Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands To Visit With Your Loved Once


Most Beautiful Islands Our World is full of beautiful Islands, which you should visit once in your life. Here is a list below about 10 World’s most beautiful Islands. These are breathtaking bear rocks as well as Tropical Islands. Humans are fond of beauty and nature. we like to visit different places to relax. Islands are full of charm the beautiful shorelines, clear blue sea, jungles and velvety peaks that attract visitors from all over the World. The crystal clear shining water is the main attraction in an Islands. Watching twilight across the beautiful mountains in the sound of striking waves can captive one’s heart. Lets read about 10 Most Beautiful Islands To Visit with Your Loved once because these are romantic also.

10. Ko Phi Phi Le – Thailand


The Ko Phi Phi Le is a beautiful Island in Ko Phi Phi Le archipelago. The steep vertical hills are surrounding shallow bays in the Andaman Sea.Beautiful sea caves, lagoons, steep limestone cliffs and turquoise water make this Island a must to visit adorable Island in the world. It is located in the Strait of Malacca. Ko Phi Phi Le is in Krabi Province of Thailand. Famous movie “The Beach” was filmed at Maya Bay, Ko Phi Phi Le. You will discover beautiful marine life crawling with the Coral reef beneath the crystal clear water of  Ko Phi Phi Le.

9. Moorea – France

moorea-franceAn unfamiliar, unknown small World in the northwest of Tahiti, part of French Polynesia’s archipelago. It is ranked as one of the most beautiful Islands in the World by Conde Nast Traveler’s Readers Choice Awards. Blue lagoons surrounded by the green mountains having some of the most vibrant coral reefs of the World. The scuba lovers like to swim among sharks, rays, and more adorable fish. In the epic sunset the jagged volcanic mountains, rain forest and white sandy beaches throb your heart. And you never wish to leave that utopian paradise ever.

8. Flores – Indonesia

flores-indonesiaIn the 16th century the Portuguese colonists named this Island Flowers, from Cabo de Flores (Cape of Flowers). Flores is known for beach-dappled little islands and tropical beauty. Also, the spectacular rice fields and lakes, smoking volcanoes, hidden beaches and exotic cultures gather and make some of the breathtaking natural sceneries. Like its name Flores is a pure and breathtaking place. Three identical beautiful lakes attract people towards it. Many Asian birds, insects, and reptiles like Komodo live in Flores. Thousands of beautiful species of marine animals lives here as well. These attractions make this Island one of the best Islands in the World.

7. Kauai – Hawaii

kauai-hawaiHawaiian archipelago’s oldest Island is Kauai. Which is also known as “the Garden Isle.” Most of Island is covering from the rain forest. Velvety emerald mountain range, rainbows, waterfalls, a sinuous red river, dramatic cliffs, and pinnacles bestow the Island an immense beauty. So many Hollywood directors come to World’s one of the most beautiful Kauai Island to feature their films at this adorable location. Kauai Island is located in the Central Pacific. The highest peak of Kauai Island is Mt. Waialeale.

6. Whitsunday Islands – Australia

whitsunday-islands-australiaAustralia is famous for its World’s most beautiful tropical beaches. In the variegated ocean between the northeast coast of Queensland Australia. There lies 74 beautiful  Whitsunday Islands of Australia. The water and climate are perfect for sailing. Between Townsville and Mackay and Brisbane, there situated a coral range which submerged when at the end of ice age sea level rose. Whitsunday Islands are the remaining of that coral range most of which are still uninhabited. The great barrier reef, crystal, different shades of aqua, blue and indigo ocean,  stunning beaches and concealed bays blessed this place with mysterious beauty.

5. The Dalmatia Island – Croatia

the-dalmatia-island-croatiaDalmatia listed as some of the World’s top beautiful Islands situated in Croatia. Dinaric Alps mountain ranges are covering most of the island. Bears and wolves are still the peaceful inhabitants of the place. Dalmatia is undoubtedly the paradise to travelers. The climate is Mediterranean on the coast. Dalmatia consists rugged limestone mountains, historic towns, impressive national parks, sun-kissed islands.

4. Capri – Italy

Faraglioni cliffs panorama,and the majestic Tyrrhenian sea,Capri island,Italy,EuropeThe beautiful Island of Capri located in Italy’s Bay of Naples. Capri is famed for its chichi piazzas, cool cafes, rugged landscape, Roman ruins, upscale hotels and shopping from handmade leather accessories to designer’s latest fashions. Its legendary beauty has attracted Hollywood filmmakers to Roman emperors. Capri is a mix of history, nature, culture and events. It is the favorite summer holiday spot for VIPs.

3. Santorini – Greece

santorini-greeceIn the Aegean Sea, because of a volcanic eruption, Santorini island was devastated. It is a chain of islands which consists Thíra, Thirassiá, Asproníssi, Palea and Nea Kaméni islands. Santorini considered as a romantic getaway in Greece. Volcanic pebbles, black, white or red sand, multi-colored cliffs soaring. And its snowdrift of white Cycladic houses lining the cliff tops may conquer your imagination. Santorini has a breathtaking beauty ranked it as one of the beautiful islands in the world.

2. Palawan – Philippines

palawan-philippinesPalawan is the largest province of Philippines. The beautiful island is having shimmery beaches, marine water, exotic wildlife, and one of the world’s best diving site. In 2015 Palawan Island had been rated as World’s most beautiful Island. Archipelago of Palawan consists 1,780 islands. It is not fully developed because Palawan is half desert. It is a fabulous tropical destination to enjoy vacations.

1. Galápagos Islands – Ecuador

galapagos-islandsVolcanic archipelago, Galápagos Islands are located in Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean. The multitude of animals and pleasant weather all year round are the biggest attractions of this secluded planet. Charles Darwin was one of the first outsiders to visit. His theory of evolution was inspired by the vast diversity of Galápagos’s species. Galápagos has ranked as the most beautiful Island in the World several times.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Islands To Visit With Your Loved Once

Sr. No Most Beautiful Islands
1 Galápagos Islands
2 Palawan
3 Santorini
4 Capri
5 The Dalmatia Island
6 Whitsunday Islands
7 Kauai
8 Flores
9 Moorea
10 Ko Phi Phi Le


These listed islands are full of beauty and life. Whether humans are inhabitants or not. The different species of animals are dwells of that particular piece of earth. People are hooked up with the natural beauty of these islands. To spend a relaxing holiday or to explore the heavenly beauty people heads up to these adorable beaches, mountains, and wildlife beauty. Marine life, underwater pure and charming world allure people to come and explore a fascinating new world.