Top 10 Halloween Costumes Ideas For Girls


holloween constume When we think about Halloween, scary things come in our mind. Halloween Parties are a modern trend and first time Halloween Costume was released on November 8, 2011. After this, it was updated in the Scream Fortress 2013. There are many Halloween costume dress ideas, but some described in this article. Here a list of top 10 Halloween costumes Impressing ideas for girls in 2016. I hope you will enjoy and can easily select best get up for your Halloween parties. You can also get information about latest Fashion on this website.

10. Pirate Costume

10 Pirate costumeThe pirate costume is another most famous Halloween dress idea in which pirate hat, shirt, and pants included. It gives a horror look, and women like to wear this get up for their Halloween parties. Women apply smoky makeup with this Halloween dress idea which makes them more horror.

9. Witch Halloween Costume

9 Witch Halloween costume“Witch” is an English Word which means “Wise.” women who have the magical power called witches and they fly on broomsticks. Now Witch has become the most famous Halloween women costume who wear black clothes. Black Cat Witch is the most popular in them, and a stick is a part of this Halloween costume.

8. Wonder Women

8 Wonder WomenWonder Women Halloween costume idea came from fictional superhero which was appearing in American comic books. She is well known by her secret identity Diana Prince. After the popularity of this series, its dress also got fame among women. Then women like to wear this get up for their Halloween parties.

7. Superhero Halloween Costume

7 b. Superhero Halloween CostumeSuperhero women Halloween costume is one of the famous dress ideas. Children see too happy these dress of women on Halloween parties. Women wear the red and black dress in Superhero Halloween get up and also wear a black face mask.

6.Pineapple Halloween Costume

6 Pineapple Halloween CostumeThis Halloween gets up looks hilarious. Women wear the yellow color dress and keep a pineapple flower on the head in green color. It is the adorable and super cute costume. If you adopt this getup, you can look fabulous at Halloween parties.

5. Cotton Candy Halloween Costume

5 Cotton Candy Halloween costumeCotton Candy Halloween costume is another funny, and famous dress gets up in 2016. Mostly a group of women friend loves to wear this craziest clothes. It is an amazing in which you look sweet and cute. Ladies friend who wants to wear same Halloween dress cotton candy is best for them.

4.Twinning Emojis

4 Twinning EmojisTwinning Emojis is also included in top 10 Halloween costume dress ideas in 2016.  In Twinning Emojis women wear the black dress and look like Emojis, and they enjoy a dance. This getup is also best for two ladies friend who want to ready same to same for Halloween party. Two big bunny ears is also a part of this getup. So Emoji girls look beautiful in this getup.

3. Moana

3 MoanaMoana is a Polynesian princess who is debatable for some years. Women like to wear her get up on their Halloween parties. She is very adventurous and determined. Women love when they wear the same dress which is similar to a princess dress and then behave like a princess on Halloween parties.

2. Harley Quinn

2 Harley QuinnHarley Quinn is one of the brilliant ideas for Halloween parties. She I most famous iconic villains in the Batman series. Women like to dress up as her for their Halloween parties. You spend money for purchasing Halloween costume then you would be crazy as Harley Quinn. Mad Love is the animated Batman Adventures series which is well written by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm.

The villain Harley Quinn on the show is the best character, and now it is the best idea for Halloween Costume. The dress of Harley Quinn mostly in red and black color and black color makeup, as well as she, keep her hair in two ponytails.

1. Moaning Myrtle Halloween Costume

Halloween Costumes Ideas For GirlsMyrtle was a character in Harry Potter and student at Hogwarts. She  killed in the bathroom, so she is famous as Moaning Myrtle at Hogwarts. Her ghost was found weeping and moaning in the bathroom. She is the depressing character and she like the sad and distressed student, if she feels they are happy, then she loves to bring people down. Moaning Myrtle Halloween Costume has become one of most popular Halloween costume dress idea on Halloween Parties. Women wear clothes like Moaning Myrtle and look sad with two ponytails and glasses.

List of Top 10 Halloween Costumes Ideas For Girls

Sr. No Halloween Costumes Ideas 2016
1 Moaning Myrtle Halloween Costume
2 Harley Quinn
3 Moana
4 Twinning Emojis
5 Cotton Candy Halloween
6 Pineapple Halloween
7 Superhero Halloween
8 Wonder Women
9 Witch Halloween
10 Pirate Costume



We conclude from the article Halloween costume have become most popular shows in our society. Through this people dress up with scary, and funny get up. But it is such enjoyable parties. So some dress ideas are given so you can select which you like.