Top 10 Amazing Most Beautiful Flower Festivals


festival Many festivals are celebrated in this world; some events are held to celebrate the beauty of nature like Flower Festival. The primary focus of these festivals are one of a particular flower, but these celebrations are made colorful to present these flowers in different ways. These flower festivals bring happiness for this area where it is celebrated. These flower festivals make this earth more beautiful. These festivals are happened at new year celebrations, in the honor of someone or mostly held in spring. There is a list of top 10 most beautiful flower festivals in the world.

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10: The Rose Parade

Place: Pasadena, California, United States
Month: January 1

US-125TH-ROSE-PARADE-PRESENTED-BY-HONDAIt is the most famous flower festival in the word and happened first time on 1 January 1890. Now this Pasadena Rose Parade festival is held on the first day of a new year in America for New Year Celebrations. This festival has more than 100 years of history and for locals, it is one of the most famous festivals. This rose parade is seen by hundreds of thousands of people who lines the street to watch the floats decorated with roses. They sing, dance and have a lot of fun with these flowers. Millions of people from homes across America see this Parade. The festival features a horse show, beauty contest, live music and The Rose Bowl.

9.Canadian Tulip Festival

Place: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Month: Three weekends in May

9 Canadian Tulip FestivalThis flower festival celebrates in honor of 1945 gifts of 100,000 tulips to Ottawa from the Butch Royal Family. After Second world war Canada offered Princess Juliana and her three daughters a safe place when Nazi forces occupied the Netherlands, then Dutch Royal Family send a gift of these tulips to Canada for saying thanks for this favor.An additional 20,500 bulbs are shipped on the birth of Princess daughter Margriet in Canada, and these tulips are displayed outside the hospital. Now Dutch send each year millions of tulips for an annual festival. Musical performances, international cuisine and some other activities also part of this beautiful festival. Princess Margriet in 2002 come to Canada on the 50th anniversary of this festival to celebrate this tradition.

8.Spading Flower Parade

Place: Spalding, Lincolnshire, England
Month: May

Most Beautiful Flower FestivalsThe first time Spalding flower parade was celebrated on the occasion of the jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary in 1935. Main bloom of festival was Tulip because of cold weather, and it was frequently used in this beautiful show. Now this festival became celebrated for many years. At First, festival involved twenty five miles walk and we can see best tulip growers in the area. From 1959 main focus of this festival is the Spalding. In this tradition many floats are decorated with tulip heads that are specially harvested and stored for this festival, Each float contains almost 100,000 tulip heads. From all the world people come to see this magnificent flower festival and enjoy to see people dancing and singing everywhere in England.

7. Genzano Infiorata Flower Festival

Place: Genzano, Italy
Month: June

7 Genzano Infiorata Flower FestivalOne of the best flower festivals happened in May and June when towers of Italy are crowded with a lot of people to celebrate Infiorata flower event. A local artist is hired for this festival, and they covered the entire street with the unusual flower in the form of a carpet. They made the religious symbol or famous art piece with flowers.  This carpet flower festival ends after two days when local children s are permitted to play on this carpet and then destroy this colorful carpet, and this is the end of this festival. The artist who takes part in this festival is considered it as an honor for him.

6: Batalla de Flores

Place: Valencia, Spain
Month: July

6 Batalla de FloresI consider the most enjoyable festival in this list celebrated at the end of July in the Spanish city “Valencia” and took place on the final Sunday of the month. This festival mainly focuses n the fun for people more rather than just on flowers.This show start with a splendid parade, which consists of gigantic floats, also features the young women who are wearing the costumes according to the theme of the float on which they are riding. The second amazing thing of this parade is Battle, Before starting of battle this parade passed through many streets of the city. Parade and crowd begin pelting each other with flowers, the young women in the show entering into conflicts with tennis rackets to defend herself. It sounds violent a bit but offer a lot of fun for everyone

5. Madeira Flower Festival

Place: Funchal, Portugal
Month: April

5 Madeira Flower FestivalThis four unforgettable days and nights flower festival celebrated in spring every year in Funchal. This festival presents Portuguese culture, much excitement, and fun, the flower is the main focus of this festival. Houses, shops, streets are adorned with vibrant flowers and made a flower carpet which is the main thing of this festival. This flower blanket is not a splendid treat for eyes but also for your nose. This magnificent show compromised two parade Children Parade on the first day which kicks off the festival and main parade that sweeps through the streets of the city. You can see massive flower floats and many kinds of beautiful flowers rolling down in the street with costumed dancers. The best thing about this festival is Hope Wall, which decorates with flowers as a sign of hope for peaceful and better world.

4. Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Place: Chiang Mai, Thailand
Month: The First Weekend in February

4 Chiang Mai Flower FestivalIt is one of the most colorful flower show of Thailand, held in Chiang Mai which is known as Rose of the North. Because Damask Rose, which is a rose variety found only in Chiang Mai. This festival celebrated every year in February because you can see the Damask rose in every corner of the city. Many other flowers which make this flower festival more colorful including Pink and Purple Orchids, white and yellow chrysanthemums and tons of roses decorated the floats.The Flower Festival Parade consist of dancers who show you Thai dance and girls wearing colorful costumes with flower decorations making their way through the whole city. At the end parade crowd hand out the roses to the spectators.

3. Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Where: Mount Vernon, Washington
When: April

3 Skagit Valley Tulip FestivalMother Nature puts a festival every year to the whole month of April for those who show up to partake in the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. This festival took place throughout the town and presented as a driving tour. Spectator has seen the best and beautiful tulip growers in the area. Visitors can see some of the most charming colors of Tulip in this festival.This festival had inaugurated in 1984.

2. Festival of the Flowers

Place: Medellin, Colombia
Month: July 28 – August 7

2 Festival of the FlowersThe most beautiful event of Medellin also called top Flower Festival. It was held first time in 1957 to celebrate Virgin Mary Day. No doubt one of the beat flower festival in the world because this city is famous for its flowers. So this blooming industry celebrates this show in the month of August for 25 days almost. This flower festival forces the Colombia people to come to this crazy city for celebrations. Silleteros Parade, which attracts the individuals in this show, are a great source of fun; people carry flower arrangements on their backs. Musical performances and trail ride on horses Parade also part of this parade. This beautiful flower festival starts and ends with fireworks.

01. The Flower Carpet

Place: Brussels, Belgium
Month: August (alternating years)

1 The Flower CarpetOne of the most beautiful flower festivals of the world held in Brussels in August in alternating years. One of the unique flowers shows from all flower festivals. It does conduct in every year because much time is required for make this floral art “The Flower Carpet”. No parade presented on this festival instead a floral carpet designed by a group of florists and unveiled in the Main square in Brussels. This Flower carpet consisted of 70,000 begonias and displayed these flowers in different design every time. The first carpet was made in 1971, and it made a regular event since 1986. This flower festival has worth seeing if you have the opportunity.

List of Top Ten Amazing Most Beautiful Flower Festivals

Rank Festival Name Month of Celebration
1. The Flower Carpet August
2. Festival of the Flowers August
3. Skagit Valley Tulip Festival April
4. Chiang Mai Flower Festival February
5. Madeira Flower Festival April
6. Batalla de Flores July
7. Genzano Infiorata Flower Festival June
8. Spading Flower Parade May
9. Canadian Tulip Festival May
10. The Rose Parade January


These festivals are not limited to flowers, but these festivals provide a lot of fun and happiness to the people. If a person can see such beautiful shows, after seeing this entertaining shows he can forget all worries and feel happiness at least for some time. These flowers color, their fragrance and how they presented in the shows attract the people from all over the world.