10 Countries With Lowest Life Expectancy Rate in the World


Lowest Life Expectancy Rate “Chad is the number one country which has lowest life expectancy rate that is 48.68. Thousands of people are dying here due to hunger and thirst.”

Life Expectancy defined as average one’s life and where all basic needs available. Sensible people can understand the value of life. Every country has a different life expectancy rate, according to the country’s conditions and the environment. In poor countries, the life expectancy rate is very low because these countries have not enough basic facilities. Lack of education, unemployment, lack of healthcare, high stress are the factors of low life expectancy. You can also read about the 10 Countries that are best for living in the world.

Due to the poor health system, people suffer from chronic diseases. Least Developed countries have the highest mortality rate and lowest life expectancy rate. Mostly children are affected because mothers are malnourished and they give birth undernourished children. There are many countries in the world which have a higher mortality rate and lowest life expectancy rate. These states are far away from basic needs of life.

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The government of these states is not working for their people and not provide them amenities. The following are the top 10 countries with lowest life expectancy rates in the world.

10. South Africa – 52.03

south-africaNo doubt South Africa is a beautiful country, but not a developed country. People have the lack of health facilities due to which they suffer from many diseases. The Life Expectancy rate is not good in South Africa. Lack of education, poor hygiene conditions, food insecurity, diseases are big issues. Mothers are malnourished that’s why children death rate is also high in South Africa.

9. Mozambique – 52.02

mozambiqueMozambique is the very stunning island which amazing beaches. You can take images of the lovely sunset here. Tourism and fishing industry is flourishing here. People are surviving on fishing and agriculture. They spend a happy life during the tourism season, but after that, they again come on harsher lives. That’s why people in Mozambique have also less life expectancy rate.

8. Lesotho – 51.86

lesothoLesotho is a country which surrounded by South Africa. There are two million people live and these people depend on agriculture and cattle breeding for surviving.  The People of Lesotho are far away from basic necessities of life. It has a low life expectancy rate, but  the land and mountains are very stunning here. Thousands of people visit this country, but still it is very poor. Health care facilities and food are not enough for people  in Lesotho.

7. Zambia – 51.82

zambiaZambia is the poor state which located in Southern Africa. Lusaka is the capital city which central part of Zambia. It is one of the lowest life expectancy rate country where people are craving for food and water. People have poor lifestyle and poverty which affect people badly. Most people work in agriculture and survive through this. Due to hygiene conditions and unhealthy food, people die earlier.

6. Somalia – 50.80

somaliaSomalia is a country that included in civil war and terrorism for decades. Life in Somalia is hell & the government seems to be founded nowhere. People are very disappointed by Government behavior. Somalian people have very poor health facilities, even they don’t have toilet facilities. Children are suffering from malnutrition and infant mortality rate is also higher here. Hunger and poverty lead to death here. The government of Somalia must be taken the step and provide them basic amenities of life.

5. Central African Republic – 50.48

central-african-republicThe Central African Republic is the very unrest state where people craving for peace. In this country, everywhere is the criminal environment because murder, rape, and other crimes are very common here. There are no basic necessities of life are available. People are spending precarious lives because most people are unemployed. Some people are surviving by doing work on small labor.

4. Afghanistan – 49.72

The City Star Hall is one of the newest wedding halls in Kabul, where wedding celebrations are a big business. After 10 years of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan, the face of Kabul is changing.Afghanistan is the Asian country which facing civil wars for decades. The people are living in terrible conditions and spend life with full hardships. Afghanistan people have a lower quality of life. People are dying in Afghanistan due to bomb blasts and insurgent attacks. Afghanistani People are not liberal here that’s why the life expectancy rate is very less. People in Afghanistan do not want to go their children in schools which also a big reason for low expectancy rates. Afghanistan is famous as tourism country in all over the world. America is fighting for this country for many decades.

3. Swaziland – 49.42

swazilandSwaziland is a beautiful African country which filled with nature and wildlife. Tourist also visits this state, but the life expectancy rate is very low in this country. Poor people live in villages in Swaziland where they do not get healthy water and food. Due to unhealthy food, disease rate is also high here. People are less educated due to which they are unemployed.

2. Guinea – Bissau – 49.11

guinea-bissauGuinea-Bissau is the country which located in West Africa. It is famous for its wildlife and national parks. This country is suffering from inflation and poverty. The government of this country is very weak for solving problems of the people. People are not getting enough food and water. Due to lack of education, poor sanitary conditions and food insecurity life expectancy rate is very high.

1. Chad – 48.69

chadChad is the poorest country in the world which situated in Northern Central Africa. It has the lowest life expectancy rate with the lack of necessary desires. People Die here due to thirst and hunger every year. Some People Earn money by doing cheap labor work. Government performance is very poor like weak health facilities, unclean water etc. Infant mortality, food security and lack of education are big issues here.

List of 10 Countries With Lowest Life Expectancy Rate in the World

Sr. No Country Lowest Life Expectancy Rate
1 Chad 48.69
2 Guinea Bissau 49.11
3 Swaziland 49.42
4 Afghanistan 49.72
5 The Central African Republic 50.48
6 Somalia 50.80
7 Zambia 51.82
8 Lesotho 51.86
9 Mozambique 52.02
10 South Africa 52.03


We conclude from this article life is a blessing and sensible people can understand its worth. For a happy life, basic needs of life must be fulfilled. The countries which are mentioned above have the lowest life expectancy rate. The Government of these countries should be taken steps and provide them basic needs of life like clean water, health care systems, food available.