of civilians and soldiers. They are detecting small pieces of explosive material and highly helpful for an army work due to incredible noses.

5. Giant Schnauzer – Germany

giant-shnautzerThis is not a big dog as its name indicates, Giant Schnauzer has long fur, which hangs from its mouth and makes the horrible dog. The big dogs always win, but this small dog is enough for police work and frightens the criminals. Longer body length gives them a large appeal and their teeth jolt together in a scissor shape. So never tried to mess with these dogs. Giant is a bold, and a good companion of a human being. Nothing better to the police force to have a dog breeds like Giant Schnauzer.

4. Doberman Pinscher – France, Scotland

doberman-pinscherThe Doberman Pinscher is highly defensive, alert and athletic dog breed. They are best, for one thing, Guarding. Although these are most dangerous and ferocious dogs, but effective to being police dogs. The loyalty and intelligent of them are famous in the world. They are aggressive, so it is needed that they should train correctly. The best thing is that they can adjust anywhere and stick to their owner strictly. Highly efficient dog breeds to follow the commands of the owner. You can train them for personal defense, police dog, and war dog.

3. BloodHound – Germany

bloodhoundThe Bloodhound is one of the best police dogs with huge ears. The ears make him unique among police dog breeds. They are used for tracking missing things, people, and human remains. A powerful dog with a long face and look like a teddy bear. They are calm and friendly and never give up for their mission. They stand firm and straight to the command of its trainer. When we look the nose of these dog breeds, it seems that it is made especially for Police force work. Bloodhound is also a hunting dog and hunts large things like Deer and Wild beers along with the birds.

2. Belgian Malinois – Belgium

belgian-malinoisBelgian is coming in the top dogs when we talk about the detection of drugs, narcotics, and such other substances. This dog breed is a symbol of terror as its name indicates. In appearance, they are cheeky, hairy, meat ripping dogs and look like wolves. They are always prepared to learn new things and trained in different areas. These dog breeds are highly energetic and medium build and have the strong nose for detection. At the same time, these are best as the guard dog, sniffer dogs, hunter and loyal companion.

1. German Shepherd – Germany

Famous Police Dog Breeds The German shepherd is the most popular police dogs known in all over the world. They are used for substance detection, as a tracking dog and Cadaver tracking dog. The best thing of a police dog is its curiosity and it is present in these dog breeds. These are considered the boss in its personality. They are strong, fearless, loyal, and obedient and trained easily. Highly cooperative and friendly to their friends and family, the only difference is that they cannot speak. These are best police dog breeds because of astounding attack ability.

List of Top 10 Famous Police Dog Breeds That Are Intelligent

Sr. No Famous Police Dog Breeds Origin
1 German Shepherd Germany
2 Belgian Malinois Belguim
3 Doberman Pinscher Germany
4 BloodHound France , Scotland, England
5 Giant Shnautzer Germany
6 Labrador Retriever Newfoundland,United Kingdom
7 Boxer Germany
8 Golden Retriever USA
9 German Shorthaired Pointer Germany
10 Dutch Shepherd Netherland


We conclude from this article dog is the dangerous but very useful animal. This is also loyal to their owner and protects him from danger. In the world, dogs are the only animal which is mostly used for such tasks as searching missing people, for sniffing purpose and detecting suspicious substances and explosive traces. Above mentioned dogs are highly energetic and do their work efficiently. But care should be needed because if they are not trained properly they cause severe harm to you.