Top 10 Most Amazing Pictures Ever Taken in the World


 Amazing Pictures The Most Amazing Pictures ever taken in the world is Kim Phuc Picture which took by Nick UT Photographer. In this world, Many talented photographers capture the unique pictures.They try their best to depict the scene as it is. Most of these pictures featured on National Geographic. We tell you about the top 10 most amazing pictures ever taken in the world. The photographers that taken these pictures truly describe the situation at that moment. Photographers uses best expensive Cannon cameras and other best DSLR cameras to take these pictures.

These pictures speak a thousand words and have worth to watch. Some of these are unforgettable pictures because these describes the human situation in the worst condition. Some of these photos upset the viewers, but it is the reality of this world and remembered us the history. Have a look at this list of top 10 amazing pictures ever taken in the world.

10. Wait for me Daddy

10 Wait for me DaddyWait for me Daddy is a touching picture taken during world war II. The picture is young Canadian Warren Bernard whose father had signed up to the war, and he is running towards his father. This picture might show the war’s ability to tear families apart, but mostly the picture was taken by Claude P Dettloff’s amazing picture of war days.

9. Walk To The Paradise Garden

9 A walk to the paradise gardenA walk to the paradise gardens taken in 1946 by W. Eugene Smith. Eugene with his two children Patrick and Juanita move towards the sun -bathed. He prevailed this photo in 1995 to Edward Steichen’s. Eugene Smith family is now a famous family exhibit at MOMA. This picture was cemented its position as your icon of all family photographs.

8. Cheeky Einstein

8 Cheeky EinsteinAlbert Einstein is a famous scientist who gives the theory of relativity. The name of Einstein is synonymous with intelligent. In this picture, you can see that he was smarter amongst us but have a lighter side.Einstein signed the original picture for the photographer who sold at auction in 2009 for $74,324.

7. Abu Ghraib Torture

Abu Ghraib Torture famous pictureAbu Ghraib Torture picture shows the real face of US military torturing of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib Torture. The prisoners were abused and tortured severely. After the display, this image many soldiers were discharged, and two soldiers executed named Lynndie England and Charles Graner.

6. Tank Man

6 Tank ManTank Man picture was taken on 5 June 1989 by Jeff Widener when tanks rolled to suppress protests into Tiananmen Square in Beijing. When tanks were rolled one man from the protester, stand in front of entire row f the tanks to stop the Chinese army. This picture is a very famous image in the world. The identity of thank man is not confirmed yet.

5. Famine In Sudan

5 Famine In SudanThis one is the most heartbreaking picture and greatest work of the photographer Kevin Carter’s in 1993. The picture of a starving girl in Sudan create much controversy and raised question marks on Sudan government and humanity. The vulture (Gidh ) in the picture waiting for little girl death and eat her when she dead. Famine In Sudan forces the Photographer to suicide at the age of 33 after one year. It is not known the girl in the picture died or not.

4. Food Theft

4 Food TheftFood Theft is the picture taken by British Photojournalist Tom Stoddart. The picture was taken in 1998 when Sudanese government distributed aid in the south Tom Stoddart was going with Medicins Sans Frontieres (MSF) to Ajiep camp. People are dying every day there due to starvation. The photographer saw the physically challenged boy who had wait in queue for food from many hours, and he finds the food by robbed it from the man who strides confidently away.

3. Black Power Salute

3 Black Power SaluteThis picture was taken at 1968 Olympics in Black power salute when John Carlos and Tommie Smith athletes raised their fists in the air on the medal podium which create international controversy. Black Power Salute took by John Dominis. It is the symbol of equality in the face of adversity.

2. Omayra Sanchez

2 Omayra SanchezOmayra Sanchez was 13 years old Colombian girl, who killed in Armero Tolima in an eruption of 1985 of Nevado del Ruiz Volcano.She was trapped by the flood and remains in the water for three days. The picture of Omayra was taken before she died. It was published worldwide and World Press Photo of 1985.This picture was against the Colombian government. Sanchez is a lasting figure in popular culture.

1. Kim Phuc

1Kim Phuc is a napalm scared little girl who is running from her village in Vietnam when it was burning. This one is the most amazing photograph in the world by Nick UT. After 40 years after this incident, Kim Phuc received free laser surgery to cover scars. The photographer work is a symbol of human brutality and war and image show how a little girl is suffering.

List of Top 10 Most Amazing Pictures and Photographer

Sr. No Picture Title Photographer name
1 Kim Phuc Nick UT
2 Omayra Sanchez Frank Fournier
3 Black Power Salute John Dominis
4 Food Theft Tom Stoddart
5 Famine in Sudan Kevin Carter
6 Tank Man Jeff Widener
7 Abu Ghraib Torture  Unknown
8 Cheeky Einstein Albert Einstein
9 A walk to the paradise garden W.Eugene Smith
10 Wait for me Daddy Claude P Dettloff



We conclude from this article that these amazing pictures are most stunning pictures in the world. Every of these picture has a story behind. These images captured and made the moment of these events memorable.You can learn from these photos a lot about history.