Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2016-2017


Highest Paid Hollywood Actors Hollywood has its charm all over the world for being the most exciting industry in the world. Hollywood celebrities have massive fan club and popularity worldwide following their appearance and leading characters in movies. American film industry has been producing the budgeted top films to attract a large number of audience in which it has been considerably successful. Many actors in the Hollywood have the great extent of loving fans and have popularity across the world; they have been highly paid for any movie following their public image and influence in the crowd. Here we have made a list of Top Ten Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2016-2017.

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10. Liam Neeson

He is an Irish actor who was born seven June 1952. He gained fame by starring in the Oscar winning- Schindler’s list.He played title roles in many successful movies such as Michael Collins, Les Miserables, Kinsey and top rated thriller Action Taken. His secret to working on the small budget but high return movies such as “TAKEN ” and “The Grey”. With his high income of $36 million, he has been ranked 100 sexiest starts in Film History and top 10 movies beginning of all time. He has won and nominated for many awards like Golden Globe Awards, BAFTA awards, and The Academy Awards.

9. Adam Sandler

529139817BT00002_The_41st_AAdam Sandler is said to be the funniest man of Hollywood industry. He is famous for his roles in Billy Madison, Big Daddy, and Mr. Deeds and animated movie – Hotel Transylvania, he ensured the film make box office collections worth $347 million. His annual earnings are $37 million.

8. Chris Hemsworth

Chris HemsworthThis Australian actor is best known as Thor in superhero film Thor Sequels. Hemsworth first started his career as the television actor and played the role in Guinevere Jones and Neighbours, then made an appearance in J. Abrams directorial Star Trek with earning $37 million. His films include The Avengers, Red Dawn, Rush, Blackhat and age of Ultron.

7. Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo DicaprioAnother famous and leading actor, producer Leonardo Dicaprio, who is famous internationally for his role in Titanic movie. He started his career with minor roles in television series. He played supporting role in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, which is highly appreciated by Audience. He has garnered fame in the age of 40 years because of his leading role in “The Basketball Diaries and Romantic drama Romeo+ Juliet. He has received bundles of awards and nominations and highest paid actor with $39 million.

6. Bradley Cooper

Bradley CooperBradey Cooper born on five January 1975, Sexiest Man Alive titled Bradley Cooper has risen stardom with spy -action television show Alias. He continued his career as supporting actor and has gained recognition all over the world with comedy franchise The Hangover trilogy in which his character has critically acclaimed by the audience. Bradley includes in top 10 expensive Hollywood actors with $46 million income. He has an extensive list of movies, TV series, nominations, and awards.

5. Mark Wahlberg

He is an American actor, producer and model born on June 5, 1971. He is famous for his serious role in movies such as The Fighter and The Departed. Mark performed brilliantly in movie “TED’ was well appreciated, and there is a sequel to Ted that is in the pipeline along with Transformers, Age of Extinction. His current annual earning is around $52 million. He was also nominated for Academy Award.

4.  Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne JohnsonHe is a good looking American actor and wrestler, well known for his sports and action movies such as Fast & Furious and The Game Plan. Film The Scorpion King his first leading film in 2002 for which he was paid 5.5 million. He is successful in showbiz too with wrestling and worked in many movies such as Walking Tall, Be Cool, The Rundown, Get Smart, Gridiron Gang, Planet 51, Doom, Tooth Fairy, Fast Five. He gave great hits to box office G.I. Joe, Retaliation, and Hercules and named in the list of highest paid actors in Hollywood with earnings of $52 million.

3. Hugh Jackman

Hugh JackmanA brilliant Australian actor, producer, and singer who is known for his excellent performance in X-man series, Real Steel, Prisoners, Les Miserable, The Prestige and much more make his place in highest paid Hollywood actors.He earned $55 million from his X- Men series and Oscar-winning Les Miserables. This movie received the overall box office collections of $438 million.

2. Channing Tatum

Second highest paid actor is young and good-looking American actor and dancer. He was known to earn reasonably well in medium-budget movies. But one comedy drama movie- Magic Mike changes this tradition when he made $60 million and make the place at top 10 expensive Hollywood actors.

1. Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr.He is an American actor and singer, born on 4 April 1965.He had started his career in the film industry with his father Robert Downey Sr.’ s film Pound. Now Robert Downey Jr is highest paid actor of Hollywood list revealed in 2015. He is well known for his role in Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. The interesting thing about this star is that he gets better with age like wine. He earns almost $75 million for his six top rated movies which grossed up to $500 million worldwide at the box office. These movie names are Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Marvel’s and his latest Captain America, Civil War. Downey has been appeared in more than 40 movies till now and achieve many awards and nominations throughout his career.

List Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors at a Glance

Rank Actor Name Income
1. Robert Downey Jr. $75 Million
2. Channing Tatum $60 Million
3. Hugh Jackman $55 Million
4. Dwayne Johnson $52 Million
5. Mark Wahlberg $52 Million
6. Bradley Cooper $46 Million
7. Leonardo Dicaprio  $39 Million
8. Chris Hemsworth $37 Million
9. Adam Sandler $37 Million
10. Liam Neeson $36 Million


It is the interesting article for those who have keen interest in movies and charm of the Hollywood world. A long time ago actors were hired at a fixed salary, but now things are changed as artists receive an enormous amount of movie profit. We hope that you will appreciate this article and also will give your feedback about this article.