Top 10 Most Common Dangerous Diseases in the World


Ischemic heart disease is the most common dangerous disease of the world which causes millions of death every year. In this disease, the heart does not get enough blood, oxygen, and other nutrients. Here is the list of Top 10 most Dangerous Diseases in the world.

Most Common Dangerous Diseases


The disease is responsible for the death and every year millions of death occurred all over the world.`Diseases mostly spread due to many factors diet and lifestyle are the major factors of diseases. Nowadays our lot of money spend on treatment of illness. Medicine field has made a lot of progress. Every kind of medicine are available but some chronic diseases cause death. In these disease stroke, TB, Cancer, Malaria, Ischemic Heart Disease, etc. are included. Prevention is better than cure so love your life and avoid those things which cause diseases.

10. Malaria

10. MalariaMalaria is one of the chronic diseases which cause due to a Parasite. Female Anopheles Mosquito spread this disease and transmitted in the body through mosquito bites and affects the liver. This parasite doubles in number inside the bloodstream. Million of deaths occurs due to Malaria every year.

9. Cancer

9. CancerCancer is the very common disease all over the world, and people die every year with this disease. It spread to the body by growing of abnormal cells. There are many types of cancer lung cancer, breast cancer, blood cancer, stomach cancer, esophageal cancer and many other. The risk factors of cancer are different for every type, but the most common factor is smoking. In 2008 7.6 million deaths occurred from cancer. Trachea, Bronchus, and Lung cancer associated with respiratory kinds of cancer. 1.6 million people died due to this type in 2012.

8. Diabetes Mellitus

8. Diabetes MellitusDiabetes is a disease in which insulin production effect. There is two type of diabetes; Type 1 mostly occurs in children in which pancreas does not produce insulin and type 2 in which insulin does not produce in enough quantity. Diabetes type 2 develop some factors in which poor diet, lack of exercise, and obesity included.  The time patient diagnoses it remain unaware for many years due to which it can cause many complications like heart disease, stroke, Kidney failure, nerve disease, and amputations. According to WHO 1.5 million people died in 2012 from diabetes and global death rate due to this disease 2.7 percent

7. Diarrhea Disease

7. Diarrheal DiseaseDiarrhea is a disease when you pass three or more watery stools in a day. 1-2 days is average, but if it remains for at least four weeks, this means the condition is severe. During diarrhea, your body loses too much water and salt due to which dehydration occur which lead to death. It is an intestinal infection which develops through viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Diarrheal Disease mostly converts in our body through contaminated food or dirty water. According to WHO survey in 2012 1.5 million people died due to diarrhea and every year 760,000 children die from this disease. It is considered second top killer of children who under age five. This disease can prevent if we improved sensitization and water quality.

6. Tuberculosis

6. TuberculosisTB is very common lung condition which occurs due to a bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The common symptoms are fever, fatigue, sweating, mucous, and weight loss. This airborne disease successfully treated, but symptoms may become visible for many months or years. TB makes our immune system weak, and infants and those who have weak immune system are at high risk of this immune system.According to WHO, In 2012 90,000 people died due to TB.

5. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

5. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseThis disease is commonly called COPD which is a chronic lung disease. In this disease hard to breathe, Asthma, Chronic bronchitis, and emphysema are the types of COPD. The risk factors are smoking, and air pollution. In 2012 about 3.1 million deaths occurred due to COPD. Every year 3.28million die every year and 64 million people around the world suffered from COPD in 2004.

4. Lower Respiratory Infections

Viral infectionLower Respiratory Infections is a group of disease in which Pneumonia, Bronchitis, and influenza included. Difficult breathing, sneezing, sore throat, headaches, and runny nose are the common symptoms of the disease. These infections occur due to bacteria or viruses. According to WHO, Lower respiratory infections caused 3.1 million deaths in 2012. Nowadays Vaccines are available to prevent these illnesses.


3. HIV AIDSHIV is the deadliest disease, and it is an Abbreviation of Human Immunodeficiency Virus. In this virus disease attacks on Immune system and cause weakens the immunity. AIDS develops HIV; AIDS is a chronic disease you can say life threatening condition T-cells or CD4 cells of the body killed in HIV./ AIDS which makes weak immune system. According to AIDS research foundation, every year 39 million people died due to HIV/AIDS. In 2013 this disease took 1.5 million inhabitants lives but still no vaccine is available for this disease. It transit in the body through sexual contact, blood, and breast milk if mother is infected
In Sub-Saharan Africa, one in 20 adults has this deadliest disease. Almost 5700 people are infected every day with the HIV.

2. Stroke

2. StrokeStroke is a neurological disorder which develops when a problem occurs in blood supply to the brain. The artery blocked which take blood to the brain and oxygen, and nutrients supply close to the brain which is very necessary for a brain. It can lead to death, According to WHO in 2012 6.7 million deaths occurred due to stroke. A healthy diet, exercise, blood pressure levels and abstaining from tobacco decrease the risk of stroke.

1. Ischemic Heart Disease

1. Ischemic Heart Disease

Ischemic heart disease is a coronary artery disease, occurs when the heart does not receive enough supply of blood and oxygen. It is also due to the blockage of the blood vessels. According to World Heal Organization (WHO), 7.4 million people died from this disease in 2012. This disease has spread all over the world, In The United States, 600,000 people die due to this disease every year that’s why it is considered the deadliest disease in the United States. Their common risk factors are high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Regular exercise, proper nutrition, and weight control reduce the possibility of the Ischemic Heart Disease.

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List of Top 10 Most Common Dangerous Diseases in the World

Sr. No Dangerous Diseases
1 Ischemic heart disease
2 stroke
4 Lower respiratory disease
6 Tuberculosis
7 Diarrheal disease
8 Diabetes Mellitus
9 Cancer
10 Malaria



We conclude from this article; Human being is well known about new technologies and lifestyles. The disease is a bad thing, and everyone want to save yourself from these chronic illnesses. Check up correctly is critical because when you check up regularly, you can know if you are suffering from any disease. Diet and lifestyle changes are necessary for life to eat healthy food and keep your environment clean so that you can save yourself from these dangerous diseases.