Top 10 Famous TV Shows Dads of All Time Who Looks Handsome


Famous TV Shows Dads The most famous TV dad of all time is Andy Taylor from “The Andy Griffith Show“. In this world, father is a blessing for children and no alternate of him. Every kid loves his dad and sees his father as a best dad of the world. Father can do everything for the comfort of their children. Today we discuss the famous TV dads who are favourite by many people in the world because of their role in the TV shows. Many actors play the notable role of fathers for his children in the shows. We make a list of 10 such famous TV shows dads of all time who looks handsome.

10.  Phil Dunphy – The Modern Family

Phil Dunphy is one of the most committed dads on TV from last few years. The real name of Phil is Ty Burrell and, a consummate family man. Phil was the father of three children and married to Claire. He tried to bond with the kids and be a together father for the family. Being a good father and husband he works hard and the kids maybe a little too attached to his father‘s new trophy wife.

9. Tim Taylor – Home Improvement

Tim Taylor is the consummate man’s man and the host of Tool Time on the Home Improvement sitcom. It is one of the famous and most watched show in America from 1991-1999 and today on aired on TvLand. The show centres the Tim, his wife Jill and three children Brad, Randy and Mark. He is handyman husband and does not know anything about a home workshop. He tries to fix the problems but most time was missing it. Tim as a father is unfocused while his wife runs the whole family and perfect comic foil for Tim.

8. Danny Tanner – Full House

Bob Saget played the role of Danny Tanner on Full House He was an extraordinarily funny man also hosted Americ’s funniest Home videos. His all shows are full of comedy. In this show, he was a young widower and had four daughters including twins Mary-Kate and Ashely, the baby of the house. Danny was a bit overprotective, and neatness nut but loveable dad. Many teenage girls wished to have a dada-like him.

7. Homer Simpson – The Simpsons

Home Simpson is a father who has no interest in anything in life except the occasional beer. He is funny but a sad example of a father in today’s world. Home Simpson is a dysfunctional father, abusive and disconnected with his family. He has no care for his family but plays a funny father role in the show.

6.  Charles Ingalls – Little House on the Prairie

Michael Landon played the role of Charles Ingalls but he was best known from Bonanza as Little Joe Cartright role. In Little House on the Prairie, he was the archetypal pioneer and farmer father. He works hard in their farms and raising their daughters on the frontier. He was the pillar of this small farming community and full of homespun wisdom.

5. Howard Cunningham – Happy Days

Happy days, the famous Tv show and the role of Howard played by famous TV actor Tom Bosley. He operated a hardware store and always has time for their kids. He regularly offered father wisdom to his children and sometimes their unique friends like Ralphie, Potsie, Fonzie, and Chachie. Howard and his wife Marion’s was full of affection and their door always open for kids who happened to show up.

4. Ray Barone – Everybody Loves Raymond

The original name of the actor is Ray Raymond, he was the loveable father, Debra’s husband and father of Michael and Geoffrey and Ally. In everybody loves Raymond he is a sportswriter and typical conflict avoidance father before his own parents come and seem to invade important family moment. As the name of the show indicates Ray wants to be loved by everyone in his circle and because of this situation he and Debra have tense moments. But this show was very famous and Ray is the favourite TV dad of many people.

3. Mike Brady – Brady Bunch

Mike Brady was a loveable and affectionate father in Brady Bunch. This role played by famous actor Robert Reed. He headed up his blended family and famous for his morality talks with the kids. Sometimes exasperated look at the antics of six busy kids. Mike Brady a man who is beloved as TV father by many generations.

2. Heathcliff Huxtable – Cosby Show

Bill Cosby was well known from this show. A busy obstetrician with an office downstairs at his home had time to wise crack and spout wisdom with the children in all eight season of the show. He was a wise-cracking jokester and serious without being preachy. Bill love jazz music and famous because of colourful sweaters and smart repartee inspired by many fathers. Simply he was a father every kid wants.

1. Andy Taylor – The Andy Griffith Show

This show played in the 1960s and role of Andy Taylor was played by Sheriff Andy Taylor. He was a single father who raised his son Opie with their AuntBea. As a doting father, he learns the Opie high standard of morality and good behaviour. The role of Andy Taylor was admired by all kids in the world.

List of Top 10 Famous TV Shows Dads of All Time Who Looks Handsome

Sr. No Famous TV Shows Dads TV Show
1 Andy Taylor The Andy Griffith Show
2 Heathcliff Huxtable Cosby Show
3 Mike Brady Brady Bunch
4 Ray Barone Everybody loves Raymond
5 Howard Cunningham Happy Days
6 Charles Ingalls Little House on the Prairie
7 Homer Simpson The Simpsons
8 Danny Tanner Full House
9 Tim Taylor Home Improvement
10 Phil Dunphy The Modern Family


We conclude from this article a family is not complete only with father and mother, instead, it ends with Father Care and love for their kids. In above mentioned shows, The role of the father by the different actor admired. Why the children wished to have such TV dads in real life because they saw the reflection of these favourite Tv dads in their original parents. These famous tv shows Dads are also full of comedy which makes you laugh.