Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes To Visit in the World


most-beutiful-lake-in-world God created beautiful nature with breathtaking places. The Lakes is one of the most beautiful masterpiece of God in the world. There are many lakes in the world, some of them are incredibly stunning, and thousands of people visit these places every year. These lakes have excellent qualities of water such as reflections, captivating ripples to sparkling clarity. At these places, tourists come for spending vacations as well as lakes are a romantic place for nightlife lovers. Every lake has their beauty

The following top 10 are the most beautiful lakes to visit in the world. Indeed these are the best places for enjoying the natural beauty.

10. Lake Hillier, Pink Lake – Australia

lake-hillierPink Lake which located at the Middle Island in Western Australia, it is the most Impressive lake, and its color amuses the tourist. This pink color appears due to Green Algae, the high concentration of marinade prawn and bacterium. The color of this lake Remains always pink even if we convert it into a container. It’s mysterious color Attracts thousand of tourists every year all over the world. This Pink Lake area is also famous as an important Bird Area because many native and migratory birds found here.

9. Lake Tahoe – USA

lake-tahoeLake Tahoe is a beautiful freshwater lake which located in the Sierra Nevada, The United States. It is the largest lake in North America, and this amazing alpine lake is The famous tourist destination in North America. This place is also a Ski resort, so California and Nevada people come and spend their time in playing games. There are many hotels for tourists because sometimes nightlife lovers spend time at this place.

8. Five Flower Lake – China

five-flower-lakeFive Flower Lake is one of a most beautiful lake in China and located in Jiuzhaigou Valley. It is also called Wuhua Hai, every year thousands of people come here and Wonder to see its five flower beauty. Its refreshing colors are consequences of Algae And vibrant limestone in Lake bottom. The leaves at this lake gathered, and water of the lake is very clear with the tinge of yellow, red, blue, and green. The bottom of the Lake cluttered with fallen old tree trunks. So in the autumn, it offers breathtaking scene of nature

7. Melissani Lake – Greece

melissani-lakeGreece is breathtaking country, and its Melissani Lake is an excellent lake. Due to its hospitality, water, and sandy beaches attract the tourists towards this place. This Lake is surrounded by forests and caves and makes Greece so attractive. The caves are hidden treasure for visitors. Sunlight on this lake makes it more magical and captivating.

6. Berryessa Lake – California

berryessa-lakeBerryessa Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes to visit which located in Napa County, California. This lake is not only a tourist attraction but also produces hydroelectricity of the San Francisco Bay. The most interesting thing about this lake that it has amazing bell-mouth spillway which located on the southeastern side of the lake. It called Glory Hole and its diameter 72 feet.

When water reaches the maximum level, this holes become submerged and absorbs excess water at the rate of 48,800 Cubic feet per second. Then this extra water goes at the side of lake 700 feet away in a dam. Tourists are not permitted to go near the hole and prevent swimmers and boaters when the water level is so high.

5. Green Lake – Australia

green-lakeGreen Lake is one of the amazing lakes, and it is not a typical lack. A park made around this lake where people sit and relax. In spring it looks so beautiful when ice melts. Water reaches mountains of the lake and reaches its deepest level 12 meters. The interesting thing is that Divers can swim at the site underneath the clear green water and sit on the benches. They can take pictures under water.

4. Baikal Lake – Siberia

baikal-lakeBaikal Lake is also included in our list of top 10 most beautiful lake to visit in the world. It located in Siberia, Russia, and this lake has depth 1,642 meters. It is a rift Lake and one of the largest, clearest, and oldest freshwater lakes in the world.

In 1996 UNESCO announced this lake world heritage house because it surrounded with beautiful shores and heavy water. In the winter season, this lake looks breathtaking because water freezes here. And  In the summer season, the crystal blue water looks so calm. Dazzling colors of seasonal wildflowers makes Baikal Lake more beautiful.

3. Ratti Gali, Azad Kashmir – Pakistan

ratti-galiRatti Gali located in district Neelam, Azad Kashmir. This beautiful lake surrounded by glacier waters of the mountain. But it is quite difficult to go at this place due to a poor road. But this lake has breathtaking scenes, and you will never forget this place if you visit. Every year thousands of people visit this lake, especially in summer season.

2. Yucatan Cave Lake – Mexico

yucatan-cave-lakeYucatan is a beautiful lake which located in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. This lake has Stunning beauty where thousands of people come every year. It is considered best adventure travelers paradise. It is the best place for relaxing as well as it keeps your mind Away from negative thoughts. This beautiful lake made up of limestone and gives best views.

1. Plitvice Lake – Croatia

Beautiful LakesPlitvice Lakes located inside the Plitvice National Park in Croatia. It is one of the largest and oldest park in the country in Southeast Europe. In the UNESCO World Heritage, it was considered the First sites worldwide. Some smaller lakes make a huge lake, and Plitvice Lake is made up of 16 lakes. Plitvice Lake is the most beautiful lake in which color ranges from gray to blue and green. The changing in color depends on the quantity of minerals in the water, and angle of sunlight. Many times in a day rainbow appear at this lake. Every year almost 1.2 million people visit this fairyland lake.

List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Lakes To Visit in the World

Sr. No Most Beautiful Lakes
1 Plitvice Lake Croatia
2 Yucatan Cave Lake Mexico
3 Ratti Gali, Azad Kashmir Pakistan
4 Baikal Lake Siberia
5 Green Lake Australia
6 Berryessa Lake California
7 Melissani Lake Greece
8 Five Flower Lake China
9 Lake Tahoe USA
10 Lake Hillier, Pink Lake Australia



We conclude from this article sometimes we want to get a ride from our daily life routine and spend some days at the best natural place. It is also important for our mind because nowadays we suffer from depression and stress. In this condition need to a relax life and lakes are best for this purpose because these lakes have beautiful natural scenery and peaceful environment.