Top 10 Shocking Infamous Blunders of the World History


infamous blunders We all are human beings, not angels so we can commit mistakes. These mistakes may be hardly affected in our lives, but we should cover ours mistakes to live in society. If such errors are committed by special persons like government officers or those whose considered as an example for the world, then these create obstacles in the development of the country and lead to the people conflicts, just like that good deed lead the country towards betterment. Infamous blunders are those mistakes that help to make a better human and do something good for the world. Here is a list of Top 10 Shocking Infamous Blunders of the World History. Today we discuss these mistakes how they happened.

10. Karl Marx Fallacy

10 Karl Marx FallacyKarl Marx is the pioneer of the society. He gave the theory of Socialism when he saw that working class is suffering in hands of a dominant class. Many people believe on his theory that Government duty is to serve the people not to rule them. He predicted socialism is a proper remedy of capitalism. The collapse of Communism in the Soviet Union is proved of Marx fallacy theory. Indian journalist E. M.S. Namboodiripad also wrote about the fallacy of Marx’s prediction in an article published in Indian Express on 8th June 1990. On the other hand, Socialism compels people to stay under government clutch which snatches away citizen’s freedom also. They have to do what government is telling them. So this is one of most infamous blunders of the world.

9. Ken’s Blunder

9 Ken’s BlunderIt is considered the blunder which gives the idea of people killing. The murder of anyone is evil and illegal activity from a long time. It is absorbing how and when people got this idea of killing each other. According to a legend of Old Testament of Bible, there was a boy named Cain, who is jealous of his brother Abel because he thought his parent loved his brother more. He became jealous of his brother and killed him that’s how Ken’s Blunder gave birth to the idea of murder.

8. Russia – Yeltsin’s Economic Reform

BORIS YELTSIN PRESIDENTIAL CENTERAfter the collapse of 75 years old the Soviet Union. Russia emerged as a newly independent country in June 1992. Boris Yeltsin became the first president of the Russia introduced Capitalism theory to bring economic development in the country. Before 1992 Russian people are under the Communism under which every citizen provides only basic needs like food, clothing and shelter of ordinary quality and limited quantity.
Michael Gorbachev wrote about miserable condition of Russian people. He also mentioned that development should not bring here fast as the country was already under Communism so it will difficult for the country to faced fast and direct Capitalism. Capitalism should be applied but slow and steadily. But President did not agree with Gorbachev analysis and applied Capitalism directly. It is a blunder and beat the economy of the country. It creates unemployment in the country.

7. Animal sacrificed in Nepal

7 Animal sacrificed in NepalThere so many wired things take place in the world. It is one of the most ritual practice in Nepal after a five-year gap and one of the most bizarre blunder. Kathmandu people kill a large number of innocent animals at Gadhimai festival to impress Gadhimai -goddess of power. The festival attained by 2 million devotees who thinks that these animals sacrificed will end their misery and will bring prosperity in their life. A large number of animal right activists protests this brutal custom again because they kill the innocent animals in the very offensive way. The tradition always faced controversies. Social reformer emphasis that Nepal should not promote this kind of animal sacrifice in the world.

6. Japan – Attack on Pearl Harbor

6 Japan – Attack on Pearl HarborJapan is a powerful economic country in Eastern Asia, but it see many ups and downs. This country rules over the world but in mid of 19th century, a historical incident takes place. An American Navel Sheep visited the coast of Japan in July 1853 and warned them; they allowed free entry to American goods otherwise Japan face conflicts. But Japan committed an unusual blunder on 7th December 1941 by attacking Pearl Harbor. That attacked aggressive the US and developed hostility between two countries. The US dropped a bomb on Hiroshima few days back in Nagasaki. Japan faced this problem as the country made a mindless mistake to dropped the bomb in Japan. This cause a huge destruction to Japan.

5. Mummified Theory

5 Mummified TheoryIt is the evilest type of blunder. This burial custom was set by ancient Egyptians and some other countries; They thought that it is very necessary to make sure immortality after death, and this gave the idea to preserve the dead bodies called “Mummified Theory”. This custom was present in ancient times in Africa and Asia. But it is most rigid and evil social custom because the victim is ripped with the knife. It was the bad custom which used to practice. Many persons also lose their life with this orthodox box. It is a type of superstition .These mummified bodies had kept in Pyramid.

4. Assassination of Jesus Christ

4 Assassination of Jesus ChristThe killing of Jesus Christ is one of the most disrespectful blunders of the world. It is one of the most irreligious blunders of the world and occurred during 1st century AD when Jesus Christ was killed by crucified. According to New Testaments (Bible), Jesus Christ is referred as “Father of Christianity” and also, Christian said that he is “son of God” and known as Messiah. He was arrested and nail to cross by Pontius Pilate. His suffering and crucifixion were the main focus of Christianity. We do not know exactly about the day but according to New Testaments, It is Friday when Jesus was killed.

3. Partition of India – Indian Sub Continent

3 Partition of India – Indian Sub ContinentIt is a big blunder of India no one can deny it. It is the brutal blunder in which almost 400,000 people died including Sikh, Hindu, and Muslim. This lead to the partition of one nation into two independent countries Pakistan and India. The two religious communities Muslim and Hindu live with harmony before in dependency. But during in addition era a deadly riot took place and bifurcated these two countries.It is a genocide mistake which created massive killing and on large-scale migration. According to UNHCR 14 million people affected by this partition including Sikh, Muslim, Hindu. It is the worst blunder of the modern world.

2. Disillusion about Allopathic Medicine

2 Disillusion about Allopathic MedicineAllopathic medicine is the most researched medical field, where new discoveries have been made in the form of antibiotics, vaccines, and more advanced diagnostic instruments, But where Allopathy gives significant benefits to the world, it also associated with side effects. It is believed that every allopathic medicine has some side effects. According to one report of WHO, long-term use of Allopathic medicine can be dangerous for immune system. So it is the time we should focus on the Naturopathy or herbal medicine.The person who believes in homeopathy is considered as primitive and illiterate, but we forget in ancient times our forefathers also use herbal treatment for diagnosis and treatment of the diseases.

1. Jainism-Burden of Virtue

1 Jainism-Burden of VirtueIt is one of the oldest religion which had great influence on the world. Lord Mahavira is the prominent prophet of Jainism, who also regarded as last. The dictum of the faith is its “virtue” (good deeds), and bad deeds are like “iron chains” of humankind. Because of this belief, Jain monks are living away from the rest of population to avoid any bad deeds. While on one side Jainism believes on the welfare of other human beings, while on another side it said that human needs to be release from the cycle of birth and death. It is a blunder which called Burden of Virtue. They should not live away from instead they come out and show the world their good deeds. Otherwise, it is nothing more than the Burden of Virtue.

List of Top 10 Shocking Infamous Blunders in History

Rank Blunder Name
1. Jainism – Blunder of virtue
2. Disillusion about Allopathic medicines
3. Partition of Indian Sub Continent
4. Assassination of Jesus Christ
5. Mummified theory
6. Japan – Attack on Pearl Harbor
7. Animal Sacrificied in Nepal
8. Russia – Yeltsin’s Economic Reform
9. Ken’s Blunder
10. Karl Marx Fallacy


From this article, we conclude that when a mistake occurs by government officers, religious peoples, it considered being a big blunder because it has great influences on the society and the world. These infamous blunders are a part of the history and had the great effect on people in this modern world.