Top 10 Hottest Female Wrestlers of 2017 – Beautiful Female Wrestlers


Hottest Female Wrestlers The number one hottest female wrestler in the world 2017 is Kelly Kelly. Many people think wrestling is a profession only for men and women can not do this. But some admirable women make it possible, and today they are stars of this profession. The second thing is no one thinks beauties are present in the wrestling world but many beautiful, hot and sexiest women are part of the wrestling world. WWE is the biggest wrestling platform in the world and many men & women are associated with it and they won World Wrestling championship. As far as wrestling is a dangerous game but still women are taking part in this game and earned their name. Also read about the Top 10 strongest WWE wrestlers.

Today we discuss top 10 hottest female wrestlers of 2017 who looks very beautiful. who made her name in the wrestling along with her beauty. They are looking beautiful and attractive and a lot of fans. They have the sexy and sensational figure which attract a lot of men towards them.

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10. Kaitlyn – America

kaitlyn-americaThe real name of Kaitlyn is Celeste Beryl Bonin. She is professional wrestler and body builder and is a hot and beautiful lady. In America, she is popular and dashing wrestler of WWE and best known for her time in WWE. Kaitlyn won the WWE Divas championship 2013 and includes among the wrestler who fights with intentions that audience met with reality. The first female who win all show in season three was Celeste Beryl Bonin. She is also a model but most successful as a wrestler. Her looks are sexy and hottest and see her wrestling is the best entertainment.

9. Eve Torres – America

eve-torres-americaEve Torres born on 21 August 1984 as Eve Marie Torres. She is well known American actress, model, dancer and wrestler as well. Eve started her career as the dancer and danced for many pro and super leagues and considered the best dancer. This smoking lady is hot and beautiful and appeared in many shows which include Show me the money, Sunset Tan, Deal or no deal. In wrestling the world, she is well-known wrestler of World Wrestling Entertainment. She started her wrestling career after appearing in WWE Bikini contest and considered the hottest and sexiest lady of the contest. Eva also knows he Jiu-Jitsu and dated with Reggie Bush, a dancer for the L.A Clippers. Recently she retired from wrestling after losing the Divas championship.

8. Velvet Sky – America

"Sign Of The Times" Model Convention at the Los Angeles Airport Mariott on October 1, 2011This beautiful wrestler has enough beauty to capture the attraction of millions of man in the world. She was born on 2 June 1981, and her real name was Jamie Lynn Szantyr. Velvet sky is the ring name of her, and she is successful and popular female wrestler of America. She is the former winner of TNA women’s knockout and two times winner of the championship. Her group of beautiful people (Lacey Von Erich and Madison Rayne) defending her title in WWE. This hottest wrestler is more than as she is seen on the screen and has a lot of fans. Now she is working for total nonstop action wrestling.

7. Sarah Backman – Swedish

sarah-backman-swedishThe beautiful and hottest Swedish-born women Sarah Backman is also the famous hottest wrestler. She was born on 8 December 1991 and made her career as Arm wrestler. The most popular professional arm wrestler of her country and all over the world. At the age of 14, she started arm wrestling and eight-time winner of Arm wrestling championship. In 2013 she retired from arm wrestling and pursued her career as a wrestler with WWE. Sarah is the most successful hottest wrestler and won 11 times Swedish Arm Championship and 11 times European arm wrestling championship. You can say a lady with beauty and success, her gorgeous body and looks make her dominant in the wrestling world.

6. Thea Trinidad – America

thea-trinidadAnother hottest and successful female wrestler from TNA is Thea Trinidad. She was born on 27 December 1990 and youngest wrestler in this list. One of the multi-talented women , model, actress and wrestler as well. Her ring name Rosita knows her. One time winner of Knockout tag team champion of WWE now moved to TNA. TNA is considered the pool of beauties and talent. She is still hottest wrestler of TNA and continues her career in wrestling.

5. Brooke Adams – America

brooke-adams-americaBrooke Adams born on 4 December 1984 as Brooke Nicolas Adams. Started her career as the model but now successful wrestler of the America. In 2006 she began working with WWE (World wrestling entertainment) and after quitting the WWE she continues her career as a model. She looks vet hot and sexy. This hottest wrestler appeared with other beauties Layla and Kelly Kelly in the dance group Extreme Exposé on the company’s former ECW brand. In the wrestling world of TNA, she is known with ring name Brooke and Ms. Tessmacher and Brooke Tessmacher. She won many championships like three times TNA women’s knockout champion and one-time TNA knockouts tag team champion with Tara which is known as TNT.

4. Madison Rayne – America

madison-rayne-americaThis hottest wrestler is also the most successful wrestler woman in the wrestling world. She was born on 5 February 1986, and her real name is Ashley Nichole Cabot. Rayne is considered the hottest wrestler in TNA and also the current TNA women’s knockout winner. This professional American woman wrestler is working with TNA (Total Nonstop Action wrestling). Madison Rayner wrestling career is full of successes. In 2007 she joined the all females promotion Shimmer Women athlete and won the first tag team championship. In 2009 she signed a contract with TNT and within the year won the TNA knockout tag team championship. She is the only hottest wrestler in the list who won the TNT and TNA championship in the same year in 2010. This hot woman also appeared in Wrestlicious.

3. Paige – British

paige-britishMost beautiful and hot English actress known in the wrestling world with name Paige. The real name of the actress is Saraya-Jade Bevis. She entered in the wrestling world at a very young age when she was 13 years old and started her career from World Association of Wrestling and won many championships. In 2011 she signed the world biggest association of wrestling (WWE) and done so many works for the betterment of WWE at the end of 2014. She was called as Britani Knight and belongs to professional wrestling family. Her parents and brothers are also linked with wrestling. She is the second woman in the history of WWE who won the Divas Championship on her debut.

2. Maria Kanellis – America

maria-kanellis-americaAn American singer, actress, model, songwriter is also a professional wrestler. She is not hottest but also the beautiful wrestler who is best known for her time in WWE. Maria was born on 25 February 1982 and started her wrestling career in 2005 with WWE. First, he appeared on a reality show as a contestant in 2004 and later as a backstage interviewer by WWE from where she began her wrestling career. She is also an outstanding singer and released her first album in 2010. This beautiful woman does well everything like modeling, acting and famous among her fans because of beauty. In April 2008 she posed for Playboy magazine and released her album Sevin Sins on 13 April 2010 on iTunes.

1. Kelly Kelly – America

kelly-kellyThe American model is the number one hottest women wrestlers in the world. Her real name is Barbara Jean Blank and in wrestling the world, she is known as Kelly Kelly. She was best known for her outstanding performance in World wrestling entertainment (WWE). This professional wrestler looks like Barbie and no competitor of her in this list. She is multi-talented and worked as a model and want to be an anchor. She remains unsuccessful in her career from 2008-2011 but returns in 2011 and on Divas Championship. Now she is successful and most sexiest women wrestler in the world.

What are Top 10 Hottest Female Wrestlers of 2017

Sr. No Hottest Female Wrestlers Country
1 Kelly Kelly America
2 Maria kanellis America
3 Paige British
4 Madison Rayne America
5 Brooke Adams America
6 Thea Trinidad America
7 Sarah Backman Swedish
8 Velvet Sky America
9 Eva Torres America
10 Kaitlyn America


We conclude from this article today women can do every task. Wrestling is a profession which most suit the men but these brave and beautiful women adopt this as a profession and remains successful. The world knows these women today because of wrestling champions. Simply these women have beauty and talent as well.